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What Attracts Men to Women: 23 Hot Tips for Lonely Ladies

Avatar photo 7 years ago 14 minute read

If you know all about what attracts men to women, then why are you alone? This is the question every woman should ask herself if it’s been more than a year since her last relationship. Waiting for that Prince Charming is all well and good, but you have to give your destiny a hand.

No matter how much you believe in fairy tales, you have to make an effort to help your dream come true. If all your struggles are in vain, read on to learn what attracts men to women emotionally and physically. There are plenty of tips from the girls in happy relationships that can help a lonely woman find her soulmate. Let’s take a look.

1. Don’t Force It: The Power of Sexual Chemistry

pretty makeupBefore learning all the great tips on how to attract men, you should pay special attention to sexual chemistry. Remember, no matter how hard you try to attract a man, all your efforts will be useless if there is no sexual chemistry between you.

This chemistry can’t be created by nice shoes or pretty makeup. It’s not always possible to explain the nature of sexual attraction. Some believe it’s hormones, others talk about pheromones. In any case, if there is no physical chemistry, the relationship is doomed. Forget about trying to attract a guy without it. Your efforts will be useless.

2. Never Forget to Smile

According to a survey made by one British magazine, 70 percent of males notice a woman’s smile before they look at the rest of her body. That’s why, for women’s purposes, smiling at men is important. Visit your dentist to make sure that your teeth are flawless.

A smile is your hidden weapon. If you see a man you like at a party, in a night club or even on a street, how do you make him understand your intentions? Not many women are brave enough to come up to a guy and strike a conversation. Make eye contact and give him your best smile. This way, he will definitely make the first move, even if he was afraid to do so before.

3. Choose the Right Perfume

PerfumeThere is a theory that the natural scent is what attracts men to women on a physical level; however, there is no proof that the pheromones everyone talks about actually work the way we think they do. Some studies showed that men are attracted by such scents as lavender and cinnamon, but there is no absolute proof.

You can try the pheromone perfumes widely available on the market today. They are odorless and can be used together with other scents. If you don’t see any results, just go for your favorite perfume. Make sure to apply it sparingly. No man will be attracted by an explosive nose attack.

4. Just Be Nice

When looking for ways to attract a man, don’t forget about the fact that guys are human, too. They are drawn to people who are kind to others. If you already managed to catch a guy’s attention and are looking to continue the relationship, try to show him your best traits.

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Be soft, nice and kind. The males are instinctively looking for the best mother to raise their young. That’s why they will easily overlook many physical imperfections if you show the right attitude. Don’t force too much kindness. If being too soft and kind is not part of your nature, you’ll soon get tired of playing a role and the relationship will be ruined.

5. Show Your Sense of Humor

If you can make a man laugh, the relationship is in the bag. While knowing what attracts men to women physically is important, the emotional part can’t be forgotten. A recent study found that people who laugh together are more likely to form a long-lasting relationship.

having a lot of fun with youWhile the power of explosive sexual chemistry can’t be overlooked, it’s important to give tribute to the psychological ingredient of a relationship. If a man feels as if he is having a lot of fun with you, he will be ready to forgive many other imperfections.

You must have seen how this works. Most of us have that far from perfect-looking friend who has absolutely no trouble winning over men’s hearts. What’s her secret? Most likely she is just a lot of fun to be with and in the long run it’s much more important than perfect teeth or long legs.

6. Learn How to Use Your Eyes

Contrary to the popular belief that the first thing men see is breasts, guys pay a lot of attention to a woman’s eyes. And this doesn’t just mean beautiful color or long lashes. Our eyes are another weapon we often overlook. Sexy and alluring gazes have made plenty of males go crazy with lust.

Spend a couple of minutes practicing your best sexy stare in front of the mirror. If you do it right, you won’t even need to say a word to make a guy come up to you. Don’t forget about the right makeup as well. It will make your efforts easier.

7. Be Intelligent

Did you know that when it comes to attracting men, pretty and curvy bodies can lose the battle with intellect? New studies show that in the modern world men are more and more often attracted to smart women.

So if you are not an owner of a perfect body, work on other skills that can do the trick. Make sure to show your intelligence in a conversation. Being smart is sexy nowadays, so take advantage of it. There are still some men who value physical beauty more than the mental one. So be careful not to come on too intelligent.

