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10 Ordinary Things That Make Sex Extraordinary

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So, you’ve dated the man of your dreams and walked down the aisle after a few years. Marriage life was fun and exciting, until it came to a point where your love life has reached a boring plateau.

bedroomYour sex meter has gone from ten to one and your everyday sex has become once a week, or at times, once every two weeks. And your bedroom, which has become your sex haven where all the kinky stuff is going on, is turning into a haven – for rest and sleep.

Don’t worry, it’s not just your fault. And it’s not his fault alone, either. It’s just that both of you have missed the part where you’re supposed to take time for each other and be a couple. But, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. The truth is you can put an end to this drought and bring the spice back in the bedroom. Get your inner sex goddess ready, and check out these ordinary things that can make your sex extraordinary.

1 The “tie me” Project.

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You’ve seen it in movies, TV shows, porn films, and even read it in books and magazines. Tying your guy up, or getting yourself tied up can surely bring your sex sessions to a whole different level.

It gives you a different sense of control, which can make things hot and sensual in bed.

All you need are silk ties or scarves to tie your guy’s hands securely but gently on a kitchen chair or headboard.

Remember not to tie too tightly and give your guy a safe word. You want to speed up body arousal, so make sure you have a pair of scissors on hand in case you need a quick tie removal.

2 Give Each Other A Love Massage.

Love MassageThis may be a century-old trick, but there will always be a special connection between sex and massage. To do this, open your own spa for just you and your man.

Dim the lights, place essential oils and candles around the room and play soothing music. Take turns giving each other a sensual massage while focusing on the erogenous zones.

This can be excellent foreplay and at the same time, it can be a good way for you and your man to bond and explore each other’s pleasure points. Use aromatic essential oils and mix it up with shea butter to pleasure your senses.

ice cubeIf you’re thinking of wild, hot sex and putting your game to the next level, you can pour some paraffin candle wax on your man and gently massage it on his body. Alternate it with an ice cube to give it a cooling sensation. Again, give him a safe word so you know when to stop.

Talk about adding passion and sensuality back to your intimate encounters.

 3 Be A Dom, Then Sub.

Fifty Shades of GreyYou have got to thank Christian Grey for giving us ladies these terms. And admit it, after reading Fifty Shades of Grey, you imagine yourself how it is to be a sub.

Stop daydreaming and translate your erotic energies with your guy.

If you’re not into role playing, perhaps the Dom-Sub can be a good place to start with. Play the submissive role first, since it offers more erotic delights than being the Dom.

It can increase your anticipation for sex, making you more aroused and well-lubricated down there to boost your sensation. Of course, don’t forget to switch roles, so you can feel how it is to be in control and decide which one works for you best.

4 You Van Never Go Wrong With Chocolate.

ChocolateWho doesn’t love chocolate? If you don’t, then you must have had a pretty miserable childhood, because there’s something about chocolate that makes everyone happy.

Some say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, while others say that it’s all in the mind. Whatever it is, you can’t deny the fact that chocolate and sex can be a lethal combination. Wait, is that a smile on your face?

Bring out the chocolate bars, heat it up and give each other a good lick. If you’re thinking of improving your artistic skills, use your guy’s body as a canvas and let your tongue do the rest. It can be a tasty mess, but it can surely help get you in the mood.

A piece of advice, don’t spread the chocolate down there. Sugar and your vaginal flora are worst enemies and the last thing you need is a yeast infection. Not good.

5 Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Naughty Games.

Naughty Games
Photo by Jessie Pearl / CC BY

So, you realized you’ve been missing out on the sex department lately. Your partner may not be complaining, but do you have to wait for him to do something before you level up your game?

If you’re thinking of a fun, exciting but kinky way of spicing up your sex life, then playing naughty games can help.

But don’t limit yourself with spin the bottle and poker that involves taking your clothes piece by piece and fulfilling the winner’s fantasies and demands. You can make your own love affair cards or Monopoly-type of board game that involves stripping your clothes off, too.

Or give each other a set of questions about each other and every wrong answer means a shot of tequila. It can be a good way for you to bond as a couple and at the same time, keep you aroused as you get ready for action.

6 Dress Up vs. Dress Down.

sexy nurse outfitNaughty, provocative lingerie can make your guy’s man stand up and salute you. But where is the surprise?

Sure, revealing skin, which can be too much actually, can get his pulse racing and put him in the mood but for a change, why not give a twist to your usual bedtime apparel.

Instead of wearing kinky lingerie, surprise your man by wearing a baby doll costume, a lace teddy and even a sexy nurse outfit. The more skin you hide, the more he gets excited. And believe it or not, the anticipation of taking every piece of clothing can be a turn on for you, too. It’s something new, but will definitely please your guy, and you as well.

7 The Spanking Technique.

The Spanking Technique
Photo by Alex Pappajohn / CC BY-SA

For reasons still unknown, spanking will always be one of the most erotic and popular sex fantasies around. It can be a borderline of pain and pleasure, but there is something about getting a hand on your butt that makes it so sexy and satisfying.

So if you have been a very bad girl lately, maybe you deserve a spanking. It can be while you’re on a dog style position or you on top – it doesn’t matter.

Just make sure not get too much spanking, because you don’t want to end up having black spots on your butt that will make it painful for you to sit down. Hello, Anastasia Steele?

8 Through The Back Door.

lubricationYou’ve seen it on porn films and you’ve read about it. Anal sex may be a taboo, but there’s something about going through the back door that entices couples to give it a try.

The truth is anal sex is one of the most common erotic sex ideas that couples enjoy trying, and surprisingly, it can be pleasurable, too.

Words from the wise before you give this a try – make sure to take it slow and keep the communication lines open. It’s not as easy as it looks on porn and requires a lot of preparation so lubrication, and lots of it, is a must. And better do the number two first to make sure you are clean.

9 Role Playing.

dress up like a nurseNo, it doesn’t mean you are going to make a fool out of yourselves. Fantasizing and putting it into something concrete can be a good way to boost your sex drive.

For instance, if you have a thing for hot construction workers or athletes or you had a crush on your cute Trigonometry teacher back in the day, get the costumes ready and enjoy this fun, erotic sex idea.

Don’t be too shy to act it out if your man wants you to dress up like a nurse or doctor or a naughty librarian. Believe it or not, you’ll be inside each other’s pants in no time.

10 Be Romantic.

After all the naughty deeds and tricks, make sure to leave some room for romantic gestures.

If you want to bring your sex drive back in bed, then better rekindle your love for each other by being romantic.

Romance cardsYour busy lives may have drifted you apart, but there’s no excuse to be made here. Start it off with a simple dinner for two and giving him a gift that will make him remember you all the time. Romance cards can do the trick, too, and keep you two busy all year long.

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