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9 Ways Your Body Language Says You’re Ready for Hot Sex

Avatar photo 10 years ago 7 minute read

Did you know that women have the power of getting what they want sexually? If you are a woman and did not know about this gift that you already possess, it is about time that you get on the bandwagon and learn about it, so that you know how to use it.

let your man know if you are in the moodThe secret is to learn how to use this power, so that you can keep your man on his toes when it comes to sex. Every single woman, whether they are in or out of a relationship, should learn the art of body language.

Besides having the power to use body language to get more sex, you could also use body language to let your man know if you are in the mood or not.

Learn more about body language and how you should use it, so you can get what you want out of your relationship, especially when it comes to letting your special someone know that you are in the mood to get some loving or not. Here are the nine top ways your body language says you’re ready for hot sex.

1 Catching His Eye And Holding The Gaze For A Couple Seconds More.

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So picture this, you are at a party and in a crowded room and you and your man suddenly meet each other’s stare.

The normal action would to give quick smirk or smile, then look in another direction. However, holding his gaze for half a second or so, looking down, and then looking back at him could indicate, “I see you eyeing me, and I want you.”

You could even add fluttering eyelashes and a sexy smile. This could leave a man drooling over you all throughout the night. You can expect to get some hot loving all night long.

2 Playing With Or Fixing Your Hair.

Fixing Your HairIt has always been a flirty gesture when a woman plays with her hair while talking to a man. Woman usually do this when they are aware that they are being watched or when they are conscious about looking the best that they can.

Any type of grooming gestures lets a man know that you have noticed that he is checking you out, and that he is interested in you physically. Keep in mind that overdoing this action could be annoying to any man. Just be simple and playful with this gesture, so that the man knows that you are conscious about how you look.

3 Brushing Or Gently Touching His Arm.

touch you the same way you touch himThis is another flirty action that all woman should learn about. This is the boundary-testing touch.

Since men are a bit more careful about how they touch you, simply brushing or gently touching his arm may let a man know that you are ready for more touching. Men tend to see this as the first action to sex.

It could also let a man know that you are inviting him to reciprocate and also touch you the same way you touch him. It could also open up more comfortable feelings towards one another. Just remember that this is the first step to letting him know that you are ready for his sexy and romantic touches.

4 Flushed Cheeks.

Flushed CheeksDid you know that blushing or having pinkish to reddish tinted cheeks could let a man know so much more?

The fact is, having flushed cheeks could indicate to a man that you are sexual attracted to him.

Although blushing usually means that you embarrassed about something that has happened, it could be a big turn on for guys to see you flushed.

This is because they enjoy getting your reaction to something they’ve said or did towards you. It could leave you looking more attractive, since it is said to imitate the way you look when you are reaching orgasm. That is definitely hot for all men to see on a woman that they want to be with.

5 Crossing Your Legs Or Leaning Towards Him.

Crossing your legsThese simply actions could instantly let a man know if you are feeling his presence or not. It does make sense though if you think about it.

Try to go back into the past and thinking about how you should sit if you weren’t into a certain man. Of course, you wouldn’t want anything to do with him so you would try to look the other direction.

However, if you are interested in a man, you would unconsciously sit in a certain way that indicates that you want him back. Crossing your legs and leaning in towards him will let him know that you are interested in getting to know him and possibly starting something romantic with him. Try to be conscious about your position the next time you meet a gorgeous looking man.

6 Biting Or Licking Your Lips.

LipsThis gesture might be unconscious to many woman and they may not even notice that they are actually doing it.

Although, biting or licking your lips could indicate or hint that you are thinking of something naughty.

Any man that sees an attractive woman playing with her lips could really be a big turn on because men interpret this to sexual actions. Also, the lips are a big part of sexual foreplay.

Biting your lips could give a man a brief look at how you would look when you make love to a man or have an orgasm. Doing it discreetly is much hotter compared to playing with yours lips in an overwhelming manner.

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7 Inching Into His Personal Space.

Inching Into His Personal SpaceA man that sees you gradually getting closer to him with every passing hour could give him an idea of just how interested you really are.

Since everyone has their own personal bubble of around 18 inches or so, if you get in closer to him, less than 18 inches or so, then he will start to think that you are into him.

This could also indicate that you want to get to know him more and that you are comfortable with his closeness. He will also show you that he is feeling more at ease if he is truly interested in getting to know in a more personal or sexual level.

Make sure that you don’t scare him off by getting too close, too fast. By moving too fast, he could also think that all you want is a booty call. Going into his personal space in a slow and passionate way could also lead to more touching and could also be a step towards sexy time.

8 Laughing And Giggling.

Laughing And GigglingFace it, as a woman, there are different ways that you laugh or giggle, depending on who you are talking to. This is especially the case if you are with a man that you find really attractive.

You may also notice that you are laughing more with a man that you like, because you feel a bit more flirtatious.

This could also indicate that you are in a positive mood and also ready to get it on.

Men find it a turn on when a woman is giggling at their jokes and during the conversation that you two are having. This could lead towards a nice and sexy time behind closed doors.

9 Gazing Deeply Into His Eyes.

Gazing Deeply Into His EyesSince the eyes are the gateway to the soul, maintaining eye contact can really show a man that you want him badly. This tip may sound almost the same to the first tip; however, this talks about the general eye contact gesture throughout your entire conversation. You may be surprised to know this, but eye contact could really make or break a first meeting or date.

Giving him 100 percent eye contact when he is talking could let him know that you are interested in who he is and what he is all about.

Men love knowing that you want to know more about them, and more about their interests or what they do for a living.

smilingJust make sure you aren’t prolonging the eye contact, because it could make a man feel intimidated and even make you appear dishonest. Looking deeply into his eyes during the necessary moments, while smiling and listening lets a man know that you want to know everything that he is about, and that you find him physically and sexually attractive.

The secrets of body language is not too complicated to understand, because many woman already do them unconsciously. Just try to be a bit more mindful with all the gestures that you do, especially if it is towards a man that you are attracted to and interested in pursuing. These simple actions could make or break a first date. They could even determine if you and the man of your dreams will have a relationship or not.