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8 Foods That Increase Female Libido in Your Kitchen

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One thing is for sure, libido is a crucial aspect in a women’s life. If you think it is only important for all the men out there, you might want to think again. You may have a good idea that libido has something to do with a person’s sex drive.

That is the correct definition indeed, but there is more to libido than what people may think. Be more informed about this specific topic so that you can understand its importance to all women all throughout the world.

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All the information that this article presents to you is for your gain. It is also for you to share with other women who are having trouble with their sex drive.

You have to realize that a decrease in libido is quite common because of certain factors in a person’s life.

If you start noticing that this problem is becoming a big issue, the best move to make is to consult a health care provider about your concerns.

Let this article help you out with further understanding the essential information about libido and certain foods that could help to increase it.

What Exactly Is Libido?

a good ideaYou might have a good idea that libido has a close relation to a person’s sex drive. You are very right. Another name for libido is actually “sex drive,” and it is defined as a person’s general sex drive or desire to experience sexual activities in their life.

Since sex is a very natural and normal part of a person’s life, having a healthy sex drive is crucial. If it were a perfect world without certain elements that could harm people’s bodies, no one would have trouble when it comes to their libido.

Since we do not live in a perfect world, and there are factors that affect our bodies, some women face a decrease in their sex drive.

problemsThis may not seem all too serious compared to other medical conditions and you are right.

However, having low libido, even for women could still bring problems in their lives.

Sexual fantasies and desires are important in the maintenance and formation of intimate relationships with significant others. A lack or loss of libido can really affect a relationship and have it turn for the worse.

Why Is Libido Important For Women?

relationshipWomen are also sexual beings, just like men. They could probably live without sexual activities longer than men could, but we cannot exempt them from the fact that their sex drive is an essential part, especially if they are in a relationship.

Changes in libido could cause dilemmas within the bond of two individuals.

Problems could start forming if there is a disparity in a woman’s libido, because everyone has specific sexual preferences and needs.

Factors That Affect A Woman’s Libido

It is not rare for women to have a decrease in their sex drive because of factors in their lives. Depending on each woman, the elements where in libido is affected could vary. Here is a compilation of the most common factors that could affect the sex drive of women.

  • depressionPsychological Issues –Elements such as stress, fatigue, lack of privacy or intimacy, distractions and depression could reduce the desire for sex.
    In addition, women who have experienced trauma, sexual abuse, assault, neglect and/or body image issues could also contribute to a decrease in sex drive.
  • cigarettePhysical Factors – There are some medical conditions such as endocrine disorders, anemia and adrenal gland conditions that could also affect a woman’s desire for sexual activities.
    Various lifestyle changes, asexual disorders, lack of attractiveness for significant other, being malnourished, cigarette or tobacco smoking, alcohol and drug abuse and lack of exercise could also be factor on a low sexual energy.
  • Menstrual Cycles –It is no doubt that some women lack the need for sexual activities when they are on their period. First off, it is messy and sometimes PMS could cause cramps, fatigue and other discomfort.
  • medicationsMedications – Some medications could reduce libido. Such medications are antidepressants, anti-psychotics, beta-blockers, hormonal contraceptives, opioids and anti-cancer drugs and treatments.

What Are the 8 Foods That Increase Female Libido?

If you are all about treatments that are all-natural, then there are such things called libido foods. There are different types of food that could help increase your sex drive. What makes it safe is that it comes from healthy food sources and not medications. The following are the foods that will increase libido:

  • BroccoliBlack Raspberries can set the mood for sexual activities. They enhance libido and also a person’s sexual endurance.
  • Broccoli cookedor sautéed, and even raw is great for boosting libido.
    It contains a high content of vitamin C, which helps in blood circulation and aids in improving a female’s libido.
  • Cloves are known to be a super sex food, especially when brewed in warm apple cider.
  • Figs contain stimulants for fertility and could enhance a person’s sexual endurance, as well.
  • Watermelons provide nutrients that are essential for the sexual health.
  • Eggs are high in protein and a great source for stamina, which in turn is great for increasing libido.
  • LettuceLettuce which could be eaten in a salad contains a certain opiate, which triggers the sex hormones.
  • Ginger is a well-known libido enhancer and has been used for many years.

These foods could help those women who are suffering from a low sex drive. Best of all, this treatment is clearly all natural and will not cause side effects that could be discomforting.

Gaining more knowledge about the foods that increase female libido could definitely help you, especially if you are a woman who wants to be happy with your partner in bed.