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20 Strange Sex Laws That Sound Like the Real Deal

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Laws are made so that there may be peace and order in a community. Laws are put in place for citizens to follow deliberately, or they face fines, penalties or even prison. However, sometimes the laws can be a little overboard – or specific – that they are more like a bizarre joke than a real rule.

lawsIt will get you wondering what the lawmakers were thinking when they created these laws. Were these laws created with a personal touch?

Did they come from experience? Only the ones who created them will ever know. Nevertheless, the law is the law, and it excuses no one. Here are 20 strange sex laws in the United States that are just too bizarre to believe.

1. In Indiana, It Is Illegal For A Man To Have An Erection While In Public

in publicAlthough men are proven to be not really in complete control with their erections – apparently, their penis has a “head” of his own –men are not allowed to have an erection while in public in Indiana.

That’s going to be a toughie, especially if many hot and sexy ladies parade around the state.

2. In Kansas, Sodomy, Including Oral Is Illegal, But Using A Finger Is Allowed

People should be free to make their own choices when it comes to sex, as long as they are not hurting anyone. Well, that’s the idea, but apparently in Kansas, they have one rule in that area. Anal sex is not allowed – that includes oral – but using a finger is fine in “specified” circumstances. Kind of makes you curious what those specified circumstances are.

3. In Louisiana, Making Love With The Dead Is Legal

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Necrophilia is a condition where a person is attracted towards a corpse and makes love to it.

It may be understandable with lovers that recently just passed away and the remaining lover cannot get over it yet.

The state of Louisiana understands this need and made it legal in the state to make love to the dead.

4. You Cannot Have More Than Six Dildos If You Live In Texas

TexasIn their defense, you only need one or two dildos to give you the pleasure that you need. So what do you need six or more dildos for? Because if you are in Texas, having six or more dildos in your home is against their rules. Well, what if it’s part of a special collection or something?

5. In Washington, Giving A Sex Worker A Ride To Work Can Cost You Your Car

CarIt appears that being a good guy has its limits. In the state of Washington, you can’t just give anyone a ride.

In fact, you have to be careful to ask what your hitchhiker’s profession is.

If he or she is a sex worker, and you give them a ride to work, you could lose your car as a punishment for breaking their law.

6. You Cannot Kiss For More Than Five Minutes In Iowa

KissWell, kissing for more than five minutes in public will merit you a fine string of curses from people who pass by you. Sure, you may get some hoots and cheers, but mostly you will just be yelled at to “get a room.” While exchanging tongues in public is accepted in many places, kissing for more than five minutes, if you are in Iowa makes you’re a criminal.

7. Having Sex With A Truck Driver In A Tollbooth In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Is Illegal

Truck DriverHere’s one of those laws that will get you wondering if it is a law created by some imaginative minds or if it is a law that sprang out of a real need. Still, it’s specific and gets directly to the point.

To be fair, the law’s directness is a little hard to get away from if you get caught having sex with a truck driver in a tollbooth in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. So if you want to do it in a tollbooth, you better move to the next town.

8. In Tremonton, Utah, A Woman Cannot Have Sex With A Man In An Ambulance

AmbulanceOkay, well, that’s understandable. If you are in an ambulance, you are more likely to either be injured or unconscious, so sex is not convenient. With this law in Tremonton, Utah, one thing’s for sure: you will not be able to find porn videos with nurses and ambulances fantasies that were filmed in Utah.

9. Sexual Activity In The Front Yard After Sundown Is Illegal In Bozeman, Montana

SundownIn their defense, they just do not want children or other people witnessing two people who are getting it on in their front yard.

This is actually promoting decency, if not for the exception to this rule.

Apparently, the no-sexual-activity rule only applies if the accused are naked during the action. That means people can still dry hump in their front yards after dark all they want.

10. In Oxford, Ohio, A Woman Cannot Undress In Front Of A Man’s Picture

hilariousThe absurdity of this rule can just be hilarious. For one, can you imagine any woman ever getting caught doing this? Well, a rule’s a rule. If any woman is caught getting undressing in front of a man’s picture, that will make you a law breaker

11. No Man In Minnesota Can Have Any Sexual Relations With A Fish

A FishThat would have to be a really sexy and attractive fish. Well, there’s a rule against it, so there must be someone who did it before.

With today’s ridiculousness and people’s predilections on sex, this sort of situation should not be so surprising.

12. Having Sex Inside A Car With Flat Wheels Will Result In A Fine In Cottonwood, Arizona

Flat WheelsThe law is specifically directed to the “flat wheels.” There must be something about flat tires that irked the lawmaker of this rule. So, if you are having sex in a car with fine wheels, you are good. Just make sure you don’t create a flat tire or two.

13. In Oblong, Illinois, You Cannot Hunt, Fish And Have Sex At The Same Time On Your Wedding Day

Wedding DayYou can’t even if you want to. For one, try doing all these things at the same time on the same day.

With your wedding and all the hustle and bustle, you’d be a legend if you get to do all these.

Oh, and there’s also the fact that if you live in Oblong, Illinois, hunting, fishing and having sex at the same time on your wedding day is illegal.

14. Sex Is Not Allowed Inside A Walk-In Meat Freezer In Newcastle, Wyoming

Walk-In Meat Freezer
Photo by Watershed Post / CC BY

Let’s look at the facts, shall we? If you get stuck inside a meat freezer with someone, you either freeze to death, or share the heat.

Sharing the heat could get you carried away. Still, in Newcastle, Wyoming, it is prohibited, so you mayhave to freeze.

15. You Cannot Settle Your Billiard Debt Through Sexual Favors In Anniston, Alabama

BilliardEither this technique was popular in the past, or it has been a source of many bar riots.

In Anniston, Alabama, if you lose a pool game, you have to pay up with real money.

\You cannot settle your debt with sexual favors, or you are going to be penalized.

16. Sex With Rodeo Clowns While The Horses Are Watching Is Illegal In Massachusetts

Rodeo ClownsThey could either be protecting you, the rodeo clowns or the horses from exploitation, but the fact remains that you cannot have sex with rodeo clowns in Massachusetts – but only if the horses are watching.

You just have to wait for the horses to fall asleep before you start getting some action from a rodeo clown.

17. You cannot Do Anything More Than The Missionary Position In Virginia

funnyIt could be a weird, strong and funny pun, but apparently, it’s their law.

If you live in Virginia, you can only have sex in the missionary position.

That’s right – no doggy style, cowgirl style, woman on top and what-nots to make sex more interesting. You do one position and one position alone.

18. Having Sex With Satan Without Protection Is Prohibited In Bakersfield, California

SatanOkay, seriously. We don’t even need to elaborate on this one. Sex with Satan? We don’t know anyone who has or would even consider having sex with Satan.

19. A Man Cannot Shoot His Gun While His Partner Is Having An Orgasm In Connorsville, Wisconsin

PartnerIn respect to women’s orgasm and the inclusions there of, men are not allowed to shoot their guns while their partner is on the brink of pleasure in Connorsville, Wisconsin.

Why they would be handling a gun while their partner orgasms is beyond us.

20. In Utah, Sex With An Animal Is Legal

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. People still have their own freewill to choose whatever sexual lifestyle they want.

Well, Utah just took one step forward to support that idea and legalized sex with animals in their state.

married couplesSex should be between married couples only – that’s the general rule that everyone knows, although not everyone follows.

Still, you can’t help but wonder if they have gone a little overboard with these new laws that lawmakers have come up with. Either these laws are made to control sex or the people doing it, but one thing is for sure, people have wild and wacky imaginations.