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4 Common Ailments And The Curious Ways To Treat Them

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Wouldn’t we all love to find remedies and cures for our ailments in the comfort of our own homes? Nowadays, we can’t trust everything we look up on the Internet. We have to comb through countless homemade concoctions that allegedly work, only to find that they are bogus.

Or, they may work for others, but they don’t work for us. However, there have to be some legitimate homemade remedies out there. Follow us as we list four common health complaint areas of the body, and the curious, yet effective home remedies to effectively treat them.

1. Easy, Homemade Remedies For Foot Odor, Aches And Sores

feet to be attractiveOur feet have the potential to be one of our sexiest body parts. Some find feet to be attractive, and others simply appreciate the meticulousness of cute tootsies.

However, pedicures can be expensive, and sometimes nothing seems to work for stinky foot odor. We’ve found a few home remedies that will actually work to help heal your hooves and make them one of your most stunning physical features:

  • A Little Vodka Never Hurt Anyone: It might seem outlandish, but vodka can actually help cure your foot odor.
    You must be curious as to why before we discuss how it works, so here it is: vodka acts as an antiseptic, so, when it dries, it destroys all the fungus and bacteria that create the odor in the first place.
    Without the presence of this fungi and bacteria, odor will be virtually non-existent.

[adsanity id=”66647″ align=”alignnone” /]If you are willing to give this easy home remedy a go, then purchase some vodka. We are sure that even if you do not use all of it on your feet, the rest of it will not go to waste.

Find a washcloth and completely douse it in vodka. Once the cloth completely drenched in vodka, ring it out and wipe all of your feet down. Be sure to get in between the toes, since this is where most of the bacteria and fungus hide.

  • Use Candy to Crush Your Corns: No, we are not talking about candy corn here. If you have calluses or corns on your feet, then chances are that you are simply dying for a natural, yet effective home remedy to alleviate both the physical and aesthetic pains they are causing.

Well, licorice actually contains substances that are very similar to estrogen. Why does this matter? Estrogen carries properties that can make skin softer. Therefore, licorice may possess the power to soften skin.

licoricePlease do not rub licorice directly on your skin. Instead, create an easy and effective paste by mixing a few pieces of licorice and half a teaspoon of petroleum jelly.

Once the mixture is consistent, rub it all over your feet and generously in the areas where corns and calluses are present.

If you want to still move around, then you can always put 100 percent cotton socks on your feet. Not only will the socks help you be able to still walk with the mixture on, but they actually lock in the remedy and additionally help soften your feet.

  • The Cheapest Foot Massage Possible: Massages are the best way to relax and unwind, but purchasing one from a masseuse can be quite expensive.
    Instead, grab a ball that you have close by. Preferably a tennis or golf ball, but even a can of soup can work.
    Take your shoes and socks off, place the ball or soup can underneath the sole of your foot, and roll your foot over the object repeatedly.

Foot MassageTry to keep the object from moving; instead, roll your foot over it.

If your feet are throbbing and feel like they need to cool down, then use a frozen water bottle and follow the same steps.

Our feet are not the only body part in need of an easy yet effective home remedy. Follow us as we work our way to the opposite end of the body and talk about common symptoms associated with our heads.

2. Easy Yet Effective Remedies for Common Head-Related Ailments

It is virtually impossible to go about with your regular routine with a headache of any sort. Headaches, migraines, and even toothaches make it inarguably impossible to function, so we have decided to find a few of the most effective home remedies when it comes to our noggins and keeping them happy:

  • pencilHave a Headache? Put This in Your Mouth: A pencil. Not what you were thinking?
    Well, hear us out. When we have a headache, we commonly find ourselves clenching our jaws and teeth; however, this actually causes tension and triggers a more severe headache.
    Therefore, in order to alleviate and soothe the headache, one must stop the tension. In order to do that, find a way to relax your jaw muscles.

By placing a pencil in between your teeth, you are forcing your jaw muscles to stop their clenching. Then, try your best not to chew and bite the pencil. This way, your jaw has no other option but to relax. You will find that this remedy takes practically two to three minutes.  It is easy, and you will definitely find that your headache subsides as a result of placing a pencil in your mouth.

