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6 Burning Reasons To Have Hot Sex With Your Husband Every Night

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Prior to your marriage, sex for you and your man happened every day, even twice or three times a day. You’ve tried different, unconventional things and had the best sex nearly every time. Then you tied the knot and had kids, and all of a sudden, sex was M-I-A.

Photo by Mic445 / CC BY

Blame it on the kids, the pressures from work and at home or even your husband’s sudden change in hygiene. Sex is just nowhere to be found – and you’re just both still relatively young.

No one is to blame here. Sex is a two-way act and you can’t have sex when the other person is busy snoring or saying “I’m too tired.” So, instead of filing divorce for “irreconcilable differences,” check out these six reasons why you should have sex with your husband and save your relationship from going downhill.

1. Sex Is About Treating Your Husband Like A Man.

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Men are simple. As long as they have a stable job, a nice house to come home to and satisfying sex, they’re fine.

The more you push them away from you, the more they will look for ways to feel they are needed and appreciated.

Before it turns to regret, start treating your husband like he’s the strongest, most responsible and most loving person alive.

Preparing dinner for him won’t hurt, too. Give him a kiss and hug as soon as he gets home from work. Don’t be afraid to reveal your sexy side by, let’s say going out from the shower, naked and wet. If you let him feel you’re game, then he will surely do his best to give you the best sex you deserve.

2. Sex Is A Stress-reliever.

stressThis can be a problem area. Most guys resort to sex to relieve themselves from stress and pressure.

On the other hand, women would rather have a nice bath or read a good book before going to bed to keep their sanity intact. So, why not meet halfway?

After a long, nice bath, why don’t you tease your husband for some sexy time by going out naked or ask him to rub lotion on your body?

Or ask him if he can join you for a shower and let the magic happen there. Or give each other a sensual massage with scented candles setting the mood in your room? You finally feel relieved from your stress and at the same time, you’ve had wonderful sex with your husband. It’s a win-win situation for you both.

3. Sex Keeps The Relationship Healthy.

RelationshipTrust, open communication, respect and love are only some of the many things that should be included on your relationship checklist. But that doesn’t stop there.

You need to translate those emotions into sex to keep your marriage moving forward, progressing and evolving.

You might say that it’s just sex and there are better ways to show how much you love and care for your husband. Still, you can’t deny the fact that sex and intimacy go together, because it’s focused on how in tune and synchronized you two are – and it’s not just in bed.

At the same time, it can be a reminder for both of you that the boy you fell in love with, the boy who made your heart skip a beat and the boy you said “I do” to is still there, waiting for the girl, the younger you, to find him again.

4. Sex Gets Better And Better.

sexual experiencesYou know why they always say “practice makes perfect?” Because it does, and doing something regularly helps you keep getting better and better each day.

The same goes with sex. The more often you get in between the sheets with your husband, the more you’ll be surprised with how much you two have improved as a sexual couple.

Sex is a commitment. Just like exercise. If you don’t commit yourself to train or run or lift weights everyday, then don’t expect to build muscles or become leaner and stronger. Apply that concept in sex.

Everyday, you get to do things you don’t normally do, try out different positions and even master certain positions that bring pleasure to both of you. And believe it or not, your sexual experiences will just get better.

5. Sex Keeps Those Crazy Creative Juices Flowing.

kissing and caressing each other
Photo by David Martyn Hunt / CC BY

Did you know that sex is the ultimate creative act? This doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to get tied up or put whatever things in each other’s holes.

Sex is about discovering and continuing to discover you and your husband’s sexuality – whether in looking for new positions to try or as simple as kissing and caressing each other.

Being a woman means taking different roles, sometimes conflicting with each other. Whatever role you take, it is important to still connect with your sexuality and embodying it, so you can have a fully engaged, fun and creative life.

The good news is sex can help you in this department. And you might be surprised with how much difference sex can make in terms of keeping you creative both in and out of the bed.

6. Sex Is Great Fun And Super-Pleasurable.

Photo by Steven Depolo / CC BY

It’s as simple as that. Why would you not want to subject your body with something that’s highly pleasurable – in a good way, of course? And the best part? It’s all yours for free.

You don’t have to spend your hard-earned money for shoes and bags that won’t even last all that long. You don’t need to buy expensive food just to make yourself feel better. Sex is everything rolled into one, and it’s a good one, too.

Plus, it’s easier to say “Yes honey” than “Not tonight,” without hurting your husband’s feelings. He’s only human, too, and he has certain needs that only you can address.

supplementMore importantly, having sex with your husband every night can heal everything. It makes your relationship stronger and you give each other a chance to unfold everything about you two, despite being married for so long. Fine, there may be good days and bad days that you just want to lie down and be alone.

Still, in those good days, don’t forget to use Provestra. This safe and doctor-endorsed daily supplement will help you not just want more sex, but actually enjoy it more, no matter what your age is or how long you’ve been married. Life is good.