8. Use The Power of Your Mouth

Your mouth is one of the sexiest parts of your body that is visible to the public. In fact, an alluring mouth is often what attracts men to women the most. No matter what shape of lips or teeth the nature gave you, it’s up to you to create the sexiest mouth you possible can.

Use The Power of Your MouthStart by getting rid of even the slightest mustache. Go on to whitening your teeth. The next step is choosing the right makeup. All men love full lips but some of them hate when they look too large and unnatural. So before going for drastic measures, learn how to use lipstick to make them look fuller.

Spend some time in front of the mirror practicing the mouth moves. Licking your lips of biting your tongue are the sexy moves that will make most men lose their minds.

9. Take Care of Your Hair

Your hair is one of the first things a man pays attention to. Thick and shiny tressesare the sign of health. Instinctively a man will choose a woman with average looks and healthy-looking hair over the most beautiful girl with dull and greasy locks.

The stereotypes are still deeply rooted within us. That’s why men consider long and thick hair the most beautiful, but they also value a woman’s style. So if a short pixie is part of your well-chosen style, it can be just as sexy as the long tresses. Just don’t forget to make your hair look as natural as possible. This is the one point men value, regardless of the length.

10. Be Confident

Be ConfidentThe psychology of what attracts men to women is rather delicate. There are men who like bright women with strong personalities, while others prefer soft, quiet and homey girls; however, all men subconsciously value confident women.
Confidence is what usually attracts women to men. Did you know that it works both ways? Being confident doesn’t mean trying to make all the decisions on your own and taking the initiative. The most important part of a woman’s confidence is being sure of herself.

11. Turn On Your Libido

If your libido is functioning properly, then it can help you find your soulmate faster than new shoes or a sexy dress. Men can sense women who are ready to have sex. We don’t know what exactly does the trick. Some say it’s pheromones, others believe that women act completely different when they are on a hunt for a sex partner.

In any case, if your libido is on the low side, you need to do something to boost it up. If it doesn’t happen naturally, consider changing your lifestyle and reviewing your diet. You can also get help from such libido booster supplements as Provestra or Steel Libido for Women. Do whatever works in order to get your libido back on track.

12. Show Your Independence

Men are often attracted to self-confident, independent and successful women. So if you are one of them, don’t be afraid to show it. Remember, there are two types of men who like such women. The first type is an independent and successful man and the second type is a dependent and unsure guy who needs a woman to make his decisions for him.successful women

So when you flaunt your independence, don’t forget that you might attract the second type.  That’s why you must be careful with filtering out the types you don’t like. In the long run, you will definitely find the man you are looking for. Don’t ever listen to people who say that you need to hide your independence to find a good guy. It just might take a longer time to do it.

13. Don’t Hide Your Vulnerability

The world has changed a lot since humans lived in caves and hunted for food. Still, men have some basic instincts,and they are just as strong. Most guys feel as if they need to protect their woman. If you have a vulnerable nature, let it shine. Men who are protectors at heart will flock to your rescue.

Be careful not to become a victim. Vulnerable women often become a target for abusive men. Show your vulnerability in the beginning of the relationship to understand which type of man you are dealing with before it goes too far.

14. Wield Your Femininity

The modern world produces strong-willed and independent women who forget all about their femininity. No matter how beautiful your body, lips and eyes are, you can forget about attracting a man if you don’t have any femininity.

A healthy male with normal testosterone levels desires a feminine woman. If the feminist in you screams that being feminine is not your style, then get ready for a long search. Men can’t go against their instincts and most of them need to sense femininity in order to get attracted.

15. Work on Your Voice

voice trickMen often use the voice trick to help themselves with attracting women. Deep and husky male voices are considered sexy by women all over the planet. At the same time sexy female voices do wonders for attracting men. Studies show that women with alluring voices have more sex partners.

It’s hard to change your voice. Even so, there are some tricks you can use. Speaking in hushed tones is one of them. Men rarely like loud women. The second trick is making your voice breathy. You don’t have to wield it all the time. Do it when the two of you are alone and speaking of something intimate.

16. Be Honest

Honesty is sexy. It’s one of the most important personality traits that men look for in women. This dates back to the old times when men needed to be sure that their young are really theirs. That’s why being honest about yourself and the way you look at life might be attractive to a man you hope to start a relationship with.

