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Female Orgasms: Fertility Plus 4 More Health Benefits for You

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Are you one of those women who find it very challenging to reach an orgasm? If you are, just know that you are not alone. According to many surveys, only around 25 percent of women experience female orgasms during sexual intercourse.

The rest of the sexually active women either end up unsatisfied or faking their orgasm just to please their partner. Do you want female orgasm help, just like those millions of other women?

continue to readDo yourself a great favor and continue to read on to find out more about female orgasms.

If you have had them a couple of times in your sexually active life, you can find out how to have more. You can also learn about the importance of orgasms all together.

Get the rundown of factors that could contribute in achieving it, so that you know what you can do to have a happier, healthier sex life. Also, gain information about how females having orgasms reach that climax, so that you could possibly get one for yourself.

The Anatomy Of The Female Orgasm

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If you are sexually active, you might know more about this certain topic compared to those women who have not had sex in their lives. The word,“orgasm,” is from the Greek work “orgasmos,” which means swelling and/or excitement.

It is also known as a person’s sexual climax. Medical science characterizes it as the accumulated sexual tension during a person’s sexual response cycle, which results in rhythmic muscular contractions throughout the pelvic region and concludes with intense sexual pleasure.

Although it is more common in, and experienced more frequently by men, women can also experience this intense sexual climax.

menJust like men, the involuntary nervous system controls female orgasms. It includes spasms in the muscles in many regions of the body and gives a general euphoric sensation.

People express their pleasure through body movements and vocalizations, depending on how a person reacts to feelings of sexual peaks.

During a female’s orgasm, there is a physical sexual stimulation to the clitoris. This happens via masturbation, or with a sexual partner.

Are Orgasms Important For Women?

Like in men, orgasms in women are also essential in biological development. Although female orgasms are not as common in women compared to men, you should not dismiss them.

Some people may saySome people may say that female orgasms are not as vital biologically in comparison to men, but the truth is they still have advantages. If you are not familiar with how it is important then you are in luck, because now is your time to find out.

First off, orgasms in generally could provide psychological satisfaction for everyone experiencing sexual intercourse.

Not achieving an orgasm for females a couple times after sex could be okay, but after some time not being able to reach climax could be quite frustrating.

Mentally it could affect a woman, because everyone should be able to reach that peak that both partners should be able to experience. Who does not want to enjoy sex anyways, right?

separationThere are even some women in relationships that feel not reaching orgasms is a factor for separation because for them, it is a source of being compatible with their significant other. Since sexual intercourse is important in human’s lives, not gaining sexual pleasure from your partner could lessen the degree of attraction and satisfaction in the relationship.

There are some theories that say that a female’s orgasm could increase their fertility, which is very important when it comes to conceiving a baby. Other advantages of a female’s orgasms are the following:

4 More advantages:

cardio vascular
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  • Could possibly benefit with cardio vascular health
  • Provides an excellent and pleasurable exercise session
  • Releases endorphins which are also called “happy hormones,” which could provide less irritability and mood swings
  • Some studies show that orgasms could prevent or lessen menstrual cramps

Factors That Affect Female Orgasms

Many womenMany women can obtain an orgasm through physical sexual stimulation of the clitoris.

In fact, 70 to 80 percent of women actually require stimulation of the clitoris to achieve an orgasm. This varies from female to female of course.

Orgasms do vary in intensity and frequency, which depend on a number of different factors. The reason why many women achieve orgasms through clitoral stimulation is because there are more than 8,000 nerve endings located in that region and this is actually more than the male’s penis and other parts of the body.

Here are the factors that might affect an orgasm for women and solutions to achieve sexual climax:

  • riding a bikeYou Do Not Know Your Body. This is a common factor preventing women from achieving an orgasm.
    Just like riding a bike, you also have to learn how to climax, and you could accomplish this through masturbation.
  • You May Have Problems Recognizing An Orgasm. Some studies have shown that some women do not even realize that they are already having an orgasm. Learn to recognize the signs, so that you are sexually satisfied in bed.
  • Thinking Too MuchYou May Be Thinking Too Much. Some women actually over think the whole sexual experience, and focus way too much on having an orgasm.
    Instead of over thinking, try enjoying the moment.
    Try embracing all the sensations and feelings that occur during the entire sexual encounter.
  • around 20 minutes of foreplayTry Some Foreplay. Instead of rushing into sex, try out foreplay with your significant other.
    Try to become fully aroused so that you could enjoy every single sensation.
    On average, a woman needs around 20 minutes of foreplay to be ready for sex.
    Try exploring what turns each other on be patient.
  • Explore Sexual Techniques. You and your partner should try exploring what feels good and what does not. Some woman may orgasm only by clitoral stimulation while others could climax with penetration. Find out what triggers your sexual pleasure and use it.
  • get yourself checked by a health care professionalYou Might Have A Medical Condition. If this is becoming a factor for you, get yourself checked by a health care professional. Certain medical ailments may contribute to sexual frustrations.

Many could consider female orgasms an art, because not all women can achieve them.

Failure to experience climax for all human beings could be frustrating, and could even ruin relationships.

Information and professional consultation is your key to learning how to orgasm.