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10 Time Tested Sex Positions for Your Period

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Although not many women think of having sex while they are still menstruatingsuccumbing, some women have an increased libido at that time. They may initiate sex, but of course, men may not like it because of the mess.

However, did you know that there are some ideal sex positions you can do during your period? These positions will not just satisfy your urges, but they can also make your sexual period the best one ever. But first, you need to make sure that the blood should not stain your bed. You should know how to protect the sheets, because you never know how much fluid might come out during intercourse.

ideal sex positionsThe stained sheets can make both of you uncomfortable during sex, but bear in mind it is a normal bodily fluid, and it won’t hurt you – or him. Placing an oversized towel at the center of the bed is a good idea.

Apart from taking adequate care of the mess during sex sessions, it’s also nice to learn some of the time tested sexual positions in order to have a fulfilling night. Read on to learn several of these amazing sexual postures to make your period a little easier to take.

1. Shower Sex For Non-Messy And Steamy Sex

If you do not want to stain the sheets, shower sex is ideal. There are a few sex positions you can perform in the shower. Start with your hands on the wall. As you stand up with the hands against the wall, spread your legs slightly. The man must enter you from behind. Ensure that the shower head is downward. This will prevent the water from hitting you straight in your faces. Otherwise, it will be very distracting.

Another nice and very interesting sexual position is the shaving position. You can do this by lifting up your legs and then setting them at the edge of the tub. Be sure to have something to clasp on to, in order to prevent you from falling and succumbing to any injuries. It’s important to be careful. You wouldn’t want to have blood coming from other places, as well.

Shower SexThe straight up position is also best under the shower. You can stand up straight with the back against the wall. Then, lift a leg and wrap it around your man’s lower back. It will be easier for him to have control if he presses his hands against the wall.

A shower sex position while menstruating is one of the best ways to break up your normal routine in bed or on the couch. The sensation of having water running over your bodies as you make love helps to stimulate you in different ways. And this makes the entire activity more exciting.

2. Doggy Style For Hotter Sex

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The doggy style sexual position is yet another sexual position you may try while you are menstruating. Though it might not be one of the most romantic sex positions, one cannot underestimate the intense friction it causes. There’s just so much about this badass sex position that every girl should know. Well, there are many essential things we have discovered about the doggy style sexual position that we want to share with you.

The doggy style position has been used since ancient times. Couples through the years have adored it, and it is not surprising anymore that it’s the ideal of both men and women’s sexual fantasies. The name is derived from the posture involving the woman being in a position like a dog with her man on his knees coming from behind.

Doggy StyleThe technique involves a woman getting down on all fours. The man then holds her from behind while on his knees. It is important that the guy bends his knees to suit the way the woman spreads hers.

The man holds his woman’s hips tightly and then penetrates her with control over both speed and position. This makes the experience really interesting and horny for both of them. Did you know that the wider the legs are apart, the lower the guy must be?

The doggy style position offers deep orgasms that are very pleasing for women. This position has become famous due to it allowing men to reach the G spot of women.So it’s no wonder why most guys love it so much during intercourse.The doggy style sexual position is not only the best alternative in terms of traditional sex positions; it is also one of the best during menstruation.

3. Spooning During Lazy Days

This is one of the old time favorite positions of most women out there. Nevertheless, it is an amazing option for women during their menstrual period. In this sensuous sexual position, women feel the chest of her man behind her back. His arms are wrapped firmly around the woman, so that he can strongly penetrate from behind. This is a comfortable position that will enable men to play with their woman’s boobs and clitoris in a very intense manner. And this extended foreplay only makes the woman hornier.

SpooningTo make things more interesting, you can lead your man to slide a bit behind your back.

And then let him pull your bottom backward just against his groin while your leg is over the hip.

Let your thighs spread apart. This will make you feel very devilish and naughty. Moreover, it gives you full access to his most exciting part. Most women enjoy this sexy posture, and it’s no wonder that they moan and growl all the way.

Do you know that men can take full advantage of this sexual position by reaching around and stimulating your clitoris? But of course, one must not forget to keep things tidy. In order to keep the bed clean while you are going dirty, you may spread an old sheet over your bed. This will keep you stress-free and let you enjoy every bit of the intercourse and foreplay.

