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The 6 Languages of Lust

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When you hear about lust, it’s often referred to in a negative way. But, when you are with a partner you care about and you feel that way, it can be the sparks that lead to magic.

Lust is one of the seven deadly sins, but we are all guilty of it. We promise we won’t tell anyone if you take our advice and let the one you are interested in know that you are lusting after them. There are many different ways that you can communicate lust to your partner or spouse. There are the romance languages that we are taught in grade school. And, there are the different ways that you can show your affection to the one that you are lusting after.

Here is what we consider the 10 languages of lust, and how you can convey them.

1. The Language of Romance

romanceThe first languages of lust are actual languages. While many people think that the term, “romance language,” means that they are more romantic than other languages, this isn’t their direct origin.

The term comes from the concept that all of these languages are originated in Latin, which was the language used by the ancient Romans. Most words have their beginning in Latin, which is why we seem to return to it often. And let’s face it, the ancient Romans understood lust. Grapes, anyone?

But, regardless of how these languages came to be known as romance languages, nowadays they don’t just encompass the standard languages in that category. But, there a lot of different languages and dialects ooze sex appeal.

2. Talk Dirty In French

Of the five languages, the one considered the most romantic is French. Just the way that the words sound, along with the cute men that are often saying them, is enough to make any woman go weak in her knees.

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The culture itself is very flirtatious – think Marie Antoinette, and this only adds to the lusty appeal of the French language. The accents that French men have are also luscious and inviting. And, if one of them invites you for a ride to the Eiffel Tower, we can’t blame you if you have to say yes. Just make sure you don’t get too carried away after a few too many glasses of the luscious French wine.

3. Make Love In Italian

language of loveAnother well-known language of love – and lust – is Italian. Italians are popular as the world over as passionate and excellent lovers. And, this can be seen in their language and the way they speak.

They are excellent conversationalists, and they know how to captivate a woman with their words.

Many a romance novel or tale has started with an Italian man wooing a beautiful woman. So, at least some of the hype must be rooted in reality. In particular, the rolling “r” sound in Italian is extremely lusty in the way it sounds. And, the body language often accompanying the Italian language further demonstrates their passion.

There are many movies about lonely, sex starved women going on a trip and finding themselves in Italy. Does Under the Tuscan Sun and Eat Pray Love ring a bell? And, these leading ladies found themselves with a hunky Italian man to fall in love with – and lust over, too. If they are able to capture the eye of Julia Roberts, than this language of lust is doing something right.

4. Get Your Sexy On with a Russian Romance Accent

Russian isn’t a standard romance language, and it isn’t necessarily the most attractive sounding language. However, the icy cold can melt in an instant with their wit and thick, hardy accent.

Russian Romance AccentThe bad-boy, mysterious type is ever present in a Russian man. And, even though they may be rough around the edges, chances are they know how to throw down in the bedroom, which makes anything they say lust enticing and exciting.

Some of the words in the language can sound like a purr all the way to a roar. And, it’s these moments where you can appreciate the beauty of the language – and the man speaking it, too.

5. Say Lusty In Portuguese

The traditional romance language, Portuguese, can be a sexy language, indeed. Have you ever met a Brazilian man you didn’t like? Their rocking body, ever-present tan, and then there’s that lusty accent you hear when they are speaking. It’s enough to get almost any woman into the bedroom.

The way that the vowels are drawn out in the language makes it sound like dripping honey. This reminds us – having some honey to drip could really come in handy with one of these men at your bedside. They cause a little bit of trouble, but that trouble could be exactly what you need.

6. Bring a Brogue to Your Bedroom

While we realize that the Scots and Irish speak English, can you really blame us for adding them to the list for lusty languages? Their brogue is seductive and clumsily full of sex appeal. They are funny, witty and approachable – all things that a woman looks for in a man she wants to bring to bed.

lustful languagesThey are also good at treating their women right. And, they have a natural and raw sexuality about them.

Maybe it’s all of those pints, or they really do have one of the most lustful languages out there. Sidle next to a man in a kilt next time you see him and within minutes you will see what we are talking about.

Aside from actual languages of lust, there are languages, or ways people show that they care about you, and even lust after you. Here are some more ways to convey lust to the one you love.

  • Use Your Words – Whether they are written or spoken, don’t underestimate the power of language. Like we said above, going out of your way to tell someone you think they are sexy, or somehow conveying an interest in them is the simplest way to get their attention. And, it is straight to the point.

Overwhelming flattery can certainly backfire and work against you. However, if you have a flirtatious conversation, or write a heartfelt note, you can really strike a chord with your love interest. And we are sure that will surely get you an invitation to stay over for the night.

  • Convey your interest with body languageAct it Out – If you are a person of few words, then consider letting your actions speak for you. After all, there is a saying out there that actions speak louder than words – so use that to your advantage.

If you are interested in someone and lust after him or her, then act like it. Convey your interest with body language. Establish some light physical contact with them during conversation. Make an effort to include them in your plans. Or, do something nice for them that will show them just how much you appreciate having them around.

  • Give a Gift – Nothing demonstrates sexual interest more than giving someone a sexy lingerie set or a pair of furry handcuffs. Gifts really are not necessary, and you shouldn’t be purely buying someone’s affections. However, giving them a sexy or thoughtful gift can demonstrate your commitment to seducing them and making them yours.

Make sure that you know what they like and put some thought into what you are getting beforehand. The last thing you want to do is buy a gift that it is not well received, or that gives the totally wrong meaning. Piecing together information and trying subtlety to get hints can help your cause.

  • outingSpend Time with Them – Another option is giving them the gift of your time. Planning an outing or a date with them and making it special can show how you are lusting after them. However, that you also have interest in them outside of the bedroom.

Make sure you are being unique or genuine in the time you spend with them; attempting to make memories you both won’t forget. And hey, if your quality encounters leads to some more quality time in the bedroom, then you know that your efforts were definitely successful.

  • Some Physical Touch – This language of lust is the most obvious, and the most leading in terms of translating that lust into a sexual encounter.
    During the flirting stage of contact, light physical touch can imply interest. And, it should become more overt or serious the better you know each other, or the more comfortable you come with a person.

If you are already in a relationship, then trying a different kind of physical touch can do a great deal to add some variety and spice things up. A massage or a tight hug can be a great gateway into more lustful touching as the night continues on. But don’t touch without knowing it is okay with them first. If you just touch someone without his or her consent, you could end up with more trouble than you bargained for.

It’s clear that the language of lust is a wide-open category. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of ways to imply lust and make it known about your feelings towards someone. Whether you are talking about the sexy men from all over the globe, with their unique culture, looks and accents, the actual romance languages remains the same.

tight hugAnd, don’t feel badly about lusting after someone and making your affections known. You will never know how someone feels about you without taking a few chances and putting yourself out there.

So, what’s so bad about doing some flirtatious touching and conversation with a cute French guy at a café, or a Scottish brute at a local pub?

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