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10 Female Fantasies That Keep Her Up All Night

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When it comes to fantasies about sex, women don’t want to get left behind. It may not look like it, but they really have this yearning for something that is unique, tempting and audacious. These wild dreams of sex are most of the times concealed, so it is up to you to find out. Once you discover it, you can obtain the key to keep her satisfied and delirious in bed.

Here are the top 10 female fantasies that can put a woman in a hot frenzy.

 1. Bukkake

sex toys
Photo by Cory Doctorow / CC BY-SA

Bukkake is like an orgy. The different between the two is that an orgy involves many couples having sex at the same place, at the same time.

On the other hand, the bukkake sex act is where multiple men gather around to ejaculate on a single woman or in some cases, another man. Believe it or not, there are times when some women would want to engage to something so dirty as this activity.

Of course you would not want to invite every man in your neighborhood to join you and your partner. To give her the feel of a bukkake, make use of your creativity. Also, this is where sex toys can be very useful.

 2. Sex In Public

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Exhibitionism brings pleasure and thrills at the same time. You may have watched some porn flicks about it.

You also have anticipated that there is no way that your girlfriend is going to like it.

But before you assume anything about it, she might be fantasizing about it already. Some girls are sexually adventurous and they might want to take sex to the next level. The big question is, will you be ready for it?

It is scandalous to just do it in the middle of a busy street. For first timers, you and your girlfriend can try having sex on different parts of the house. Little by little, move to semi-hidden places where there is a possibility for you to get caught. Just be ready for the consequences if ever it happens. Use your smarts and never put yourself in a compromising situation or break the law.

 3. Sex With A Stranger

Photo by Jean KOULEV / CC BY

She is not being unfaithful. Fantasizing of a having sex with a random guy whom she ever met is just normal.

Boys also have the same dreams of bumping a woman across the street and getting laid with her seconds after that.

The thought of having sex with a faceless stranger, no exchanging of names, no strings attached and add up the thrill of putting her life at risk can really shoot up a woman’s desire for sex.

To give her that feeling, surprise her by masking yourself and execute seductive moves to make her want to have sex with you. Role playing can come in handy on fulfilling this kind of fantasy. Try a variety of costumes and accessories. Talk to her and find out what she wants.

 4. Girl-on-Girl

Photo by drdemento / CC BY

Unlike with boys, girl-on-girl sex does not have much to do with their sexuality.

If you really want her to go crazy, act like a girl for a night and don’t make her feel that you have that thing with you.

Show her your feminine side and let her take the lead. Girls secretly want to be the aggressive ones in bed, so give her what she wants. She’ll thank you for it later.

 5. Threesome

Photo by kedai lelaki / CC BY

You and your girlfriend plus another girl or boy in a bed is a very exciting thought. This can be great when it comes to sex, but it may severely impact your relationship.

So, before bringing home your secretary and your best buddy, think of the possible consequences first. The solution to this is role play partnered with a sex toy. Doing it with a sex doll may seem funny, but it can be helpful at times.

 6. Cream Pie

condomCream pie is indeed a turn on for both the guy and the girl. That feeling where in you are at risk of having unwanted pregnancy can shoot your raging hormones up.

If a couple has no intentions of conceiving a baby yet, they can end their sex with an internal cum shot with a condom, or if the woman is taking a birth control pill.

For those older couples, the fear of pregnancy is no longer an issue, so they discover a new-found sexual freedom like never before. STDs are still an issue, though, so be smart and protect yourself.

 7. Teacher And Student Sex

Teacher And StudentThe most fantasized taboo of both men and women is the teacher-student sex.

Its edge from other forbidden sex is that it is not disgusting and morally degrading. Of course don’t bring a high school student home.

Instead, dress up like a professor and start the role play by telling her that she failed in the class. I know you have watched enough porn to know where this kind of conversation is going.

The rest of the story is up to you. You can reverse roles, too – she can be your teacher and you can be her bad student. Change it up, and have fun.

 8. Nurse/Doctor And Patient Sex

Doctors are most of the times handsome, polite and dreamy to have sex with. Their stethoscope and professional outfit adds to their sex appeal.

nurseThe nurses, on the other hand, are really sexy with that white, angelic uniform. Role playing is the best and the only way to do this.

As with the last role playing scenario, you can change this up, so each of you gets to be the “patient.” Have fun and experiment. There are lots of other roles you can do, from the postman or the cab driver, to the butler or the maid. Let your imagination run wild and then drive each other wild.

 9. Lap Dance

Give your girl the sweetest fulfillment by letting her see your erection and horniness as you watch her strip.

Let her do some lap dances on you. Take your time and relax.

Don’t rush things. Just go with the flow and have at it.

 10. Submission

There are so many ways to do this. It could be you dominating her and vice versa. Being in a powerless state brings a lot of questions to a girls head and that shaky feeling all over her body.In cases that she holds the whip, it can give her the sense of fulfillment as she can feel that she has the control for the whole night.

Having fun together in bed
Photo by Kurt Löwenstein Education Center (International Team) / CC BY

Her wildest sex dreams are the key to keep her under your spell.

Know what tickles her the most and come up with ways on how you can execute it for a steamy, long and mind blowing orgasm.

Having fun together in bed is a great way to strengthen your relationship. By fulfilling each other’s sexual needs, you become a closer and happier couple.