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When Sex Hurts: 10 Painless Things Women Can Do

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Sex is meant to be fun. It is a means for couples to give and take pleasure, and brings them to an orgasmic frenzy that could make them want to repeat it over and over again. But sometimes, that is just not the case. In some instances, sex can be uncomfortable, awkward and yes, it can even be painful.

Painful sex is not normal. The only time that you should feel pain when having sex is the time you are losing your virginity. We all know you can lose your virginity only once. So what’s with the other times when you feel pain or itchiness, or awkwardness or discomfort? Good thing you asked. Just like with any kind of pain, vaginal pain has its causes and also has its cure.

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When you start to feel pain during or after sex, you can be sure that the sex is causing it or something pertaining to the sex. That means it is something you can address, too.

Most of the time, it can be cured immediately. There are cases when you will have to go through treatment, like medication, but it all depends on the condition.

If there is something bothering you down there, see if it is due to any of these 10 common reasons. Learn how to treat them, so you can go back to feeling nothing else but pleasure when doing the deed.

1. If Penetration Is Too Deep

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You’ve done it once or twice. Deep penetration is always a pleasurable thing to do in the sex department.

If given the chance and with all the means, that is something you would do over and over.

But sometimes deep penetration can cause pain within the vagina, and there are cases when the pain will not go away.

This is a normal case for deep penetration action. Sometimes, when the penis is in too deep, the cervix gets bumped repeatedly and this is what’s causing the pain. Thankfully, it can easily be cured. How? By not going deep for a while. Your cervix can heal by itself, as long as it is not continually being knocked on. Basically, you need to rest on the deep penetration until the pain subsides.

2. If His Penis Is Too Big For Your Vagina

PenisYes, it happens. No matter how much experts say that the vagina is flexible and can easily adapt to the size of any penis,
it can take time for your vagina to get used to a certain size, especially if he is well-endowed.

Especially if you go from pretzel-size to baseball-bat size, although the comparison is both scary and promising at the same time, but it happens.

The solution is simple. Ask your partner to go slow until you feel comfortable with the size. Like a pair of stockings, you need to slowly insert one foot after the other and give the material a chance to extend naturally.

3. If The Sex Is A Lot Rougher Than It Should Be

Rough sex
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Rough sex is good. No, scratch that. Rough sex is great. It’s awesome and it’s earth-shattering. Unfortunately, too much rough sex can lead to vaginal pain, and even injuries.

Yikes! It’s a paradox: you want it rough to gain more pleasure, but it could lead to pain. If you continue with the rough sex, it could lead to skin tearing or injuries to your cervix.

The solution? Give your sex sessions some variety. Rough sex all the time gets old. Go slow sometimes, and rough other times. After all, being slow and taking your time can make you both explore each other’s body without having to rush. This way, you don’t bombard your vagina with rough sex every single time you do it.

4. If You Are Dry As The Desert

Photo by Kiyok / CC BY-SA

Women – there are just some instances when we are just not into it.

There are also some instances when the sex is going a little longer than your normal time, and this could cause dryness of the vaginal walls.

The friction and the penetration may cause some blisters and skin tearing on the walls of your vagina. If you can’t imagine what that’s like, it painful.

Dryness is a normal scenario. All women go through it. That is why sexual lubricants were invented. If you feel like you’re starting to get dry, to avoid tearing the skin, use lubricants to keep you wet. Your saliva can also be a natural lubricant if there are no artificial ones near you.

5. If You Have Vulvodynia

DoctorsVulvodynia is a vaginal condition where a sudden sear of pain is felt without anything triggering it.

Although there is no concrete proof yet as to what really causes it, cases have been reported were women had sex not long before the pain was felt.

It is not really threatening because the pain subsides quickly anyway. Still, it is bothersome to most women.

Doctors prescribe a dose of lidocaine, a medication used in treating vaginal pain. However, if the pain is not permanent and is tolerable, it is best to wait for it to subside and observe it in the meantime. You may also want to go slow down with the sex, since the pain may be caused by too much action.

6. If The Sex Position Is Not Right

Sex PositionYou may think that in sex, there are no right or wrong positions. As long as you’re feeling the pleasure, everything should be good.

Wrong. You may think that what you’re doing is daring and adventurous, but you are actually putting your vagina at risk.

There are sex positions that may be a little too risky for your vaginal health. If the sex position is too awkward or too painful, you will have to move and ask your partner to position you in another way.

There is no other way to treat this but by repositioning. Since the pain is coming from an angling mistake, you should correct the angle and avoid the previous position on your next sexual encounter.

7. If You Have Vaginismus

medicationsVaginismus is a physical or psychological condition where the vaginal walls involuntary tighten when there is any attempt of penetration.

You may or may not control the tightening of your muscles, as it may be a psychological matter.

This could possibly be triggered by a previous sexual trauma, or by simply not being in the mood for sex, but if it becomes regular, you may need to have yourself checked.

Although the condition may be a little more complicated compared to other vaginal conditions, it is highly treatable. Some patients undergo medications, while some undergo counselling and psychological rehabilitation to treat the condition.

8. If You Have Yeast Infections

Yeast infections
Photo by BruceBlaus / CC BY-SA

Yeast infections cause more itchiness and vaginal dryness than pain.

However, if not treated and if you have sensitive skin, the itchiness and dryness may lead to an infection which will eventually cause you great pain.

Symptoms may also include the formation of white dead-skin-like specks around the vaginal wall that can be itchy and uncomfortable.

Yeast infections are treatable by anti-fungal creams. It is best for you to consult your ob-gyn before taking any medication, so they can identify the exact level of infection and prescribe the proper dosage for you.

9. If You Have Herpes

consult your doctorHerpes is a sexually transmitted disease that initially does not have any noticeable symptoms.

The symptoms that eventually break out are in the form of blisters and small skin infections that may either be painful or not.

Although herpes may not directly cause pain in the vagina, the blisters and infection may grow worse and it could be painful. If you suspect that you have herpes, you should consult your doctor immediately for it to be treated.

10. If You Are Not Really Into It

It may be a psychological thing and something that you can definitely control. But if you are really not into it, or into him, you may find that having sex may become a struggle to a point where you make yourself believe that it is painful. This is a normal condition and every woman quite possibly go through this.

not happy with your partner
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If you are not happy with your partner or you’re not really into getting it on at the moment, the best thing is to not do it at all.

Don’t force yourself because most likely, you will be dry and that will be a cause of pain.

Sex should be strictly for pleasure and orgasm only, non-negotiable. If you feel anything out of sorts, something is not right. Don’t wait for it to get even worse. Fix it immediately, so sex will not be a traumatic activity. Especially for women, where sex for us is internal. This means that if there is anything wrong inside, you would need the expertise of a doctor to find out what’s causing the problem.

Therefore, at the first signs of discomfort, go to the doctor to have them check it immediately. Because nothing is better than a good, long, uninterrupted and pleasurable sex. Pain is not part of the equation, so be careful and mindful of your body when it comes to pain and sex.pain and sex