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Your Life, Your Wife: 6 Strategies to Help Her Handle Vaginal Dryness

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You’re happily married to a wonderful woman. You’ve been together for so many years, that it’s impossible to keep secrets from each other. You know the ins and outs when it comes to sex together. Even with your eyes closed, you know where to hit the right spots.

Until she starts to approach the menopause stage.

womenYou’ve heard horror stories and how it affects millions of women around the world.

For sure, you’ve read about the symptoms and start to think what’s going to happen with your sex life.

Before you think about how it’s going to affect you and your life in bed, you should first consider how she will feel as she gets closer to this stage.

Instead of forcing her to have sex with you every night, or accusing her of cheating, just because she’s no longer interested in taking her clothes off in front of you, think about this first – maybe vaginal dryness has something to do with it.

And if you are having a hard time, then think about how your wife feels as she goes through the process.

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To avoid any misunderstandings and conflicts, here are six simple strategies you need to help your wife handle the sudden drought season down south:

1. Educate Yourself About Vaginal Dryness

Educate YourselfBefore offering any help, you need to know what vaginal dryness is all about. For starters, vaginal dryness is a type of condition that is associated with menopause.

It is the thinning and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to the lower production of the estrogen hormone.

In other words, hormonal imbalance causes dryness down there. In fact, it affects 40 to 60 percent of women during the menopausal transition. Despite being a common symptom, most women feel embarrassed to ask about this when they visit a doctor due to fear or embarrassment.

Therefore, pay attention to what your wife is going through. Apparently, being dry down there can really make sex uncomfortable and forcing the issue won’t do her any good. And please, stop thinking that vaginal dryness equates to lack of libido. It’s not just that.

Aside from educating yourself, look for ways on how you can make sex easier. If you need to buy lube for down there, then go ahead and buy one.

2. Be aware Of The Symptoms

Now you know what vaginal dryness is all about. This time, learn about the different symptoms associated with menopause.

sorenessTo start with, vaginal dryness is a common symptom experienced by women at this stage.

Keep in mind that her hormones are waging a war against each other, which explains why she is all over the place, too.

Aside from dryness, there are other symptoms associated with menopause. This includes itching, frequent urination, burning sensations, irritation, painful intercourse, soreness, and at times, bleeding during sex.

It’s not impossible to happen, since she is so dry down there. Apparently, this dryness can create friction in the vaginal walls, which can make sex painful and uncomfortable.

You see what she has to go through. It may seem hopeless to bring back that bedroom romance. However, you need to know and understand what is happening to her, not just down there, but also in her entire body. It’s going to take some time to put the pieces back together and have the best sex of your life at 50 and beyond, so be patient.

3. Make Your Wife Feel Loved

Make Your Wife Feel LovedRemember your vow, “In sickness and in health, through good times and the bad?” Well, now is the perfect time to apply those vows you said in front of so many people.

Menopause is a difficult time for your wife, or any other woman in this planet.

Ask the elder women in your family or where you are working and only one or none will tell you that they went through menopause in a breeze.

Again, her hormones are all over the place. If there is an imbalance inside her, how do you expect your wife to keep her balance, too?

Therefore, ensure your wife that she is loved, especially now that she is going through a rough time. Sexual desire and passion for sex comes naturally from a woman who feels loved, appreciated and cared for.

If you are often irritated by her reluctance to have sex, or ignore the problem, or not even exert effort to help her, well, you two are going to have major problems – and it’s not good. The more you force, the more you two will fall apart.

Remember, what your wife is going through right now is not just overreaction, but an unpleasant symptom of menopause.

feel betterOnce you start to comfort her and make her feel better, her desire for intimacy will come back knocking at her door.

In other words, be a good husband. Make her feel she is attractive and that you still want her after all these years. It’s not going to solve her issues down south, but it will definitely help her a lot during the process. Be nice, man.

4. Encourage Lifestyle Changes – Together

Did you know that a woman’s lifestyle also plays an important role in dealing with vaginal dryness? In fact, it should be the first approach by women who wants relief against menopausal symptoms. The good thing about this is that it comes at no cost and minimum risks.

It is not enough that you understand what your wife is going through. As a supportive and loving husband, it is also important to encourage changes in your lifestyle together. Drink as much water and non-caffeinated drinks as you can. You can drink alcohol and caffeine, but make sure to keep them at a minimum.

Stick to healthy foods and encourage your wife to eat more phytoestrogen foods, such as flaxseed, soy and legumes.

Photo by Alisha Vargas / CC BY

Add omega 3s in your daily diet, since they can help increase lubrication in women. Stay away from saturated fats, and implement a balanced-diet rule to minimize vaginal dryness.

Also, work out together. It increases blood flow down there, not just for her, but for you, as well. A couple that works out together stays together, so they say. Plus, it keeps you both healthy and fit together, thereby boosting your stamina and endurance.

It doesn’t have to be intense running or cycling. You can stick with simple, low impact exercises to keep your muscles working and your heart pumping.

5. Offer Suggestions To Make Sex More Comfortable

What you are feeling now is totally understandable. Your sex life is not what it used to be 30 years ago, and you’re not getting much action in bed like back in the early days of marriage. That’s normal. You’re aging, and the more years added to your life, the less you are getting inside the bedroom.

passion in bed
Photo by Bryan Brenneman / CC BY

However, this doesn’t mean you should give up on it. The truth is there are many ways you can bring back the passion in bed.

For starters, use a lube. Lubrication is the easiest way to address the drought down there.

You can choose between water-based or silicone-based lubes to minimize allergic reactions. Stay away from oil-based lubricants as much as you can.

In relation to lubricants, don’t forget to ask your wife to use vaginal moisturizers. These products help relieve dryness by acting directly on the vaginal tissues. At the same time, it prevents vaginal infections, and limits irritation and burning sensation down there.

Aside from the natural methods, consider talking to her about taking alternative medicine, aka health supplements.

pillsThere are a number of pills packed with essential herbs and nutrients that can help treat vaginal dryness.

There are even pills that trigger the endocrine system to stimulate the natural production of hormones and keep them at a balanced level.

An example of this is Provestra. It is made of herbs and natural ingredients that can mimic the function of estrogen to help relieve dryness. Plus, it helps improve your wife’s libido, too.

6. See A Doctor – Together

If all else fails, encourage her to see a doctor. It can be embarrassing for women to consult a doctor and ask them what they can do about the situation. It may take a lot of convincing, but assure your wife that consulting a doctor can help find the right treatment for vaginal dryness. After all, a doctor can recommend the best treatments for your wife’s issues down there.

Photo by Ilmicrofono Oggiono / CC BY

However, don’t force the issue. Being pushy is not going to help, either. If she’s still not comfortable seeking a medical opinion, give her some time.

Just assure her that whenever she is comfortable, you are right beside her.

The bottom line is to make your wife feel that you care for her and understand what she is going through. Hence, it is equally important to educate yourself about vaginal dryness, and especially menopause in general.

Your wife will be impressed to know that you are supporting her and taking a proactive role in making her feel better.

Yes, it may take some time, but all your efforts will surely be worth in the end. Again, be a better husband and a better man in general. Your wife will thank you for it later.