  • Another Cheap Massage: Similarly to the frugal foot massage, here is another to help alleviate the unbearable pains caused by a migraine.
    Locate the occipital nerve, which is found at the base of your skull on the back of your head, and rub one finger from each hand in a small circle.
    Gradually widen the circles, and then move back in to smaller circles. This reflexology fix helps stop the issue at the root, or nerve, of the problem.
Photo by Sasha Wolff / CC BY

Better yet, if you have any essential oils lying around, they can help soothe your migraines, as well.

Peppermint, lavender and basil oils are all known to promote blood flow within the body and therefore put a stop to migraines.

We have covered the two opposite, yet important extremities of the body: the head and feet. Now, let’s delve into ways to help keep the largest organs of our bodies happy: our skin.

3. Loving The Skin You’re In

Skin ailments are oftentimes the most troublesome. Mostly everyone can see them, and they are painful and pesky to us. They are also embarrassing, as well. Here are some effective home remedies for fixing various skin-related symptoms:

  • nutsEat Your Way To Beautiful Skin: There are quite a few different foods and vitamins that can help you achieve that beautiful glow you have always wanted.
    Whole grains help reduce insulin levels, which actually keeps our skin from breaking out. Therefore, more whole grains are equivalent to less zits.
    Also, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as seafood and nuts, help to reduce inflammation and dryness.
  • A Skin-Tightening Mask Within Your Medicine Cabinet: All of the skin care treatments contain one magical ingredient: salicylic acid.
    Why is it that this ingredient is so important? Salicylic acid helps to clean out pores and exfoliate the skin.
    Therefore, it can help keep our skin taught and zit free. Aspirin not only contains salicylic acid, but it is also an anti-inflammatory so it will help reduce any redness of your face.

Simply ingesting aspirin will not work; we recommend that you create a facemask with it. While it might seem completely bizarre, this remedy definitely works.

In the palm of your hand, mix four to fix aspiring with a few drops of water at a time.

Photo by Ragesoss / CC BY-SA

Work the aspiring in a circle motion until you have a paste with the consistency of your choice.

Once you have a paste, rub the mixture anywhere you feel you would like to have fewer breakouts and an overall glow.

This could include the face, chest, or back. Leave the mask on for about fifteen minutes, and then rinse off with warm water. We guarantee you will notice a glow immediately.

  • Disinfecting Cuts The Spicy Way: Clove spice may not be the first thing you think of when looking for a disinfectant; however, it should be. Doctors claim that cloves contain eugenol, which is a chemical that acts as a pain killer and antiseptic. Therefore, the next time you have a cut, sprinkle some powdered cloves directly onto the cut.

Let’s delve into one more body part other than the skin, feet and head. Instead of a body part, let us talk about more of an area instead: the sexual parts, that is.

4. Sexual Healing The Natural Way

olive oilFinding a home remedy for sexual functioning would be ideal. No longer would the little blue pill be necessary, and the process would be much healthier. Would you believe us if we told you we found some? Here are some natural remedies for sexual performance:

  • Eat Your Way to a Stronger Erection: Omega-3 acids, B1 vitamins, and eggs are all beneficial foods when looking for a more powerful package.
    Foods including omega-3, such as salmon, olive oil, and avocados help to increase blood flow, a necessary component in an impressive erection.

B1 vitamins help to speed up neurological messages, which means that your brain will communicate more quickly with your penis. Eggs also help to balance hormone levels and decrease stress, two of the common issues with inadequate erections.

So why not make a stuffed avocado using eggs, salmon, and olive oil? We guarantee the rod generated by that tasty concoction will leave your partner breathless.

  • supplementsOther Edible Natural Remedies: It might seem too good to be true, but there are supplements out there that are one hundred percent natural.
    For example, companies such as Provestra offers women a natural, yet effective means for achieving a new desire for sex in their lives.
    Supplements offered by companies like Provestra provide women with the opportunity to boost their libidos, increase vaginal lubrication, and strengthen their orgasms, all with the ingestion of one natural pill.

The next time that someone scoffs at the possibility of homemade remedies or natural solutions actually working, you will be able to prove them wrong. From improving sexual performance to stopping a headache, there are natural solutions available. We just need to sift through some of the bogus ones in order to find the most natural and effective remedies.