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Bye Bye Kegels: 7 Key Facts About Lifting Weights With the Vagina

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By definition, muscles are body tissue. They consist of long cells that contract every time they are stimulated. They are also attached at either end to a fixed point and capable of producing motion.

Muscles are an important part of your body. That’s why it’s no surprise that athletes and fitness experts target them through different muscle building, strength training and toning exercises, because they are there for an important reason. Without muscles, we couldn’t move, but did you know that you also have muscles down south, too?

Kegel exercisesYes, ladies, you have important muscles in your va-jay-jay. One of the most common exercises recommended for women, regardless of their age are Kegel exercises.

They tone your pelvic floor muscles, not just to help your uterus get back into its pre-pregnancy state, but also to help you get stronger and more mind-blowing orgasms.

Apparently, some women have taken the toning of pelvic floor muscles to the next level. This is something relatively new called vaginal weightlifting. As creepy as it sounds, here are seven things you should know about vaginal weightlifting, plus a preview of what you can lift with your vagina.

1. Vaginal Weightlifting Defined

healthy vaginaVaginal weightlifting is a strength training exercise that triggers contractions of the pelvic floor muscles to enable you to lift objects, no matter how heavy they are.

It is also a practice that focuses on the health and well-being of your area down there since a strong, healthy vagina means better orgasms. Just like the ordinary weightlifting, vaginal weightlifting means you hang a weight from your vagina.

There is trend in the world of Instagram these days in the form of hashtag, #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina. It is a series of posts from holistic sex coach and vaginal weightlifter, Kim Anami. It that shows her lifting almost anything using her area down there.

2. Vaginal Weights Are Doctor-Approved

Have you seen the posts already? Before you cringe, you should know that vaginal weights are real. In fact, doctors actually approve and recommend them.Women have to go through different stages in life that can affect the health of the nether region. An example of this is pregnancy and childbirth.

If you had vaginal deliveries, the area down south could be weaker, more relaxed and a bit loose. Kegel exercises could help you get your vagina back to its healthy state. However, not all women are doing the Kegels the right way.

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This is why doctors recommend doing Kegels and giving vaginal weights a try. It helps strengthen the vaginal walls and gives sexual pleasure an instant boost.

Vaginal weights come in variety of sizes, shapes and weights. Start with something light and carry it around for a while. Once you are ready, move on to the next.

3. Exploring The Equipment

There are different types of equipment you can use to carry out vaginal weightlifting. One of the pieces of equipment you can use is a vaginal cone. Developed by Plevnik and friends, a vaginal cone is a medical device shaped and designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It also helps restore regular bladder functions on women with urinary stress incontinence.

Silicon balls are another option you can use with this technique. These balls are inserted directly in your vagina and come in three different sizes: 1.9, 2.6 and 3.5 ounces. Once inside your vagina, squeeze, and then release. However, a popular type of vaginal weightlifting equipment are jade eggs.

weightsThese are oval serpentine objects that come in three different sizes, which correspond according to your level of expertise in vaginal weightlifting.

Simply insert one egg inside while you are still trying to get used to it. Try it one egg at a time to be safe.

Don’t forget to attach a string on the jade egg so you can pull it out easier. This will also help you lift different things such as fruits, cold-pressed juices, weights, donuts and even a surfboard, among many others.

4. Benefits Of Vaginal Weightlifting

What is the fuss over vaginal weightlifting all about? According to the loyal proponents and practitioners, there is a good reason to be excited about them. Here are some of the benefits you could get from lifting weights using your vagina.

