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6 Tips for Seductive Sexual Role Playing With Your Man

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You’ve seen it in porn or in movies. Women love to dress up and pretend to be a babysitter, a friend of a friend who decided to sleepover because she’s too drunk to drive, a naughty student who always skips class, a damsel in distress who needs help on how to change the tires,a nurse taking care of a hot patient, a horny secretary who’s secretly eyeing on the boss – you name it. Role playing is surely a game of seduction that can light your libido on fire. 

Role playingWhile the idea turns you on, the thought of actually doing it with your man can spell disaster, not to mention a truckload of embarrassment that makes you just want to bury your idea in the ground, and let it stay there forever.

Sure, role playing can add spice to your sex life, especially when it’s going down the tubes. But, if you are trying it out for the first time, this can be frustrating, especially when your guy is not even trying to get into character.

Don’t feel bad. One night of fail sexual role playing doesn’t mean it’s the end of your fun and exciting sex life. Maybe you just haven’t read some of these great role playing tips yet.

Never Play The Role Without Getting Your Man In Character, Too.

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Have you seen that episode of Girls where Hannah plans out an elaborate night of role playing and ends up getting disappointed?

No matter how much she prepares for the role, Adam ends up leaving Marnie’s apartment and going to Ray’s instead, to minimize all the distractions.

This is what happens when you don’t involve your guy in the planning of your role playing sessions.

Again, role playing can be fun and exciting. And just like sex, role play is also a two-way street. You can’t pretend to be a naughty secretary who’s crushing on the boss, which is supposedly your guy, when the other one has a puzzled look on why you’re wearing your high heels and mini skirt at night, in bed with the works.

avoid any embarrassmentTo avoid any embarrassment, just give your man a heads up. Talk about what you think will both turn you on and the scenarios you can do to add up to the excitement. Once the issues are settled, you can go ahead and buy the props you’ll need to make the story come to life.

Choose The Perfect Character – And Then Dress The Part.

The questionSo you and your guy finally decided to do role playing. That’s great. Congratulations for making it to the next level. The question is, what character to play?

When it comes to characters, there are many options to choose, from teacher and student, to plumber and housewife, and from doctor and patient, to fireman and trapped person.

The list is endless. The idea is to be creative, in order to make your role playing session more exciting.

The important thing is to choose a character that you’ve always fantasized about, something that will intensify your sexual sensation.

characters blend with each otherHe may choose his own character, but make sure your characters blend with each other to make role playing more effective. And once you’ve chosen the role you’re about to play, prepare the costumes that go with it. It makes the game more realistic and will surely guarantee a fantastically fun and wild night.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your tools in bed such as handcuffs, a school bag, a stethoscope and whatever enhances your role.

Do It In The Bedroom.

sex meter to the highest levelRole playing is a big step in your sex life. Yes, it is adventurous and definitely sets the sex meter to the highest level.

And as much as you want to make it more memorable, it is advisable and recommended to just keep everything inside the bedroom first.

Doing something different for the first time in sex can be awkward – and it doesn’t matter if it’s the first time you’ll talk dirty or you’ll be trying a new position.

Role playing itself can be awkward for first timers, so as much as possible, do it somewhere you’re more comfortable with. In this case, a bedroom or any other part in your home is the safest option.

crowdDon’t be like Hannah who involves the public and tells a stranger that she has never seen Adam in her entire life. It’s a recipe for disaster. Don’t expect your guy will be in the mood after you humiliate him in front of a crowd of jeering people.

And no, the public doesn’t need to see you in your sexy nurse uniform. Hence, trying it in the comfort of your home is advisable. This way, you can cross something off your worry checklist and just focus on your character, instead.

Don’t Set Your Expectations Too High.

Expectations Too HighSomewhere between the acts, you or your man will break the character and end up giggling. That’s fine, especially if it’s your first time.

Role playing can spell awkwardness for newbies. In case you or he lets out a laugh in the middle of the game, don’t feel bad. After all, nobody’s perfect.

And believe it or not, even porn stars take a break and forget the character they are playing.

When this happens, just calm down. No matter how much you want it to be memorable, you can’t always get it right the first time – okay, maybe you can, but there will always be occasional boo-boos.

naughty school girlYou may even tend to overdo, it so learn when to slow things down. The important thing is to be able to recover and get back to your character as soon as you can, and then say or do something sexy.

For instance, if you are playing a naughty school girl and can no longer hold a laugh back, say something that will help you get back in character. You can even say “I’m sorry, that was rude. Are you going to punish me for my bad behavior?” This is a cue for him to do something naughty and he’ll even forget what happened minutes before that. Plus, your partner will even love that move and even get you pumped up, too.

One Bad Night Is Just One Bad Night. Get Over It.

mood for hot sexThere is no room for perfectionism here, especially when you’re doing it for the first time. So yes, you might not get it right, and that’s fine.

It’s not going to change the fact that you’re wet down there, or he’s hard as a rock, or you are still in the mood for hot sex.

Just in case things don’t go well according to your plan, that’s okay. Don’t let that one not-so-great experience ruin your chance of doing something different in your sex life.

And one bad night of role playing does not automatically mean that it should be stricken off your sex must-do list.

honestyWhen it happens, take time to talk about it with your partner. Remind yourself of what happened, and discuss what and where it went wrong. Talking about what you liked and didn’t like the first time will help ensure that the second and succeeding role play sessions are much better. If you don’t like being blindfolded or handcuffed or the policewoman costume irritates you, just say so.

Remember, honesty is the best policy. Don’t be afraid to open up, because it will only make sex even better. Plus, it will give you plenty of reasons to see your partner in a different light, which can heighten your arousal and help bring back passion and intimacy in your bedroom.

Enjoy The Game.

The best thing about role play is that you get to enact any fantasy you have, thereby adding a sexy twist to your ordinary lovemaking sessions.

At the same time, the thrill of trying out something new will surely get you turned on and wet down there.

dressing up in a stupid costumeSo if you are looking for the ultimate tip when it comes to role playing with your man, remember this: just enjoy the game, even if it means him dressing up in a stupid costume that makes him look like he can replace the characters in Angry Birds.

Avoid making judgment, because the ultimate goal here is to amp up your sex life and make sex more pleasurable, not just for him, but also for you.

Keep in mind that sex is not just about getting him inside you, but also about how you feel during the whole act. Role playing may not make you orgasm more than what you’re used to, but it does prolong your steamy sessions, and injects fun and pleasure into the whole experience. And yes, it will always be one of the many exciting things you can do with your man for a better sex life.

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