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36 Fun Facts About Sex That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud in Bed

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So, sex – almost everyone has it and most people love to talk about it secretly, while some even want to know more about it. Most of the information readily available about sex is all about the serious biology. It is pretty straightforward information. It is all about what the vagina can do, and where the penis goes.

Aside from the scientific or medical standpoint, here are some fun facts about sex that are quite unusual. Some of these weird sex facts are so unusual that they will make you laugh out loud, gasp and squirm. Still, it is a good idea to get to know these facts, because they are interesting and may just come in handy in bed, too.

The following are interesting facts about sex that might be embarrassing or interesting for you to read, depending on how you see things.

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Interesting, Fun Facts about Sex

Let’s get on the roller coaster to know more about the lighter side of the sex.

1. You May be Wired to Have More Sex

sexThough the reasons behind this fact are not clear to scientists, it is true for both men and women. Some will want more sex and some will want less. If you are one of those people who loves sex more than most, do not be embarrassed if you want to get started just about anywhere or any time.

2. Ladies, Do Not Get Your Hopes Too High About the Average Penis Size

There is a lot of talk about how size matters. Just do not get your hopes too high as the male Twinkie, on an average, is 5.6 inches long when fully erect.

But what most women and men do not understand is that it does not really matter. Talk about owning a tool and knowing how to use it. Whether it is a big hammer or a small hammer, if the user cannot hit the nail on the head, it is not useful. The man just needs to learn how to satisfy a woman sexually.

3. Sex is an Interesting Way to Stay Slim

burn calories during sexYes, you can burn calories during sex, which is why some people refer to it as “sexercise.” This is a fun fact about sex, because men can burn between 100 and 200 calories, depending on several things. On the other hand, women will burn, and this is no joke, about 69 calories.

4. The Sperm Content From One Man is Enough to impregnate the Entire Planet

The sperm a man produces in about two weeks is enough to impregnate every fertile woman on this planet.

5. During Sex, the Inner Nose, Breasts and Genitals Swell Many Times Their Original Size

This is one of the fascinating facts about sex and probably one of the facts that you have not yet heard about.  These parts will get aroused during sexual activities due to an increase in blood flow.

6. A Man’s Ejaculate Travels at About 28 Miles Per Hour

Yes, you read it right. There is a Usain Bolt inside every man. The initial spurt of a man’s ejaculation will travel at an approximate speed of 28 miles per hour. This is faster than the current 100 meters dash record. If it was a vehicle, it would probably leave you with broken bones.

7. Women can Make Their Voices Sexier When Intentionally Enticing Men

voices sound sexierWhen a woman needs something, especially from a man, they can make their voices sound sexier. On the other hand, men do not possess this factor and will have to depend on other elements.

8. 60 Percent of Aroused Men Have Erect Nipples, Too

The truth is that nipples in men are as or almost as sensitive as they are in women. This explains why an aroused man may have an erect nipple. The next time you see this, do not be shocked or think it is abnormal, it is normal biology.

9. Your Clitoris Has 8,000 Nerve Fibers, Which is Twice as Many in the Penis

This is the main reason why the clitoris is known to be highly sensitive. That is also the reason, your clitoris holds the key to your orgasm.

10. The Vagina Decreases in Size by as Much as 30 Percent When the Woman is About to Reach Orgasm

As orgasms become imminent in women, the vagina will reduce in size by about 30 percent. This contraction is geared towards helping the woman increase sensitivity that she feels and this takes her to the orgasm climax.

11. Facts about Masturbation: No Guilt Reasons It is a Super Healthy Activity

OrgasmsOrgasms are known to release endorphins in your body. These hormones have been found to greatly help relax the body and the mind. This helps reduces depression. Also, frequent masturbation helps improve your fertility. You are more likely to bear a child if you masturbate more frequently.

12. Look for a Man with a Longer Ring Finger in Comparison to His Index Finger

This is a proven fact that is used to measure testosterone levels in a man. The next time you want to know how much testosterone is in a man, look at these two fingers.

Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man a man and is, therefore, important if you want to find out the manliness in your man. This is one of the fun facts about the human body and you might want to test it tonight.

13. Orgasms Fight Pain Better Than Any Pain Killer

migraine attacks
Photo by Sasha Wolff / CC BY

A new study suggests that sex has the ability to reduce the intensity of pain experienced during migraine attacks. While researchers are not really sure why this happens, the hypothesis is that there is an endorphin rush which reduces the pain.

Endorphins are the brain‘s natural painkillers. In the study, some people got complete relief from headaches while others had worse headaches. The conclusion is that those that got the relief released more endorphins during sex.