At the same time, don’t forget to be honest with yourself. If after a long time of being lonely, you have finally attracted a man, don’t jump into bed with him just because “it’s been a long time.” Ask yourself whether or not you are ready for a relationship with this person.

17. Be Passionate About Something

Be PassionateIf you have something you are passionate about, you must have felt how your mood surges through the roof every time you talk about your passion. Other people sense this change in you and immediately become fired up, as well. A lot of people don’t have such passions. If you do, you have a huge advantage over even the sexiest girls out there.

People are attracted by strong feelings. Most men tend to keep their passion under a lid. When they see a woman being passionate about something, they are automatically drawn to her. Perhaps, if you still haven’t found something to be passionate about, the time has come to do some research.

18. Act Interested

It’s just as simple as one – two-three. Men like when women act as if they are interested in them. Even if a man doesn’t notice you, as soon as you show your interest, he will automatically become interested, too. Playing hard to get is cool when you have hundreds of guys around you, but if you are on a hunt, then acting aloof will not score you any points.

Don’t come on hard, or you might scare a guy away. Use subtle signs to show that you won’t mind asking him out. You’ve got a lot of weapons in your arsenal, such as eye contact, body language and simple smiling to make him understand you are interested.

19. Wear Red

Wear RedIt hasn’t been proven that a red color is what attracts men to women scientifically, but some studies show that red is the color that sparks a lot of interest in both sexes. Did you know that red boosts blood circulation and stimulates sensory nerves? Red can improve a woman’s sex appeal and will make her seem more approachable.

There is no reason to wear red all the time. It might seem too flashy, but having some red accessories handy is a good idea. If you are going out to a night club or a restaurant, put on your best little red dress and you’ll be surprised at the attention you’ll get.

20. Use Body Language

When it comes to love, using body language is the perfect way to communicate. If you want to make yourself available for relationships, you need to show a man that you are ready. Simple eye contact might not always do the trick, that’s why women often turn to subtler moves. Here are some of them:

  • Keep your hair down.
  • Expose your hands and wrists, but never cross them.
  • Don’t look down.
  • Tilt your head.
  • Lean in during a conversation.
  • Don’t fiddle with your purse.

All these moves will make a man instinctively understand you are available without you saying a word. Some men might get scared off by straightforward invites, while subtle body language will allow them to relax and make the first move.

21. Dress Right

Show Some CleavageForget about sweatpants and baggy t-shirts. If you want to attract a man, you need to dress accordingly. Why do men disrespect women who dress like homeless people? Because they are hiding their true beauty and making themselves look unavailable. Here are a few things you can consider when getting dressed up for your next night out:

  • Show Some Cleavage– An obvious advice since guys looking at boobs. Just make sure not to overdo it.
  • Wear High Heels– All men love women in high heels. This is more of a tribute to tradition but doesn’t make it a less effective trick.
  • Open Your Arms and Shoulders– Many men consider shoulders and arms to be sexy body parts.
  • Wear Red or Black – Red sparks interest while black shows confidence and adds mystery.
  • Wear Dresses or Skirts – Pants are not sexy. Don’t ever forget that. Skirts and dresses are feminine. There is no need to go for extra short skirts. Long ones will work just as well.
  • Hide Your Imperfections – Each girl knows her problem areas. Use clothing to hide them.
  • Outline Your Advantages – Do you have a flat stomach? Wear a tight shirt. Have large breasts? Show the cleavage. If you’ve got it, it would be a crime not to flaunt it.

22. Find Common Ground

If you are trying to attract a certain man, you need to learn about his interests. Psychologists have proved that men like women who have similar passions or hobbies. If you like the same movies, have similar cultures or root for the same team, you will have a much easier time attracting a man.

use the InternetSo, before you wield all the other attraction weapons, do some good research on the man you are interested in. Ask friends or use the Internet to learn about his hobbies. Just make sure you do it subtly or you might look like a stalker.

23. Remember What Attracts Men to Women

This list is a good guide for a lonely lady. Take some time to review these tips before going out on the next hunt. If when you are reading these tips, you feel as if some things go against your nature, there is absolutely no reason to force yourself. The main trick is to make yourself available for love, and love will definitely find you.

The science of attraction is actually quite simple. Subconsciously, every girl knows almost everything about what attracts men to women. Most of us are just afraid to wield the weapons we’ve got, because sometimes they might seem unnatural and inappropriate. Remember, this is a game women and men have been playing for centuries. So, why not join in?