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15 Amazing Secrets on How to Satisfy a Man Sexually

It takes more than just touching or rubbing to fully satisfy a man. Learning how to satisfy a man sexually is an art, and you need to learn it sooner rather than later. In learning this art, you will not only please your partner and get pleased in return, you can also hope to improve […]

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Get Back Your Sex Satisfaction in Marriage (It’s Not Over)

How many times do you have sex with your husband? When you do, how was your experience? Was it sexually satisfying? Do you think there are areas that need improvement? Being in a long-term relationship gives you a certain level of comfort, availability and familiarity. Unfortunately, this could take a toll on your sex life […]

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The Truth About Coconut Oil for Vaginal Dryness

If you are a woman, you probably can relate to the following scenario: During one of your steamy sessions with your man, all of a sudden, your area down there refused to cooperate. Your man down there made sure he will spend enough time down south and yet, you are having a hard time getting […]

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Women and Low Libido: 14 Natural Tips for Your Sex RX  

After a hard week, your man decides to surprise you with a dinner date and your choice of a movie, which you appreciate. As soon as you get home, he expects something in return, and yes, that’s the three-letter word. Unfortunately and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get your area down there […]

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