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7 Surprising Sex Drive Differences Between Guys And Gals

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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. When it comes to sex, there will always be a difference between men and women – or maybe not.

Since time immemorial, men are perceived to want sex all the time. For women, most people think having sex means only when their partner does the dishes, lights those fancy scented candles and scatters rose petals on the bed sheets. So, the question now is, are men and women’s sex drives ever going to be in tune with one another? Is there really a difference between the two?

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Here are seven surprising difference between you and your partner’s sex drive.

1. Guys Think More About Sex Than Gals.

University of Chicago
Photo by Michael Barera / CC BY-SA

Call it human nature, but that’s just how it is. Men are horny most, if not all the time, thanks to their stronger and more straightforward libidos.

According to Edward O. Laumann, PhD, a Sociology professor at the University of Chicago, most men below 60 think about sex at least once a day compared to their female counterparts.

A study was even conducted by a social psychologist at Florida State University and found out that men have more spontaneous sexual arousal and more frequent sexual fantasies than women do.

Still, this doesn’t mean women don’t think about sex, too. Of course they still do. It’s just that a man’s brain towards sex is so strong, that it’s nothing compared to that of women.

2. Guys Want More Sex.

masturbateYou don’t have to be Peter North or Steve Tyler to want lots of sex. Men are born to want more sex – and there are countless studies to prove how horny guys are compared to women.

Even gay guys are not exempted to this since they are still men after all – biologically speaking.

This explains why a lot of men masturbate more compared to women, or why they are more interested with casual sex – just make sure to use protection – or why prostitution has become such a common phenomenon among men.

Men are just hungry sex machines – so much so, that most are willing to do whatever it takes just to get laid.

3. Getting A Lady “In The Mood” For Sex Is More Complicated.

girl-to-girl action
Photo by Marco Gomes / CC BY

Men are specific about what turns them on. Throw in a porn flick with a guy and a girl doing the most outrageous things and you’ll find his guy down there standing straight up.

On the other hand, women are more complicated. Although women can get turned on by male-female sex, they have the same reaction with girl-to-girl action, and even when two guys are having sex.

This is why women are more receptive to same-sex relationships. They have less-directed sex drives, so they can easily fall for someone of the same sex. And admit it guys, you love it when you can watch two girls are in action.

4. Social And Cultural Factors Can Influence A Gal’s Sex Drive.

churchDon’t call them weak, but apparently, a woman’s sex drive is more vulnerable to influence than their male counterparts. Blame the patriarchal society or the sexual expectations from both genders, a woman’s sex drive can be easily influenced by practices and dictates of the society.

For instance, women who go to church regularly have more conservative outlooks on sex. For men, going to church does not, in any way, affect their libidos.

A women’s sex drive can be influenced by the attitudes of their friends or the existing and acceptable sexual practices.

These factors are not applicable to men. In fact, they couldn’t even care less, since all they care about is how to get more sex. For women, they are willing to suppress their desires and conform to the norm required by religion and society.

5. For Guys, Sex Is Simple And Straightforward.

caressedWhen it comes to sex, there are only two options for men: it’s either you like it or you don’t. This is different for women.

There should be anticipation, a story with a plot that will lead to sexual satisfaction.

Women don’t want a guy’s member inside her immediately. They want to be teased, caressed and to feel loved. A women’s desire is more subjective and heavily dependent on emotions and connections.

Still, this doesn’t mean men don’t want love and emotional connection. For them, sex makes that connection. It is their chance to show that they are capable of intimacy and vulnerability. For women, you need to jive first, create a connection, and then have sex.

6. The Guys Reach Orgasm Faster Than The gals.

women who experience orgasm
Photo by Felipe Spina / CC BY

Orgasm is one of the most pleasurable things you’ll ever experience. And when it comes to experiencing it, men and women are different.

On the average, men take four minutes from the point of entry until ejaculation. Too fast, right? There are a number of men who can control to urge to release their juices and if you are one of them, then congratulations to you.

On the other hand, it takes 10 to 11 minutes to reach orgasm – if they do. Apparently, there are only a few women who experience orgasm during sex and end up faking the “big O.” And for most men, you won’t even know they are faking it, since women are so good, they can be great liars, at least when it comes to the orgasm part.

7. A Guy’s Decrease In Libido Can Be Solved Faster By A Prescription.

There’s a reason why Viagra and other drugs are so popular and fast-selling nowadays. Thankfully, a low desire in men can be treated by drugs and pills. Just pop a pill, wait for a few minutes and that’s it. Your manhood is now standing up as if was saluting the president. Unfortunately, that is not the case for women. Even if they find a prescription or product that works, it usually takes longer to show results.

pillsWhy? It all boils down to hormones. Testosterone has been linked to sex drive in both men and women. However, this hormone is more prevalent in men, hence it works faster.

Even if the pills and treatments are effective, it’s not going to be as effective in women compared to their counterparts.

This explains why there are a lot of pills for men, whether FDA-approved prescriptions, or natural products with herbal ingredients, compared to libido enhancement pills for women.

Despite the differences, it is important for partners to work out on their issues in order to make sex more pleasurable. When it comes to this, Provestra can be of great help to women. It is a safe and doctor-recommended daily supplement that is designed to increase a woman’s sexual desire. And it comes with money-back guarantee, too.