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Female Sexual Arousal: 7 Little Ways to Turn Her on Bigtime

Avatar photo 10 years ago 4 minute read

Do you want to experience the craziest sex ever? If so, you would need to give your girl some time to warm up first. Female sexual arousal is an important factor in achieving that intense, mind numbing and spine tingling intercourse that you keep dream of all the time.

Not all women are aware on how to trigger their sexual arousal. This only means that it is important for you as a man to be aware of the techniques towards female sexual arousal. 

So, how can you make her crave for some slamming? It all starts with knowing what kind of girl is your partner. Is she conservative or wild? Once you have successfully figured it out, you can take on the following techniques to wake her horniness up. Stimulate her senses and bring her to that wild orgasm like a pro.

1. Female Sexual Arousal Basics: Know The Signs

Before making a moveBefore making a move, you should learn how to tell with your own eyes whether your girl is hot and hungry for you. This will save you from making worthless efforts.

Sexual satisfaction for women may be hard to understand and achieve. Identifying if what they are acting out is fake or not will add up to the chances of having the best sex ever.

  • Girls Do Fantasize About Sex – Though it may not look like they do, you have to believe this.
    Seeing their shirtless boyfriend in the couch could give a spark of excitement.
    They will start thinking about having sex with you and maybe hope that you will make the first move.

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  • Girls Can Make The First Move – Women sometimes take the initiative and try to insinuate to their partner their longing for lovemaking.
    Leaning heavily on your body or shoulders and rubbing any part of their body against yours may indicate that she is all fired up.
    There are types of girls where they will just utter those three dreamy words: “I want sex.”
  • breastsThey Arch Their Backs – During arousal, girls arouse their backs as a reaction to a pleasing sensation that they received.
    Aside from that, it also amplifies their sensitive parts such as the rears and breasts.
    From that moment, a man can choose between continuing what he was doing or move the session to a different level.
  • They Get Wet – Apart from obviously licking their own lips, another sign of a sexually induced woman is the moistening of their body especially their genitals.
    This contributes to an easier and sloppier intercourse leading to the wildest climax that you could ever imagine.
  • They Make More Moves – Another sign of female sexual arousal is that they reach out and touch.
    They hold their breast, their vagina or their hips.
    There are also some sexy instances when they would hold you back to respond to the pleasure that you are giving them.
    A totally fired up lady wants their man to experience the same euphoria that they are having.

2. Look Your Best

maintaining your physiqueAlthough she may be crazily in love with you, being at your best get up still matters when it comes to sparking off her sexual rod. Aside from looking good, maintaining your physique and having a nice hygiene are also recommended. Make her want to rip your clothes off or jump to your lap once she saw that almost perfect and seductive look.

3. The Power Of Dirty Talk

Just don’t overdo this thing for it to work out perfectly. Dirty talk cranks up the heat and will make her want more.

Think of something exciting to say and speak in a sexy manner. Some women would like it to be daring or masochistic while some would want it to be sweet.

4. Watch Movies

sex toysLike men, women are also visual and it helps to attain female sexual arousal. That rated XXX movie you downloaded is an effective foreplay tool. Apart from the usage of sex toys, these erotic movies never fail to produce great impacts to every woman’s imagination.

5. Use Your Tongue

Tickling with your fingers is good, but doing it with your moist lips and tongue would be better.

Touching or sexily caressing the part of her body, which is rarely discovered, can make her grind her teeth with pleasure.

You find her lost and succumbed to whatever kind of thing that you are doing to her.

Try licking her thighs and back. Slowly move through her legs but be careful not to touch her vaginal part that early.Your mission is to make her beg you to feel it or penetrate through it. Licks, kisses and a couple of flicks on some parts of her body is the best way for her sexual appetite to spike.

6. Message Her Up

Call herThe secret is to find ways on how you can make her to beg for having sex with you. Firing her up before you even get to her unit is a wise move.

Call her up for a phone sex and talk dirty things with her. A perfect way to start is by asking what she was wearing. You can also make use of a video call or SMS.

While at the middle of the virtual sex, pause it for a while and tell her that you will come over. This will boost her excitement that you won’t need to exert more effort to get her in the mood. She will be completely fired up upon your arrival.

7. Play With Her

Erotic games are funny and arousing at the same time. You can make use of sex toys or do some role-playing. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the blast that it would make.

An orgy of ways to trigger female sexual arousal is available to help you achieve an unforgettable sex experience. Work your way on understanding your girl’s desires and use the most applicable way on stimulating her senses.