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8 Things You Need to Know About Your Lady Parts

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Men are predictable during sex. Just take your clothes off and give him a blowjob, and his man stands up, ready for an action. This is because when a man is aroused, blood comes rushing down to his area down south, which serves as a signal to stand up, be proud and maintain that state for the next 30 minutes or so. Once he is aroused enough, he’ll release those precious juices and the rest is history.

during sex
Photo by Kurt Löwenstein Education Center (International Team) / CC BY

In other words, men are easy to figure out when they want sex. Don’t you even wonder what happens with your lady parts during sex?

According to Women’s Health magazine and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists or ACOG, women, including you perhaps, don’t know much about their own anatomy. Yes, you are in the mood. However, the results are not as pronounced as men and their boners.

To give you a better understanding of what goes on down there, here are eight things you should know about your lady parts and sex.

1. The Blood Flow

Just like the dudes, you need an ample supply of blood down there so your vagina can participate in some action.

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In fact, as soon as your brain gets a signal that you are about to get laid, it will trigger the blood vessels to expand and direct extra flow down south. This extra blood flow is responsible for your vaginal secretions and the plumping of your vulva.

Keep in mind that vaginal secretions, aka your natural lube, consist of protein and amino acids. This means they need an extra supply of blood to light up the sensitive nerve endings and make you wet down there. This is why foreplay plays a major role in every sexual encounter.

If there is not enough blood flow, then vaginal dryness is something you have to take care of to make sex more pleasurable.

2. During Foreplay

During Foreplay
Photo by Bryan Brenneman / CC BY

Blood flow is important, period. Just like men, you need the right amount of blood supply to make sure your lady parts will cooperate.

This is why your man needs to spend extra time down there, so you won’t notice the phone ringing or your dog ruining your couch.

As soon as your vaginal area starts to get wet, the blood continues to flood your pelvic area to make you more in the mood. Your breathing speeds up and you experience an increase in heart rate.

At the same time, your nipples become hard and erect, the labia opens up and the lower part of your vagina narrows. This way, it will be easier to grip your man’s penis, if he decides to tease you this early, while the upper part expands.

3. Clitoris Gone Wild

Let’s say everything goes well and you don’t care if your dog ruins your couch and newly bought vases because you busy doing you-know-what.

ClitorisWhat happens now to your clitoris, also known as the mini hard-on found on the insides of your labia?

Your clitoris is one, if not the most sensitive parts in your area down there. That pea-size organ has 8,000 nerve endings, which makes it solely for pleasure purposes.

However, you should treat this area with caution. Too much rubbing could tick you off and ruin the mood, while not paying attention to it makes sex less pleasurable.

This is because during the act, the tissues in your clitoris harden and expand, just like a man’s penis. It tends to double and even triple in size, which could make it challenging to urinate. Don’t worry. As soon as you come back to your normal senses, it will get back to its original shape.

Keep in mind that clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm are two different things. Some could get that big O simply by rubbing the clit, while others don’t.

4. The Vagina

reproductive parts
Photo by Blausen gallery 2014 / CC BY

Most people will refer to vagina as the female reproductive organ.

However, the vagina is only a part of this complicated system. In fact, it is merely a guardian of your reproductive parts.

At the same time, it houses the important areas needed to make sex a pleasurable experience.

Therefore, it is important to maintain the right amount of acid balance to prevent bacteria from taking over.

Aside from this, your vagina plays an important role during sex. Believe it or not, it is accommodating enough to expand its three to four inches tube to up to six inches in length and five inches in width. This means during sex, your vagina expands so it can accommodate a man’s penis and fingers, no matter how big they are.

However, you have to take it easy down there. Since your vagina is a health guardian, you need to keep it as clean and healthy as possible. You don’t want yeast infections or any bacteria down there, do you?

5. Your Cervix

cervixYour vagina is important in sex. However, there is another organ down there that also deserves the spotlight: the cervix.

Cervix is the doorway between your vagina and uterus. It is a springy organ, which also softens as estrogen takes over your body.

Cervix also plays a major role in your overall sexual pleasure. Since your cervix softens, using a sex toy or penis properly could light up certain pleasure areas in your brain, which are usually activated during foreplay. This could add more sensation and pleasure to the experience.

Therefore, it is equally important to keep your cervix healthy at all times. Your cervix also supports your pregnancy and keeping the baby in place, which is why it is crucial. Make a conscious effort to let go of bad lifestyle habits such as smoking. Take it easy on your food intake, as well. Curcumin and the ellagic acid found in walnuts, raspberries and pecans are not good to your cervix.

6. The Uterus

UterusYou already know what happens to your vagina and the cervix. The spotlight is now on the uterus.

The uterus is the muscle-lined pouch, usually the size of your fist or pear, which serves as a home for your mini-me for the next nine months. Further, it is where the menstrual cramps come from during your period days.

When you are sexually aroused, almost everything down there contracts. You could also feel a different feeling of sensation all over your body. Contrary to popular belief, your uterus doesn’t contract during sex.

Unlike the vaginal muscles, the uterus increases in size and lifts upward when you are in the mood. It stays in that state until you reach climax or when stimulation stops and everything else gets back to normal.

Just like any other portions in your body, make sure to keep your uterus in its best health possible. Fiber and flavonoid-rich foods, such as cabbage and broccoli could help a lot in ensuring the health of this pear-sized organ.

7. The Big O