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15 Glamorous Sex Toys for Luxurious Ladies

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There are many kinds of sex toys that you can buy in the marketplace.There are a lot more people nowadays who choose to make sex toys are a part of their sex lives. Sex toys can enhance and add more excitement to sex with your partner, or the lack of it. Yes, sex toys can be a big help for your sex life.

worth a fortuneWith all the hype about sex toys here and there, many manufacturers are going with the tide and making the sex toy industry boom.

We’re talking about luxurious sex toys that can be worth a fortune, but the most extravagant sexually-inclined people can afford them.

That’s right – sex toys with gems in them, and gold or platinum plated gadgets. You name it, the sky’s the limit.

If you think Christian Grey of Fifty Shades of Grey fame was already kinky enough with all his sex toys and predilections, then you have not seen much. There are sex toys that are far more expensive than the latest gadgets out there. Some women like to buy these as a special gift for themselves. Here are 15 glamorous sex toys for the most luxurious ladies.

1. Lelo Inez 24K Gold Vibrator

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The most common sex toys for the ladies – the vibrator. It’s handy, easy to use and can give you just as much pleasure as the real thing.

Talk about taking it to the next level with your battery-operated boyfriend? Try a gold vibrator.

Lelo Inez 24K Gold Vibrator is gold plated and functions just as a vibrator functions – only, it’s made of gold. Maybe finding a man who is good enough to be considered as “gold” may be hard, but with this gold vibrator, you are close enough.

2. Crave Vesper Silver Vibrator Necklace

NecklaceYou know it would be a little awkward for your friends, family or even strangers to peep in your purse and find your battery boyfriend in there, right? That’s why it’s best to leave it at home.

Well, you would not have to worry about that anymore if you can camouflage your toy.

The Crave Vesper Silver Vibrator Necklace is exactly that – a vibrator that has a chain and can be worn as a necklace. It can be your accessory and pleasure partner altogether. Yes, it is made of pure silver, so you don’t have to worry about damage if your wear it – and use it – all the time. How cool is that?

3. Jimmyjane Little Chroma Vibrator

in the showerThis one is neither made of gold or silver, but it still boasts of something the others don’t have. Since most vibrators are battery operated, you can’t take them anywhere.

When you feel like having some action in the shower, most vibrators can malfunction when they get wet – with water, just to clarify that.

Worry no more with the Jimmyjane Little Chroma Vibrator. This sweet sex toy can accompany you even to your wettest fantasies like in the tub or in the pool. It is made to be waterproof and can be your sex buddy for all seasons, wet or dry.

4. Bedroom Kandi Lipstick Vibrator

LipstickIf you like the convenience of taking your battery-powered boyfriends with you everywhere without having to keep them in the deepest part of your purse to avoid that awkward moment of someone finding them, then this one is for you.

The Bedroom Kandi Lipstick Vibrator is – exactly what you are thinking – a vibrator that is disguised as a lipstick.

You can literally wave it in front of other people without them suspecting what it is. It’s handy and it comes in different colors. Plus, here’s a bonus: it can be a perfect gift for a girlfriend on her birthday. She’ll know you understand her needs.

5. Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One Diamond Vibrator

decorative featureWell, it’s not really a diamond-made vibrator, but it is shaped like one.

It functions like any other vibrator does, an intimate massager that can give you just the pleasure you need.

It looks super sophisticated and you can use it as an ornament in your room. Its decorative feature is convenient enough to not have other people suspecting of what it really does.

6. Kiki De Montparnasse Blindfold

BlindfoldAh, the blindfolding technique. One of the oldest yet most erotic techniques in foreplay and love-making.

Anything can pass as a blindfold – your scarf, you handkerchief or your man’s tie.

However, if you want that lovemaking session to be extra special and you’re the type to invest, you will prefer the silk fabric as a blindfold.

The Kiki de Montparnasse Blindfold is exactly that. A blindfold made of silk that can make your foreplay a lot more intimate and fun.

7. Masturbation Mirror

MirrorAlmost everyone owns a mirror or two in their home. It’s one of the basic necessities of a woman.

A mirror does not do much and has the same function anywhere. For the elite and luxurious, they prefer to have different mirror for different functions.

A masturbation mirror is – you guessed it – a mirror where you can watch as your pleasure yourself. There is always something erotic about looking at an intimate moment as it unfolds. With a masturbation mirror, that is achievable.

8. Pearl Anal Beads

BeadsAnal beads are used to enhance the pleasure, as you man penetrates you up front, the beads are there to caress you from behind bringing the pleasure up to the core and making your orgasm all the more earth-shattering.

While anal beads can give you the pleasure that anal beads do, if you want it to be more special and meaningful, you can buy a set of Pearl Anal Beads. They are made of authentic pearls, and pearls are known to be smooth and soft to the skin.

9. Sterling Silver And Cherry Wood Spanking Rod

RodIf you like a little spanking during your lovemaking, then you should do it with style and luxury. You can have your man spank you with a spanking rod made from cherry wood. If the cherry wood material is not pricey enough, add in a little sterling silver as a handle to make your spanking more special and luxurious, too.

10. Crystal-Handled Whip

WhipLadies, if your guy has the cherry wood spanking rod, this is your weapon.

The crystal-handled whip shows the true essence of a dominatrix: sophisticated and elegant.

With the black stick rod and the crystal encrusted handle, you can whip your man and ride him like a cowgirl.

11. Silver Butt Plug, With A Horse Tail

Horse TailA butt plug is inserted into your behind and adds more pleasure as you make love. Sexually-inclined people use this in the advanced stages of BDSM, if you are into that sort of sex lifestyle.

Well, if you are and you invest in the toys that you use, this is a great addition to your collection. A butt plug made of silver that is accessorized with a tail that resembles a horse’s mane. Talk about him riding you like a cowboy.

12. Gold-Plated Prostate Massager

having fun with his friendsThis one is for your man. A prostate massager that goes up his butt hole and he can use discreetly, even if he is going around and having fun with his friends.

This sex toy is made to massage and pleasure his two jewels anytime anywhere. Wait, there’s more. If you are filthy rich enough, this will get your attention. This gold-plated sex toy is made of 18-karat gold.

13. Gold Handcuffs

HandcuffsHandcuffs are an old-fashioned, basic way of foreplay and sex for those who are starting a dominant and submissive routine. If you are starting to go in this direction, then you will want to have toys that are worth it and will make each step to BDSM special. Get yourself a pair of gold handcuffs – handcuffs that are gold-plated – to make the foreplay and role-playing more exciting and erotic.

14. Gold Tickler

gold-platedOrdinary tickling is different much erotic tickling. As such, specially-made ticklers should be used for foreplay and sex.

We’re talking about erotic ticklers that you can use while you play. If you prefer more luxurious toys, then you wouldn’t mind buying yourself a gold tickler.

This toy has a gold-plated handle and the tickler is made from a marabou – an exotic African stork. This glamorous accessory looks good in any bedroom.

15. Platinum Vibrator With Encrusted Diamonds

DiamondsTalk about going over the top with your sex toys. If you are buying yourself a battery-operated boyfriend,
why not go all the way and buy yourself the most expensive one there is?
A platinum plated vibrator that is encrusted with diamonds around them? That’s a lot of money to stick up your vajayjay, but is worth every cent.

Spending a fortune on something that you love to do may be justified. In this case, you invest in sex toys because you like to have sex, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you can buy it, then why not? One thing is for sure, regardless of the price, if the sex toy provides the same kind of pleasure and sensation to you, the price would not really matter.