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Female Sexual Dysfunction: 6 Causes That Concern Doctors

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Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is a disorder that affects a woman’s sexual desire, orgasms and arousal. It prevents an individual or a couple from being satisfied with their sexual activity. This could lead to distress and serious relationship problems.

In the U.S., female arousal disorder affects more than 40 million women, which makes it a problem that no one should simply sweep under the rug. 

serious relationship problem
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Women of different ages have a chance to develop this kind of problem. Serious illnesses or physical problems can cause some cases. Psychosocial difficulties cause many others. It is important to have this condition diagnosed and treated early. This is to prevent it from causing a great impact on your relationship.

Types Of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

The types of FSD varies, but includes the following:

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  • Decreased Sexual Desire. Libido diminished and sex appetite has gone down tremendously.
  • Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. A woman may have the desire to be aroused.
    The condition will hinder from achieving the arousal during the sexual activity.
  • Orgasm Problems. The woman may be sexually aroused for some time and engage to sexual activity. She may have difficulties in getting to the orgasmic state. This is possible despite the presence of arousal and stimulation.
  • Sexual Pain Disorder. A woman may also experience pain after vaginal contact or getting aroused. 

Six Symptoms Of FSD That Concern Doctors

painWomen of all ages can suffer from the symptoms of FSD. You may have this kind of condition if you experience the symptoms, below:

  • Your drive when it comes to sex has decreased.
  • There is no desire left in you to have sex.
  • You experience pain during sexual intercourse or while doing a sexual activity.
  • You have problems on reaching orgasm.
  • You have difficulties in keeping yourself aroused at the middle of a sexual activity.
  • It is also possible that you cannot be aroused despite the desire to make a sexual contact.

Causes Of FSD

Several factors can cause sexual dysfunction in women including:

  • breast-feedingHormonal Issues. Mothers who recently gave birth are most likely to experience FSD due to hormonal problems.  Labor and breast-feeding leads to vaginal dryness that causes a sudden drop of sexual drive.
  • Physical Issues. Different physical conditions such as pelvic surgeries, over fatigue, stress, headaches, urinary problems, bowel disorders and complications in the nervous system may lead to FSD.
  • Psychosocial Problems. Anxiety and depression can cause a woman to have FSD.
    The stress brought by worrying about pregnancy or relationship issues can cause an impact to your sexual drive.

Risk Factors

Your risk on having FSD will depend on some factors.

  • Kidney or liver failure
  • Heart and circulatory system conditions
  • Nervous system problems
  • Trauma from sexual assault or abuse
  • Psychosocial stress, which may sometimes relate to your current and past relationships.
  • Medications such as antihistamines, antidepressants and blood pressure control medications.

Medical Treatment

doctorsFemale arousal disorder maybe caused by combined emotional, physical and hormonal issues.

Even so, doctors can treat the condition with different medications. Before you get down to the medical procedures, your doctor might recommend you to do the following things:

  • Abstain or gradually reduce the intake of medication that affects your sexual appetite.
  • Cure a hormonal imbalance or condition.
  • Try to recover from stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Look for alternative treatments for pelvic injuries and other pain-related problems.

You can choose between two medical processes, which have undergone testing to prove they’re safe and effective afterwards:

  • vaginal ringLook For Estrogen Therapy. Decreased estrogen level could lead to FSD.
    A few fix on it can solve the problem with your sexual arousal.
    Women can take this in the form of a vaginal ring, tablet or cream.
    Usage of this product can improve the vaginal structure, its blood flow and lubrication.
  • Undergo Androgen Therapy. Testosterone is a hormone, which plays an important role on your sex drive. However, since females have lower testosterones, getting an androgen therapy would help to increase its level. This procedure guarantees a boost on your sexual urge.

Alternative Treatments

Alternative medicine is helpful on countering the effects of FSD. It could bring back the libido for a better sex life.

  • Try Acupuncture. Insertion of extremely thin needles on some points of your body could help you out with some pain disorders. Aside from this, it could also augment your sexual appetite.
  • Do Some Yoga. Additional sexual power and desire is one of the benefits that a woman can get from yoga. Performing a series of postures and other controlled breathing exercises will be able to help you treat FSD.

Home Remedies

AlcoholTo help you out with FSD, you may want to try some changes in your lifestyle. Trying some home remedies will be helpful, as well.

  • Avoid Drinking Alcohol. Drinking in little amounts is fine but excessive intake can surely hurt.
    Abusing your body with too much alcohol will badly affect your sexual responsiveness.
  • Stop Smoking. Smoking affects the blood flow in different parts of the body.
    This leads to lesser blood flow in your sexual organs contributing to a poorer sex drive.
  • Perform More Physical Activities. Aerobic and other forms of exercise can increase your stamina. It improves the structure of your body and it can change your mood.
  • Take Enough Rest. Get rid of stress by relaxing your mind and body. This will enhance your focus and gradually boost your sexual arousal capability.

Female sexual dysfunction is a serious case. Though it won’t directly affect your health, it may cause some issues on your relationship. It limits your capability to enjoy life with the help of sex. Early diagnosis is recommendable to counter the effects and prevent it from getting worse.