14. Males Over 70 Have 230 Times More Sex Than Women Over 70

The next time you sit and think that old men are all washed up and tired, you should think about this fun fact. Men over 70 are having more sex than women their age.

15. His Left Testicle Tends to Hang Lower Than His Right

Studies have indicated that the left testicle tends to hang lower. While there are no clear explanations, there are a few theories. Some experts have said that it could be because of temperature regulation since the testicles are served by different veins and arteries. Others say it is a handedness thing with right-handed people having lower hanging testicles and the other way round for left handed people.

16. Are You in Bed with The Right Man? Think Again.

sex with a partnerAbout two-third of men and women have admitted thinking about other people while having sex with a partner. Both men and women are guilty of this. Some do it because they do not like the person they are having sex with enough to orgasm from their pleasure while some do it for the love they have for the other person. Though it’s not a good thing, it is a fact.

17. Pubic Hair May Look Unsightly But Saves You From STDs

The removal of pubic hair dates back to the ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome. Younger women are known to remove pubic hair and a substantial percentage of the other population also does the same.

Most have a lot of reasons such as confidence and cleanliness. The second reason is not all that true. Researchers have indicated that the shaving of pubic hair can cause skin injuries that increase the risk of contracting and spreading STDs due to the skin opening.

18. Male Testosterone and Sperm Levels Have Reduced Drastically Over a Century

Photo by _Dinkel_ / CC BY

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about how men are not as manly as they used to be. It is evident that men today are less manly compared to their grandfathers.

The simplest and most obvious explanation that comes out as funny is because of reduced testosterone. Compared to what testosterone levels used to be, men today only have a quarter of what men had 100 years ago. This is also the case with the sperm count.

19. Educated White Women Have More Anal Sex Than Any Other Group

While there might be a lot of information and misconception about anal sex, the biggest misleading info is that no one is having it. A recent study has indicated that at least one in every three women has tried anal sex in the U.S. A different study also showed that educated white women have more anal sex compared to other women.

20. Fat Men are More Likely to Know How to Satisfy a Woman Sexually

So, apparently weight gain is not all bad from all angles. Though unhealthy weight is not good at all, studies tend to show weight in a different light in the bedroom. Researchers in Turkey are suggesting you should quit the gym, sit and have that hamburger for longer sex.

Though this is not exactly what they said, they stated that they found out, in a study, that heavier men lasted longer in bed for an average of 7.3 minutes. On the other hand, slender men lasted for an average of 108 seconds. This is courtesy of the female hormone estradiol in heavier men. This hormone will block male hormones and cause a climax delay.

21. Think Again Before Hooking Up With a Male Bicyclist

bicyclingFor a man, bicycling may bring with it a number of benefits which may include burning calories, and improving cardiovascular health. Though this is the case, too much bicycling and long hours sitting on the saddle can compress the artery that supplies blood to the penis. You might be wondering what the results are. This will lead to risks of pain, numbness and erectile dysfunction.

Most cyclists who spend hours on their bikes place a significant amount of weight in the region between the anus and the scrotum. This is where the penis arteries pass and blocking them can lead to impotence.

22. The Smell of Pumpkin Can Increase Blood Flow to the Genitals

There are different kinds of food that have been known to be aphrodisiac for many years.  Though researchers are still working on different food aphrodisiacs, the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago has discovered that the scent of pumpkin can increase the flow of blood into penile tissues.

This is an interesting fun fact about sex you may want to try right away. The smell will also increase sexual desire in women and this can lead to a good night in the bedroom after smelling and eating the thanksgiving pumpkin desert.

23. Men Tend to Have Less Sex When They do More Household Chores

Household ChoresIt is true that men who do more cooking, laundry, cleaning and other traditional female chores than others will have better marriages. Most men believe that this will lead to more sexual rewards from women. On the contrary, this is not true because the men who have more sex are those that do traditional man duties such as working on the lawn, driving and paying bills.

This is because, according to experts, most married couples still read from traditional scripts when it comes to sex and housework.

24. You Earning More Than Your Partner May be Giving Him ED

A man with a wife that earns more money will feel the difference in the sex life and it will not be in an interesting way. This is based on a study that indicated that men with wives who earn more are more likely to need the help of impotence drugs as opposed to those earning more than their wives. Though the difference in the sex might not be much, it is caused by a slight difference in earning even a difference of $500 per year.

25. Some of the Fluid in Female Ejaculation is Actually Just Pee

Fact first – female ejaculation is not a myth like it used to be, though there are people who still have their doubts. This is an elusive topic since it is not as widely or openly discussed compared to other sexual topics. Though it is not a myth, it is something that doctors continue to study and try to find out where the fluid comes from.

