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5 Surprising Things Men Notice the First Time You Make Love

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Women have this misconception about men and the way they look at them the first time they make love. They think men always go for the bed directly. They have this concept that men immediately think about how a woman would behave in the sack. Will she be a naughty one? Will she be lousy? Or, will she dare do something unusual?

These are the series of thoughts which runs inside their handsome heads. However, these concepts are actually false and misleading.

There are surprising truths about exactly what men notice with their partner on the first night of them being together as one.

five-star bed performanceIt is indeed a surprise to learn that a man really is neither immediately after the actual lovemaking, nor does he require a five-star bed performance right away. He is looking for something else.

It will be another surprise for you to learn that what a woman has spent most of her time preparing for is not noticed by her partner at all. First time lovemaking is supposed to be memorable, thus it requires a little knowledge. What a relief it would be to know that men don’t really notice whether you are wearing an expensive negligée or perfume.

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In fact, even your undies don’t really matter to him. He only wants to take them off and fling them in the corner, anyway. Your makeup and your accessories don’t really count, as well. But, there are some things you already have that your man will notice. You might just not be aware of it.

1. Your Eyes And Your Smile.

Eyes And Your SmileWhoever said that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul can never be more right. Before a guy makes love to a woman, he sees to it there’s a connection, and he does that by deeply and passionately looking into your eyes.

Those two lovely visors in your face delivers the message. It relays how exactly you are anticipating to be with him and how much you want to please him.

Just the same, your smile proposes a motive. It might be your first time, but you are none the wiser. You can easily project an innocent look, or you can present a naughty facade by simply putting on a smile. You never know what your mouth can do to make your partner highly aroused.

Both your eyes and smileBoth your eyes and smile can do surprising things, and that is why he notices them. Your man will not even see that you forgot to put on makeup or you have scars on your face. That just comes with the second look. That is mainly the reason why most girls spend a fortune and spend too much enhancing their eyes with contact lenses and lash extensions, and their lips with plumper and lip pouts.

2. Your hair.

A wise man once said that the hair is your crowning glory. And who typically wears the crown? A queen or a princess, yes.

That crown is always demanding attention and it is, but right to say, it gets noticed immediately. Regardless of how you wear your hair, it is what your man sees right away when he makes love to you.

hairYou can express that just-had-sex look with your hair. This is very common with most girls now. That uncombed messy duo will do you a favor, just in case you need advice about how you should wear your tresses prior to getting inside your love nest. This one comes easy and naturally, because it occupies the topmost part of your body. It is technically obvious that anybody could land his first look atop that face, pretty or dull alike.

This is also one good reason why women spend a whole day in a salon, putting on those curls, adding artificial colors, and straightening or rejuvenating their hair. You see, it doesn’t matter how expensive the session gets and how much time a woman spends for it to be done. It’s all for the sake of pleasing her man. A woman, may not admit it outright, but it is exactly a surprising psychological truth.

3. Your hands and feet.

hands and feetIt has been said that a woman’s heart is as big as her hand. Thus, you can wear your heart out with your feet standing firm on the ground.

A man will be pleased with what a woman’s hand can do. It is what drives them towards the peak of pleasure. Just the same, those feet – big or small and fair or tan alike, can also pique a guy’s attention.

It makes them get excited and expectant as to what it can do to them. Fact is, a lovemaking can be plain and boring without the aid of hands and feet.

After all, it’s supposed to be an all-out sex-ercise. Women are helpless only when their nail polish is wet. Once dry, men should watch out what magical surprises those nails can do. They can make a guy scream. Thus, they check it out first thing.

tiny little fingersLittle did others know that it is not the long, fair arms nor the long, endless legs men notice first. Just like the face, these just deserve second looks. Those tiny little fingers and equally tiny little toes have the capability to tickle off and drive a man nuts once in bed. This is one clear reason why women go for a regular manicure and pedicure.

4. Your gestures.

gesturesSay it all in your body language. Let your gesture do the honors. Once in bed, during lovemaking, there will be no room for words.

The bodies of the man and a woman lovemaking are doing its own unique and primal conversation. No long litany is necessary.

In fact, during the process, both man and woman may say or scream incomprehensible delirious statements, but that is neither listened to nor processed intelligently.

It just aids both to further go about what they are doing. A simple shake of your head or an imposing stunt would be enough to seduce your guy.

A man waits for a physical signal from a woman before he gets to the more steamy details of lovemaking. He expects an agreement or a sweet push, instead of a verbal submission.

sexy positions and seductive mannerismsSome kind of a silent interaction takes place in the bedroom when you and your man is about to enjoy your first time. You would love your man to understand the way you say something using any part of their body. Words have no meaning, in this case. This is also why women attempt to learn sexy positions and seductive mannerisms.

5. Your confidence

confidenceA not-so-famous author claims that there is a beauty about a woman whose confidence can turn sane things insane, impossible possible, and unimaginable realistic.

It is quite surprising that a man doesn’t look directly to his partner’s bumper, nor her curvy waistline first.

Just like the face, arms and legs, these belong to second looks. The confidence of a woman exudes the moment she inside the room with her man.

She can be inexperienced, yet she cannot be undermined. It is likely for a man to get turned on once faced with a woman who looks like she exactly knows what’s going on, what’s going to happen, and what she can do about it.

She can be submissive, yet she stays unmoving. That makes her more appealing to the man. Sex appeal and confidence happen to be tied up when it comes to the way a man looks at a woman.

sex appealWhile working on sex appeal is expensive, confidence in a woman is priceless. You are surely surprised by what he notices when you make love with your better half.

You might not have thought of it before, but now that you do, you can use this information to get him so turned on.

These 5 things above are extremely conspicuous to men when they make love to you the first time. The essence of knowing what you have, and how you can make the most of it, can be very exhilarating for him.

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