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Modern Women: 10 Healthy Excuses for Having More Sex

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When you were 18, your mind probably functioned like a sex machine. Aside from school, friends and extra-curricular activities in between, you may have always made sure that you allotted a few hours of your time for some bump and grind sessions.

Of course, everything is different as soon as you hit the 20’s mark and enter the life stage called motherhood. All of a sudden, sex became a foreign concept.

GoogleWorse yet, you probably would rather sleep or have a bubble bath, than snuggle with your man and get some action.

You may even blame your hormones, the kids, work stressors, the never-ending chores or your nagging husband, who seems like he doesn’t understand what you’re going through.

You may head over to Google to look for ways on how to get your lady back, up and running and found this articles. Low libido is common, and the first thing to do is to talk to your doctor to get some suggestions and advice based on your situation and physical concerns. And, in case you’re still contemplating on whether to have sex or not, here are 10 reasons why you should:

1. Sex Reduces Stress And Brings Hormones Back To Normal

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It’s exactly what you needed, don’t you think? After a long, tiring day and eating too much stress for the last 12 hours or so of your life, you need something to give you a boost.

According to a research from the University of Scotland, people who had sex at least once every two weeks are better and more able in managing stressful situations. Various studies agree with this claim after recording an improvement on women’s stress levels.

The reason for this is hormones. During sex, your body releases feel good hormones, such as endorphins and oxytocin. These hormones activate the pleasure centers in your brain that kicks depression and anxiety. At the same time, it has the same soothing effects you get from eating sweets. The good news is you don’t have to worry about calories and extra weight when you engage in regular sex.

2. Sex Improves Your Heart

Photo by Patrick J. Lynch / CC BY

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is among the top killers these days? Don’t be surprised when lots of health experts advocate a heart-healthy lifestyle to minimize your risks.

Aside from the Mediterranean diet and regular workouts, there is an easier, cheaper way to boost your heart health: sex.

Several studies show that your risk of dying from heart disease could be traced back to the frequency of your orgasms. At the same time, sexually intense moments are the same as walking four to six miles an hour, which is a good thing.

In other words, if you want to keep your heart in tip-top shape, have sex.

3. Sex Helps You Sleep Better

sleepSleep is one of the areas we all take for granted. If you are having a hard time visiting dreamland, then having sex on a regular basis could help with that.

During sex, endorphins, yes the same hormones that makes you relaxed, also get you ready for slumber.

That’s not all. When you reach the orgasm stage, your body releases prolactin and oxytocin, aka hormones that are higher during sleep. This is also the reason why you feel the need to go to bed after getting that big O.

However, take it easy on sex. If you are the type who wants a perfect performance level every time, sex makes you feel more energized rather than sleepy. On the other hand, if you are thinking of using sex to help you relax and get you ready for sleep, then an intimate session is recommended. The good news is that you will wake up feeling refreshed afterwards.

4. Sex Can Chase The Pain Away

Photo by Avenue G / CC BY

Headaches, migraines, menstrual cramps and strained backs – these are only some of the many things you experience every day.

Normally, you would take an Advil or any pain reliever to suppress the pain, so you could go on with your daily activities.

Did you know that sex could relieve you from that pain, too?

Every time you orgasm, the endorphins released by your body closely resemble the pain drug, morphine. This effectively relieves your pain, which is also supported by a study conducted at the Headache Clinic at Southern Illinois University. It also releases corticosteroids, also a natural pain reliever that works better than even an aspirin.

However, you don’t need your man to be around all the time. Even solo sessions, provided you hit your peak, could also have the same effect. Will you still reach for your Advil? We didn’t think so.

5. Sex Makes You Less Prone To Catching The Flu And Common Cold

The Flu And Common ColdWho would want to sport a sneezing and runny-nosed look?
Aside from being un-unsexy, a sniffle is something you don’t want to share with your partner, especially when you’re in the mood for a steamy session.

The good news is regular sex could kick those colds in the cheapest way possible. According to researchers from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, those who have sex have higher levels of immunoglobulin A or IgA. It is an antibody that protects you against diseases and infections, and keeps you safe from the flu and colds.

In case you found yourself being friends with your tissue box, you know what to do.

6. It Solves Your Red Day Problem

menstrual cramps
Photo by 阮芊菡 JUAN CHIEN-HAN / CC BY

Admit it. You hate having your period and painting the town red – literally. Worse, menstrual cramps make you want to reach for a bow and arrow, and just shoot anyone because you are in pain.

You may have read somewhere that having sex helps relieve you from pain, including menstrual cramps.

What you read is true. Every time you orgasm, your uterus contracts, thereby getting rid of cramp-causing compounds. Frequent uterine contractions, still from orgasms, helps get rid of blood and tissues quickly, thereby ending your periods faster.

Having sex during red days may not be the most comfortable thing to do. Don’t worry about making a mess. A dark-colored towel and missionary position could do the trick. Your flow tends to be lighter when you’re lying down. Save the doggy style for later.

7. Sex Gives Your Skin A Healthy Glow

skinDon’t you notice that “morning-after” glow every time you have sex? The truth is, you’re not imagining things.

Experts from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland conducted an experiment by guessing the age of the women participants.

They found out that those who regularly get some action, say four times a week, look seven to 12 years younger than their actual age.

It turns out that sex releases important hormones, which could keep your body looking younger than your age. Estrogen promotes shiny hair and soft skin, which is something your body produces when you have sex. If that is not enough to convince you, sex reduces stress. This helps you get in a better mood and minimizes those worry lines you could be developing.

8. Sex Paves The Way To a More Toned Body

Are you constantly working out in the gym to get that Victoria’s Secret angel body? Aside from spending time in the gym and making sure you are putting your membership into good use, there is a cheaper and more convenient way to lose weight.

Yes, Sex.

gymSex is also cardio, which means an all-nighter fest could make you lose from 85 to 250 calories. This depends on the intensity of your sessions.

That’s not all. The American Journal of Cardiology published a study comparing sex to a modest workout in a treadmill.

If that is not enough to convince you to have sex, then you should know that your abs, butt, back and thighs all get a good workout during lovemaking. At least you have a reason to skip spinning class and just sweat it out with your man – in bed. It’s more exciting, too.

9. Sex Makes Your Natural Scent Even Better

Now this is surprising. Did you know that having more sex could have a positive effect on your natural body scent?

after orgasm
Photo by you me / CC BY

You already know that pheromones get you in the mood. Apparently, there is more to it than just that. As soon as you reach that big O, your body produces prolactin, a type of hormones that makes you feel satisfied.

Aside from this, it also activates your brain’s olfactory bulb. This is responsible for controlling your sense of smell.

Hence, don’t be surprised when you get turned on with your man’s scent after orgasm. Believe it or not, it could increase the bond between you two.

10. Sex Makes You Feel Better

Feel BetterYou might ask, what does sex have to do with your mental health? Yes, it reduces stress and makes you feel better.

More than that, regular steamy sessions with your man gives your self-esteem a boost.

In that case, you have to thank endorphins, which your body releases during sex. It produces those feel-good sensations, which could translate to other areas of your life.

Sex also allows you to do things you never thought you could imagine. You are stripped off your limitations and inhibitions and you start to look yourself in a different, more positive way. You get more confident with your body and change your overall mood positively.

The bottom line is, sex is fun and good for you, too. Give you and your man some time to do something sexy, even if it means once or twice a week. Don’t mind the dishes or that perpetual pile of laundry waiting outside. You deserve a rest and you need to have sex.you need to have sex