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Female Sexual Health: 6 Things Women Should Talk About

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Satisfaction with your sex life is a good sign of female sexual health. Apart from this, a fulfilled sexual need is a good foundation of relationships.

It can promote closeness between you and your partner. A woman’s sexual fulfilment is totally different from that of a man. It may be harder to achieve, but keeping some things in check can guarantee your sexual contentment.

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There can be many ways to attain arousal, orgasm and sexual satisfaction. However, the sexual responses of a woman are more complex than of a man. Partners just need to cooperate to make their sex life better and overcome the challenges. When it comes to matters like this, communication is an effective tool that you can use.

Talk About Your Needs

Talk About Your Needs
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It may not be comfortable for someone to talk about their sexual desires and experiences.

However, in case that sexual satisfaction can’t be achieved after every intercourse, then one must not wait for their partner to read their mind.

Sharing your thoughts and wants about a sexual activity can help solve the problem. Aside from giving yourself a favor, you are also helping your partner to figure out what he needs to do.

This can bring you closer together while enjoying the satisfaction that the both of you are getting from sex.

6 Things To Discuss With Your Partner

Try to be specific when it comes to your sexual needs. Inform your partner about those and make sure that everything is clear to him. Check the below topics that you may want to address to your man.

  • What Pleases You? Apart from this, what activity would you and your partner enjoy? Give your thoughts about what you exactly want and hear out what your partner is going to say.
  • Do You Want To Feel More Romantic? Did you sense that the heat is fading between the two of you? What are the things that can help you bring it back? Talk about ways that could help reignite the passion to set the bed on fire.
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    Are You Busy? Do you have enough time for some intimate moments with your partner? If the both of you can’t, are you willing to make some changes?

  • Is Sex Becoming More And More Predictable? Can you try to do some new things that could bring more excitement to your sexual intercourse? Consider more cuddling, more play time, a sensual massage or masturbation.
  • Some Physical And Emotional Problems May Affect Your Sexual Performance. Do you feel anything wrong with your body? Are you in a good emotional state? Check for physical and emotional changes and see what the both of you can do about those.
  • Discuss Your Beliefs About Sex With Your Partner. This is where you can tackle misconceptions about sex.

Getting Away From Female Sexual Health Problems

Female Sexual Dysfunction or FSD is a big hindrance towards sexual fulfilment. Its symptoms and other effects can badly affect the female sexual health. To achieve satisfaction when it comes to sex, you need to take action as soon as possible. Check if you are experiencing the below symptoms.

  • PainDecreased sexual appetite
  • No desire in having sex
  • Pain while in the middle of sexual intercourse or upon vaginal contact
  • Problems with achieving orgasm
  • Problems with being sexually aroused despite of having a desire for a sexual intercourse

Here are the possible causes of FSD.

  • Physical conditions such as pain in different parts of the body
  • Physical conditions that need medications which decreases the libido
  • Physical conditions that affect urinary tract and reproductive system
  • Hormonal issues caused by menopausal stage, giving birth and breast-feeding
  • Anxiety and depression which falls under psychosocial problem category

Fortunately, there are different ways of prevention and treatment against this condition.

  • Undergo Estrogen Therapy. It will increase the estrogen levels in your system. You can use this in the form of a cream, vaginal ring or tablet.
  • Undergo An Androgen Therapy. It will increase the testosterone hormones. This will boost the libido making you crave for more sex.
  • Acupuncture Can Increase Your Sexual Drive. A specialist does this by inserting thin needles to some points of your body.
  • Yoga ClassSign Up For A Yoga Class. Some series of postures and breathing exercises can contribute to recovery from FSD.
  • Avoid Alcohol And Cigarettes. Both will result to a blunt sexual appetite.
  • Exercise More Often And Increase Your Physical Activities. Running, swimming, aerobics and other forms of exercise can help boost your arousal.
  • Allow Some Time For Relaxation. Relieving yourself from stress is a great way to free your body from emotional and social issues.

What A Woman Wants In Her Sex Partner

There are different kinds of women and they have different desires when it comes to sex. Though knowing their partner is the best way to go for, it is still important to have an idea of what they really wanted.  Men should also know what most women wanted from them when it comes to sex.

The number one complaint of women about their male partners is that they give more attention to the genitals while having sex. Because of the pleasure that a sexual activity can cause to men, they sometimes forget that their partner may want a different kind of sexual approach.

sexual intimacyWomen sometimes call it as lack of sexual intimacy. It is important for females to sense a real lovemaking while having sex in order to fulfil their fantasies.

Stimulating tricks by men may have no effect if a woman who craves for sexual intimacy can’t find what she was looking for.

Apart from making sure that sexual intimacy is present, there are still more things that you can do to spice everything up.

  • Take Some Lifts. Aside from being fit and all, you can also try to have sex while standing. Always remember that when it comes to sex, something new adds up to the excitement.
  • Talk Dirty. There’s nothing wrong with saying a few dirty words. Just don’t overdo this and everything will work out good.
  • Role-playing Is A Funny And An Arousing Activity. Play as a teacher or an officer. Make use of costumes and act as if you are auditioning for that big Hollywood role.

Sexual fulfilment plays a big part to overall female sexual health. To attain this, both parties must communicate with each other. It is crucial to identify the problems and find the ways on how they can sort it out to achieve the satisfaction that they want.