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5 Ways To Make Your Wife Crave Sex

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Here’s a common scenario: You’ve been married for 15 years. You have a stable job that can support your family while your wife stays at home and keeps the kids and the house clean.

You go out on a date when time permits and you try your best to surprise her with gifts every birthday, wedding anniversary and Christmas. Despite your efforts to make your wife feel loved and appreciated, you wonder why she doesn’t want to have sex with you.

worryingSo what’s going on? The answer is simple. Maybe you’re not connecting well with her.

You don’t expect her to give you a lap dance just because you gave her a diamond ring, right? And just because you’re horny, that doesn’t mean she should want it, too.

So before your brain cells pop out from worrying and trying to figure out what went wrong, here are five ways to make your wife want to have sex with you – and often.

1. You’re A Grown Boy. Act Like A Man.

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Your wife married you because she loves you and wants to grow old with you. She dreamed of having a richer, more meaningful life with you, taking one milestone and adventure at a time.

She didn’t marry you, and surely no girl would, so you can have a personal baby sitter.

And no, she doesn’t need to pick up your clothes, make coffee for you, or prepare your meals while you lie down and watch another episode on the History Channel

Be a man. You’re in it for life, so make sure you do your part. Cook dinner, change diapers, wash the dishes, put the kids to sleep – these are also your responsibility, not just hers.

And if you ever find yourself taking care of the kids while you wife is away, so she can attend to herself too, please give her a break. The last thing she needs is text or call from you asking where she is and what time she’ll get home when she’s only been away for five minutes.

2. Give Her Some Time – Alone.

time and space for herselfEven a robot or computer needs a rest. It’s time to give your wife some too, so she can have her sanity back.

Your wife needs some time and space for herself, no matter how short it may be.

Her schedule is already packed with work, household chores, kids, play dates and even attending to your needs. The least you can do for her is to let her have time for herself, even for a few minutes, to help her relax and regain her energy.

And when she does get some alone time, please let her do her thing and don’t ask her to bring the kids with her. This is her time alone, so stop bombarding her about the kids and the mess they made or what to do when your tot poops. For heaven’s sake, and going back to Tip No. 1, you are an adult now. For sure, you can handle your kid’s messes.

3. Two Words: Listen And Remember.

Women are not asking for too much here. When you guys decide to talk about anything over dinner, make sure you do two things: listen to her and remember what she says.

birthdaysBy listening, this means paying attention to her, no matter how boring her day went.

Listen to her concerns, issues – no matter how shallow it may seem to you, what she wants to do with her life and practically anything that comes out of her mouth.

You need to make her feel that she is important and worth it, not just a stopover you can glance upon everyday.

At the same time, remember. This includes everything she says, or at least majority of it, birthdays, anniversaries, her favorites and even the story of how you two first met.

Also, don’t forget the kind of person she is whom you fell in love with or the hopes and dreams she wishes to meet someday – with you by her side. When everything else is not going well for her, you need to remember and remind her who she is and what she hopes to become.

4. Clean Up And Take Her Out On A Date.

give her a kissJust because you’ve been married for 10 years, that doesn’t mean you should stop spending time as a couple.

Women want to feel that they are still courted and desired, despite the many years you’ve been together, the boyfriend-girlfriend years not included.

And this means bringing her out on a date, at least once or twice a month.

Shave, dress up nicely, put on your best-smelling perfume and ask her out on a date. It doesn’t have to be fancy all the time, but at least you get to spend time alone together. Hold hands, compliment her looks, and give her a kiss whenever you can.

Make her feel that once upon a time, you are that guy she fell in love with. Before you leave, make out in the car. It will keep you both excited.

5. Pay Attention To Her Needs – Sexually.

hot sex
Photo by Jacob Appelbaum / CC BY-SA

Assuming you’ve fulfilled these four tips and you finally succeeded in making her crave sex, you need to take note of this last tip. Pay extra attention to what she wants when it comes to hot sex.

The female orgasm is a complicated thing.You need to keep her excited, but not giving in completely and create a momentum, but not too long that it might bore her before you can finally take off and get that big O.

And just because you’ve been watching too much porn, no thanks to your lack of sex, don’t expect your wife to perform that way, too – although if she wants to, why not, right?

Women want an emotional connection, intimacy and the feeling of being loved even while having sex – which is why the listening tip will be helpful when it comes to your wife’s needs and preferences.

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