Skene glands
Photo by Nicholasolan / CC BY-SA

According to some researchers, this fluid comes from the Skene glands in your vagina. To make a long story short, some of the fluid in the ejaculation is urine. This is because the ejaculation is just pee diluted by the fluid from the glands.

26. Thank Your Lucky Stars You Did Not Have Lay with Prehistoric Men

Clearly, men have lost the DNA that once gave their penises a spiny enhancement. Some modern animals, like lions, still have spiny penises. The spine is mostly made of a hard tissue referred to as keratin.

This enhancement was common in humans and chimpanzees about six million years ago. Fortunately, for women, the penile code with the enhancer disappeared from human genes. Today penises are just tissues and nothing hard in them.

27. Your Partner Loads Your Inside With a Lot of Data with Every Ejaculate

A single sperm can carry about 37.5 MBs of data. This means that on average, ejaculation will carry about 1,500 terabytes of data. This is one of the most interesting fun facts about sex especially considering it dwarfs the USB 3.0 by far. This capacity dozens of normal desktops and Mother Nature has been using this data transfer for years.

28. The Order to Ejaculate Comes From the Spinal Cord, Not the Brain

Spinal Cord
Photo by Andrewmeyerson / CC BY-SA

This is also one of the shocking and interesting sex facts. While most people associate ejaculation with the mental part of a human, it is not so. Ejaculation is controlled by a spinal control center. This center will then communicate with the brain but only to report the process.  This is why experts say that ejaculation does not need the brain.

It also explains why trying to think about other things when having sex to delay ejaculation does not work as well as most people want it to work. The spinal center will cause the ejaculation even if the brain is engaged in a different thing.

29. More Than 40 Percent Teenagers Have Sexted At Least Once

Here is one of the fun facts about sexting. According to one research, no less than 40 percent teenagers admit having exchanged nudes or sexually explicit content at least once.

30. A Survey Found That Greeks Have the Most Sex, But Nigerians are the Most Satisfied

Research shows that Greeks openly talk about sex which could be the reason why they have a lot of sex in general. This explains the 164 times Greeks have sex on average per year.

On the other hand, Nigeria is the most satisfied country in the world in matters of the bedroom. Around 67 percent of the Nigerian population reported being sexually satisfied. This could be as a result of the fact that they have sex for an average of 24 minutes for every session.

31. Women are More Likely to be Happy with Their Partner’s Penis Size Than the Men Themselves

sizesThis is also a funny fact because women are satisfied with penis sizes that the men carrying them are. In a study involving 52,031 men and women, a good number of women, almost 85 percent, said that they were satisfied with their partner’s penile size. Surprisingly, about 45 percent of the men were not satisfied with the size of their penis and wanted them larger. A surprising 0.2 percent wanted a smaller penis.

32. Vaginas Also Grow and Even Double in Size During Arousal

The vagina has accordion-like folds that give it the ability to increase in size to as big as the average penis. Though this is not as obvious as the penis, the vagina will get prepared for penetration like the penis does. However, the increase in size might actually take longer which is why foreplay is an important part of great lovemaking sessions. It’s good to wait for the full arousal for optimum pleasure.

33. Only Humans and Dolphins Engage in Sex for Pleasure

In the world of humans, sex is not just a reproduction tool, it is much more. It is emotional and communicative. It is a fun activity and most people enjoy it. In simple words, humans have sex for pleasure. Sex for pleasure is actually higher in frequency than sex for reproduction. Apart from humans, dolphins are the only other species that has sex for pleasure purposes. This might seem like one of those weird facts about sex but it is true.

34. Women Can Increase Their Libido Too

supplementMost of the topics and products you will get in the market are all about how men can deal with libido and sexually related issues. Women can also get a libido boost through enhancement products. One such product is the Provestra supplement.

This supplement could help increase a woman’s desire to have sex. It has been tested and is endorsed by doctors. If you have been having problems with your libido, you might want to try Provestra.

Always make sure you talk to your doctor before you start using any sexual enhancement supplement. This is to make sure that the product will not interfere with any medication you are taking or worsen an existing condition.

35. Some Women Orgasm While Working Out

This makes it to the fun facts about sex because most women like going to the gym. There are certain exercises that are known to induce orgasms in women. By the look of things, it is clear that they do enjoy it.

36. Facts About Kissing and Why It is a Great Way to Stay in Shape

kissingHere is one of the fun facts about kissing. Kissing can burn a lot of calories and to be specific two to three a minute. The next time you want to burn calories, you can start with passionately kissing your partner before the run.

These were some of the many fun facts about sex. Sex is fun so are the facts related to it. The more you know about sex, the more you will enjoy being in bed.