  • You Will Have Better And More Orgasms. Vaginal weightlifting tones and strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. This results in an increase in blood flow and makes you more sensitive down there.
    As a result, you will experience better orgasms that are both mind and body altering. This means your orgasms are longer and more intense than ever before.
  • Makes The Pelvic Floor StrongerIt Makes The Pelvic Floor Stronger. You are not supposed to push something in your vagina. In fact, it has to pull something into itself.
    The “sipping” exercise you get from practicing with different vaginal weights helps you activate certain sensations down there.
    At the same time, it allows you to reconnect with your vagina’s natural pulling reflex.
  • It Improves Dexterity. Dexterity is your body’s ability to isolate muscles in your pelvic floor and use such muscles individually, together or in sequence. This could provide a different kind of sensation for your partner, which he will absolutely love. Vaginal weightlifting could do that because it converts your vagina into a living mouth and not just a tube where you can put something inside.
  • It Improves Your Sex Life. Aside from better, longer and more orgasms, vaginal weightlifting also increases circulation in the vaginal canal. This could lead to better lubrication and add more comfort in the bedroom. It also gives your libido a boost and makes sex more pleasurable, too.
  • It Is A Natural Facelift. You might find this weird since how can a toned pelvic floor muscles give you a facelift. Keep in mind that every time you strengthen and tone your muscles down south, you are also able to create an energetic lift and distribute it all over your body. This means it could circulate and go up on your face. At least no more expensive Botox or facelift products, don’t you think?

5. Tips On How To Do Vaginal Weightlifting

TipsDespite these benefits, it is important that you do this type of exercise with safety and caution in your mind. To help you ensure your safety, here are five things you need to remember to lift vaginal weights successfully.

  • Lie Down First. The best and simplest way to practice with your jade egg or any vaginal weights equipment is to do this lying down. Your pelvic floor muscles and vagina are not yet used to foreign objects inside. Plus, you don’t want the egg dropping while you’re standing, right?
  • Don’t Rush. It is normal to feel excited. However, this routine is focused on the process and not just the goal. Keep it slow and steady and follow the right pace.
    It will take months before you could get two eggs inside at the same time and lift heavy objects. Take it easy.
  • Don’t Forget The Thread. This helps you remove the egg easily. A thin string or unflavored dental floss will do.
  • Exhaling and releasing the muscle is an important practice. Too much contractions could lead to orgasm while too little won’t change anything. Therefore, relax and release.
  • Be Your Own Benchmark. You might heard of Russian woman Tatyana Kozhevnikova, current holder of the “World’s Strongest Vagina” where she carried 31 pounds with it. Before you aim for that title, make sure to test yourself, set your own goals and still know your limitations. Pacing is important. Once you are used to a certain weight, move on to the heavier ones.

6. Vaginal Weightlifting Vs Kegels

Vaginal Weightlifting Vs KegelsGiven all these information and what you know about Kegel exercises, the question now is which method is better in strengthening your pelvic muscles? The answer is that it depends on the situation.

Doctors recommend vaginal weights especially when the situation calls for it; however, this doesn’t mean Kegels are not enough.

The truth is Kegels work to strengthen your vaginal muscles without putting yourself at risk. The reason why they don’twork is either you are suffering from pelvic floor damage, or you are doing the routine incorrectly.

On the other hand, vaginal weightlifting has its shining moments, too. You can lift almost anything using your vaginal muscles; however, there are safety precautions to remember and you must do them in moderation. To be safe, stick with Kegel exercises. If you insist on giving vaginal weights a try, make sure to discuss it with your doctor, so they can provide you with tips, such as important do’s and don’ts in vaginal weightlifting.

7. What The Experts Are Saying

What The Experts Are SayingKegel exercises and vaginal weightlifting could be beneficial to you, especially in bed; however, a woman’s libido is multifaceted.

This means your sex drive depends on various factors, such as physical, psychological and even relationship status.

It is not solely dependent on the strength and proper toning of your vaginal muscles, although this factor plays an important role as well.

The best way to go about vaginal weightlifting is to do it lightly and in moderation. Yes, vaginal weights could address issues like urinary incontinence, organ prolapse and weak pelvic floor muscles due to the strain of pregnancy and childbirth.

Still, this doesn’t mean you are invincible. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use this type of exercise device wisely.