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12 Valid Medical Reasons Women Don’t Desire Sex

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A decrease in libido and losing your sex drive is bad news for you and for your partner. It can have a great impact on your sex life, and even on your relationship. Some women with low sex drives are often tagged as just having psychological issues regarding sex, but there are also some who have far more things to be worried about than just mood swings.

StudiesStudies reveal that women can have a significant decrease in their libidos if they have some serious medical cases, or even non-life threatening cases.

So, it’s not purely psychological after all. However, you will find that a psychological avoidance to sex is much more preferable, compared to the others.

There are medical cases that can affect your sex drive. Although your sex drive may not be at the top of your priority list when you have a health problem, your sex life is on the line. Here are 12 of the most common medical reasons why women do not desire sex anymore.

1. Hormonal Imbalances

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Although it’s the hormones that trigger the woman’s brain to dislike sex or not having the desire for it,
a hormonal imbalance is a health condition that should not be taken lightly.

If a woman has a hormonal imbalance, this will not only dampen or heighten her mood towards sex, but it could lead to pregnancy problems in the future.

You can detect a hormonal imbalance yourself before seeking a doctor’s advice. Cases like irregularity in your menstrual flow or hyperactive emotions when you are on your cycle are symptoms of abnormalities in your hormones.

2. Vaginal Pain

Pain in the vagina may be caused by many different things like infections, bruises or wounds. One thing is for sure: having vaginal pains will not make sex appealing at all.

hospitalizationIf you have vaginal pain, sex can add to the pain, or even give you more abrasions in the vagina. This can lead to severe infections and even hospitalization if you don’t address it.

Some women opt to ignore vaginal pains, thinking they will just go away. Experiencing pain in the vagina, or having cuts or wounds down there is not normal. It could be caused by infections that could worsen. When you have vaginal pains, it is best to seek the help of your doctor to address them immediately.

3. STDs

One other medical reason that causes women to not desire sex anymore is having sexually transmitted diseases.

When a woman is diagnosed with STD, a certain part of her knowledge is focused on the fact that she got this condition because of sex, thus making her turn her back on the action that caused it.

remove the virus or bacteriaIt’s a normal and understandable reaction. Plus, a woman would not want to spread any more STDs by having more sexual relations.

There are many types of STDs. Some are simple and curable, while others are complex and can stay in your system for a lifetime. Treating STDs that are curable immediately will remove the virus or bacteria in your system. Once you get the all clear from your doctor, you can comfortably go back to your carnal cravings.

4. High Blood Pressure

High Blood PressureHigh blood pressure is a common cause for women over 40 and older who have low libidos.

Although the sex drive could still be present, there is the lingering fear of the negative side effects of too much action, especially during sex.

Also, one product of high blood pressure is the abnormal regulation of blood, which can affect your hormones, which in turn can also affect your sex drive.

High blood pressure is a lifetime condition. If you get the diagnosis, you can regulate it with maintenance drugs. You can also help make yourself healthy and improve your stamina by doing doctor-approved exercises and eating healthy.

5. Diabetes

DiabetesPersons with diabetes will often feel tired and heavy, even with less activity.

This means they could feel too exhausted – in an understandable way – to do anything strenuous, even sex.

They could prefer sleeping or resting over sex, and this could greatly affect the marriage or relationship. Although this is something that they cannot control because of the health condition, it still becomes a challenge.

The only way to increase your sex drive if you have diabetes is to fight the health problem itself. Given that there is a treatment for diabetes, it will also help your sex drive and your overall health if you remain active. Exercise and keep moving to chase away the feeling of tiredness.

6. Menopause

MenopauseMenopause is the time when a woman’s hormones and cycles go on hyper-drive, which could even lead to psychological problems.

Yes, there have been cases of women losing their psychological stability because of menopause.

This is a common case, especially for women who were not healthy in the menstrual cycle department. Feeling a little off about the idea of sex during the menopausal stage is understandable.

Although understandable, it does not make it completely acceptable, especially for your partner. The best approach is to seek your doctor’s help. They can recommend the right vitamins or even medications that can helps smooth the transition.

7. Thyroid problems

Thyroid problemsThe problem is not with the thyroid, itself but rather with the side effects of having this condition.

If you have thyroid problems, you will either have symptoms like weight gain, hair loss, chills or brain fog.

Sometimes, it is the opposite. You may be sweaty, anxious and a bit revved up. Either of the two side effects make it inconvenient to have sex, which is why women with these conditions often avoid the action.

Thyroid problems can lead to bigger problems if left untreated. It is best to consult your doctor and get the right medication to prevent more, longer lasting damage to your body and your relationship.

8. Chemotherapy

Photo by Jenny Mealing / CC BY

Chemotherapy is commonly done to patients with malignant tumors or cancer.

While chemotherapy itself is not a problem, the side effects of this medical process may cause some problems in the sex life department.

A woman going through chemotherapy can have several side effects, like nausea, hair loss, weakness and weight loss.

With these conditions, a woman may understandably be unable to make love, even if she wants to. Her partner will need to be patient and understanding during this trying time of her life.

9. Cardiovascular Problems

Heart problemsHeart problems are harder to move away from, because the main thing you should avoid if you have a heart problem is strenuous activities.

Sex is a strenuous activity, so combining both may be a problem for you.

The best thing to do is to seek clearance from your doctor first. Then gradually test what you can do. It would be best to let your partner do all the moving and avoid getting too tired. Take it slow. Your partner may actually appreciate that.

10. Nerve Damage

NerveThis can cause issue with movement and your motor skills, which can affect how you make love to a great extent.

If a woman has nerve damage, she might not be able to control her motions or she might experience pain in some areas, where it normally does not have pain.

Nerve damage is curable with therapy. You will need to seek the help of a doctor and a therapist, so that you can address this health problem and some how bring your sex life back.

11. Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's Disease
Photo by BruceBlaus / CC BY

Parkinson’s disease is a disease in the central nervous system that causes problems in a person’s motor skills, and makes their muscles weak and shaky.

Unlike nerve damage that is treatable through therapy, when a person gets the Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, it will be a lifetime condition that will gradually get worse. It can only be slowed down by therapy, continuous movement and a healthy lifestyle.

12. Surgery

SurgeryThere are many reasons a woman would not want to have sex after surgery.

For one, she needs to get a doctor’s clearance first before she does anything strenuous – and that includes sex.

She has an open wound stitched together that could open in the event that she is not careful. She also might still be experiencing pain in the wound area, and that makes her uncomfortable. Either way, it is understandable if a woman refuses to have sex when she is just recovering from surgery.

headacheIf you use the line “not tonight dear, I have a headache” often, then something may really be wrong. If you really have a headache, then you need to have yourself checked by your doctor. Your frequent headaches – or other physical ailments – will keep bugging you if you do not address them. Once you do so, you will notice a significant change in your intimacy level with your partner.

Ladies, take note. This is where most relationships break down, so take care of yourself, too. Sex keeps your relationship strong and it encourages closeness, which you deserve, as well as your partner.