4. Stand At Erection For A Satisfying Night

This is another position that women enjoy the most. The woman sits on top of a surface like the kitchen counter. A table, washing machine, bathroom counter top, car hood, or piano are just some of the other best places for this position.

best places for this positionYou may try any of these options for a great sexual session. However, it is important to keep in mind that the surface you choose needs to be  just the same level with the waist of your guy. This will help men to penetrate you as deeply as possible. It will be much better if your legs are spread apart appropriately.

Also, keep your legs wrapped around his waist. This will place your pussy straight on his groin and help him enter easily and give you that G-spot orgasm, which is not normally easy to achieve.

5. Hottest Ape Position For Men With Big Penises

This sexual position will require you to be more flexible. Well, don’t worry. We are not saying that you need to have a background in gymnastics. With a little practice, you will be able to master this sexual position soon. Let’s see how to do it. The man must lie on his back and then pull his knees up to his chest. Then, the woman sits down backwards and glides her man’s penis inside her while supporting herself up on his feet. If the woman tries shifting her weight on the legs during this position, it will be much better and easier for him to perform the act.

This position helps men penetrate deeply into the valley and creates more sensuous movements. However, it is important that women should have adequate muscle strength to sustain the balance for this sex posture. In order to make movements simpler and faster, women should reach down and clasp her partner’s hands.

6. Fly Like A Butterfly For A Mind-Blowing Orgasm

intense sexual positionThe butterfly sex position is great for couples who are bored of their usual moves. The angle is the key to enjoy this intense sexual position.To perform this act, the woman should lie on her back on a piece of furniture.

Although the edge of your bed will work fine, things can get more heated if you choose a different location and different furniture.

Once the woman is comfortable, the guy stands before her while she slips her legs over his shoulders. She then puts her arms down in order to raise her hips. Also, the man grabs her bottom for an added lift. This sexual position needs stamina; thus the guy should be strong enough to move his lady at a perfect angle.

7. Get Lusty With The Ascent To Desire Sex Position

The sex position known as the “Ascent to Desire,” requires the guy to carry his woman.So, in order to conduct this sexual position successfully, the guy should be strong and masculine. Thus, if a man is not confident in his weightlifting skills, he should skip this position. It will be no fun if both partners topple on top of each other, especially when the woman is already dealing with menstruation pains.

Now if you are ready to try this position, let’s tell you how to do it. The man stands with his feet on the ground hip-width apart, and knees bent. The woman stands before him. He lifts her up while she wraps her legs around his hips.

Desire Sex PositionTo make things simpler, the couple should sit on the bed first and then turn round as soon as lifted.  This way, the woman can help support the lift by putting her feet down on the edge of the bed.

The weight of the lady works wonders in creating exceptionally deep penetration and provides for steady up and down movements.

Even though things may become quite a mess because of the woman’s Auntie Flo, this position will still truly result in some super fantastic sex.

8. Do A Balancing Act For An Advanced Sex Position

In this position, the man must lie down on his back and spread his legs. The woman then sits down between his thighs, while the man grips his woman’s hips in order to guide his animal into hers.

The man is the primary rhythm-setter in this sexual position. He controls the act while the woman only strokes herself in order to make things more intense.

9. Have Fun With A Freaky Froggy Style Position

unique sexual positionOnly a few people know about this unique sexual position.

The guy sits on the edge of the bed with his feet on the ground, while the woman keeps her back towards her guy and sits in a squatting position on the edge of the bed, just like a frog.

When the initial posture is set right, the guy penetrates his lover and moves up and down. In order to have more intense rhythms, he can lift his lady’s bottom. Otherwise, he can just use his hands to fiddle with her boobs and clit.

10. Spice Up Your Evening With The Lustful Leg Position

Couples should be quite flexible in order to fully enjoy this position.To initiate this sexual position, the pair stands shoulder-width apart, facing each other. Then, the women puts one leg up onto the bed. On the other hand, the man bends his knees to bring his shoulders under her leg. This helps the woman then puts her foot on his shoulder.

The woman then wraps her arms around his neck in order to allow her to lean back. Meanwhile the guy holds her hips as he positions up slowly for penetration. The woman tries strengthening her legs as much as possible to enjoy deeper penetration.

provestraNow who says having your period is a bad time to have some good sexual intercourse? There are lots of sexual positions available away from the bed as well, if you are really bothered about messing up your sheets.

Feel free to try them, but make sure your man is willing to share a bloody mood with you.

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