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High Sex Drive in Women: 4 Remedies for Super Libido Blues

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History will tell that men are more inclined to sex.

In fact, men’s erotic fantasies and sexual urges are more powerful than those of women – and there are studies that can prove that. Did you know that there is a possibility of high sex drive in women too?

women want sex as much as men doAccording to journalist Daniel Bergner, author of “What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire,” women want sex as much as men do – and it is not just triggered by the need for emotional intimacy or safety.

It’s just that you often do not want to admit it compared to the opposite sex. Some women fear they will appear forward or desperate, which causes them to suppress the urge to have sex.

What if you have a high sex drive? Should you be ashamed about it or simply embrace the fact that women like you are more open to explore the sexual arena?

High Libido in Women: Address or Suppress? 

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What if you want to have sex more than your partner does? Do you often feel ashamed to tell him that you end up pretending not to like it or you become honest with him?
When it comes to women with high sex drive, you can only be one of two things.

However, keep in mind that that craving for sex or intimacy most of the time can even become a barrier than an enhancement to the relationship.

According to psychologist Daniel Tomasulo, finding a way to cope with uncontrollable sex drive might be the best thing to do. Just take note of the difference between high sex drive and the drive and desire for other men – these two are different things.

talk to your partnerMasturbation is the easiest and most feasible thing you can do to manage separation. At the same time, you should talk to your partner about your struggles.

Having a high libido does not automatically mean you shouldn’t be true to yourself. You should tell him about your issues and try to work it out together. Remember, talking and openness can foster intimacy which can lead to great sex as well. 

The Causes of High Sex Drive in Women

men and womenLibido will always be the one of the major concerns among men and women.

It will always be an issue regardless of whether your sex drive decided to take the full notch or chose to go for the first gear.

One of the most common issues among women and their sex life is the lack of libido. However, other women suffer from high sex drive too.If you are constantly craving for sex, read on to find out what are the different causes of high libido in women.

  • pregnant during your teensAge Did you know that you tend to have more sex with your husband once you reach the 30’s to 40’s age mark? Psychologist David Buss of University of Texas conducted a study of women’s sexuality. His study concluded that women 27 to 45 are more sexual and reported to have more sexual fantasies than those who are 18 to 26. 

What was their explanation? It is easy for you to get pregnant during your teens and early 20s, so you don’t need much time to have sex. Once you reach the mid-20s mark, it will be harder for you to get pregnant, thanks to your aging eggs.

As a result, you long for more sex. At the same time, you are more comfortable to have sex with your partner, which explains why being intimate is easier and much longed for compared to when you were younger.

  • teenage yearsPuberty Your teenage years may be your awkward stage because hormone levels are at their peak. Aside from pimples, growth spurt and changes in your body, you will experience an intense sensation down there, which can cause you to experiment sexually.
  • Bipolar Disorder Surprisingly, if you have a bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive disorder, your sex drive will be at its highest state. This is because your switches from mania episodes to periods of relative peace can also cause your libido to spike.
  • adrenal hormones in your bodyMedical Conditions One of the main reasons why there is high sex drive in women is because of various medical conditions. Some of these are:
    • Hyperadrenalism This type of condition is due to high levels of adrenal hormones in your body.
    • Pancreatic Endocrine Tumor Although rare, this type of illness happens when a tumor developed in the pancreas. As a result, your body will secrete large amounts of insulin, somaostatin and glucagon, which can affect your hormone levels and make you crave for sex.
    • Hyperandrogenism This is when you have excessive levels of androgen in your body.
    • Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome This condition can cause you a high libido to the point of annoyance due to excessive blood flow. In fact, slight touch can already cause you to have an orgasm. 

What to Do When You Have High Sex Drive

maintain stability in your relationshipYour desire and appetite for sex is important if you want to maintain stability in your relationship.

Although this may not be a primary factor, sex and physical intimacy translates to a better relationship with your partner. What if it’s too much? How can you solve high libido in women?

The 4 Remedies:

  • Obtain Mood-balancing Medications. If you suffer from bipolar disorder or think you may, get the help of a psychologist or other mental health professional. This can help you return to your peaceful state.
  • Counselling ServicesSeek Support From a Professional Sex Therapist or Counselling Services. They will be able to help you control your desires, particularly when your urge for sex is diverted to other men besides your husband.
  • Get Medical Help. If you have medical conditions that include an increased sex drive as a side effect, get help to manage it. For instance, the increased libido as an effect of hyperadrenalism can be tamed by taking corticosteroids, epinephrine or other drugs.
  • Hormonal-balancing SupplementsTry Hormonal-balancing Supplements. If your high sex drive is caused by hormonal imbalances, you can get help. One of the best supplements you can take is Provestra. It naturally restores balance in your body and corrects any hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy, menopause and monthly menstruation. As a result, you will not just want sex, but also actually enjoy it by intensifying your sexual sensations and give you pleasurable orgasms.

ashamedAbove anything else, it is important to consult a doctor. High sex drive in women is due to many factors, which you can address correspondingly. And most importantly, do not be ashamed. Talk to your partner and tell him about your issues. If you are open to him, he will understand your needs, which will make it easier for you to trust him completely, especially in bed.