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13 Surprising Things Women Don’t Know About Their Own Orgasms

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According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, orgasm is the point in sexual activity wherein sexual pleasure is at its strongest. It is the height of sexual arousal followed by semen ejaculation in men and vaginal contractions in women.

Orgasm is one of the best things you could experience in your life. It may take a while before you get it, but those few seconds of pleasure assures your partner that he is doing it right this time. However, orgasm is more than just vaginal contractions and juices coming out of your area down there. Believe it or not, there is more to big O than that.

Prepare to be amazed. Here are 15 facts you don’t know about orgasm that will surely blow your mind.

1. You Don’t Need Your Genitals

achieve orgasmPeople will tell you that you need to use the area down south to get that big O. Not all the time. Contrary to popular belief, you could achieve orgasm even without touching your genitals.

This is because orgasm is a reflex of the autonomic nervous system, a part of the nervous system responsible for things you cannot consciously control.

Have you heard of the woman that orgasms every time she brushes her teeth? There was something wrong with her complex sensory-motor action, which is why she orgasms every time she brushes her teeth. Aside from her, people with spinal cord injuries experience the big O because of increased sensitivity in the area, right above the injury.

2. There Are Different Ways To Cross The Finish Line

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In the career ladder, there is only no way but up. Ina running event, you only have to stay in your lane, as you cross the finish line. However, reaching orgasm is different. It is the same as exploring all possible options to reach point B from point A.

Clitoral orgasm is the most common way to reach climax. Still, this doesn’t mean it is your only option.Blended orgasm, vaginal orgasm and multiple orgasms are also part of the orgasm list. You can even attain orgasm through nipple stimulation. If you can, try them all and see what works best for you.

3. You Can Orgasm Even If You Are Brain-Dead

Yes, you read that right. Even Science agrees that you can still orgasm even if you are dead. By dead, this means you are legally dead or brain-dead but the respirator keeps you going. The respirator supplies oxygen on your organs – something you need to make orgasm happen. If someone triggers the right spot, you will experience a reflex that triggers orgasm. This is known as the Lazarus reflex.

4. Oral Sex Could Make You Orgasm

Orgasm is generous. Even if it takes time to give you the best pleasure you deserve, you can still have it, especially when the situation calls for it. In that case, oral sex is one of the best ways you could get off. Vaginal sex could make you reach climax. However, not all women find it easy and convenient due to a lack of clitoral stimulation.

best pleasure you deserveThis is where the important of oral sex comes in. It allows exploration of the area down south and focus on the most sensitive area in your genitals.

You can do oral sex sideways, while standing up, you on top as he lies on the bed, or even while you are wearing your clothes. The important thing is getting the proper stimulation.

5. The Duration Of Your Orgasms

Here’s a simple task for you. During your steamy session with your man and as soon as you hit the climax, count how long your orgasm will last. This is because an average orgasm could last up to 20 seconds. What happens during the 20 seconds where everything else seems so blank?

You have rhythmic contractions every 0.08 seconds. If you want stronger contractions, do Kegel exercises. It will surely change the way you orgasm, in a good way of course.

6. There Is A Thing Called “Coregasm.

You know that doing Kegels regularly could bring excellent results down south. Did you know that there are certain abs workouts that could make you climax?

doing Kegels regularlySince time immemorial, there are urban myths about women reaching climax while working out in the gym. This turns out to be true and is called coregasm.

This happens when your body releases dopamine and endorphins, hormones necessary for orgasm, during exercise then combines with the tension in your abs and lower extremities. The tension buildup in your legs could also be another reason, thereby leading to clitoral stimulation. In case you noticed a tingling, tightening feeling down there, you know the culprit.

7. Have You Heard Of “Anorgasmic?”

Aside from coregasm, there is another concept you need to learn – anorgasmic. Anorgasmic is a condition that describes a woman’s inability to reach climax despite all your man’s hard efforts. In fact, it affects as many as 10 to 15 percent of women.

If you find it hard to orgasm, thendon’t give up too easily. Various orgasm obstacles might be getting in your way, such as health issues, body hang-ups, too much alcohol, trauma, or lack of body understanding. If none of these bothers you, consider talking to a doctor to find out what’s wrong.

8. The Noisier, The Better

sexual energyThere is a reason why porn stars scream at the top of their lungs when they climax.

Aside from the director’s instructions, it turns out that the amount of noises you make in bed is a key to an awesome orgasm.

In tantric sex, high-pitched noises distribute your sexual energy to your head, throat and chest while low-pitched noises are concentrated down there. On your next steamy session, make sure to switch up your sounds to get that amazing full body orgasm.

9. Women In Relationships Have More Orgasms

According to research, women who are in a relationship have a better chance of getting an orgasm than those who prefer casual hookups. The reason for this is quite obvious. Coupled-up women are more open when it comes to matters between the sheets. Women are more comfortable, which makes it easier to reach climax.

On the other hand, these concerns in bed are something you don’t discuss with a guy you just met three hours ago in the club. This leads to an orgasm gap and makes it difficult for you to get that big O.

10. Orgasm Makes You More Honest

health benefitsOrgasm has many health benefits. In fact, it triggers the release of the good kind of hormones such as endorphins.

Aside from this, there is another hormone released after the big O – oxytocin.

It is feel-good neurochemical, which makes you feel trusting and encourages spooning. This is also the reason why you become more open to your man after that steamy session.

Honesty breeds an excellent foundation for any relationship. Although this trait is encouraged in relationships, make sure to keep your mouth shut during hookups. This could scare the guy and make him feel that you are taking things to the next level – even if he’s not yet ready for that.

11. Your Mental Health Affects Your Ability To Orgasm

One of the things that are difficult to get away with is stress. Whatever you do, it will always find a way to haunt you and ruin not just your mood, but also your overall health. However, there is a line between acceptable stress and too much stress.

Acceptable stress means you have normal stress levels and still allows you to experience physical arousal and orgasm. On the other hand, high stress levels could inhibit you to cross the finish line and affect your physical arousal in a negative way.

Learn to manage stress to prevent it from ruining your ability to climax.

12. Not All Positions Are Orgasm-Friendly

sex positionsHave you noticed how you are able to orgasm in position A but not in position B? This is because not all sex positions are orgasm-friendly. Take the case of missionary style. How many times have you climaxed in that position?

If you want to experience orgasm, then doggy style is the best. It is one of the best O-inducing sex positions because it stimulates your clitoris. It also stimulates your g-spot, a sensitive spot inside your vaginal wall. If you are not a fan of doggie-style, then woman on top is also orgasm-friendly.

13. The Older You Are, The Better The Orgasm

orgasm gets better as you ageYes, you read that right. Contrary to popular belief, orgasm gets better as you age.

Based on a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, women in the age group between 80 and 99 are more sexually satisfied than younger women.

Women who are in this category may not be as quick and are less flexible; however, less to no performance anxiety and better familiarity with bodies are two of the many reasons why older women love to perform. So, don’t worry about getting older and losing your sexual prowess.

Orgasm is more than just giving pleasure after that steamy session with your man. Don’t take it for granted. Instead, embrace them and learn as much as you can about them, and your body.