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5 Effectively Easy Ways to Help Your Lady Deal with Vaginal Atrophy

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Chances are that if you have a woman in your life, then her physical issues constantly mystify you. For example, what are these ridiculous cramps she complains of, and why do they seem to render her physically unable to move?

educating yourselfWhile it may be difficult for women to communicate their womanly symptoms to the men in their lives, we will try out best to directly communicate one very troubling issue: vaginal dryness.

On the surface, it affects you because her sexual drive and desires have more than likely ceased all together.

Perhaps the woman in your life has not even mentioned that she is experiencing vaginal dryness. It is important to understand that this is a delicate issue for the lady in your life, and educating yourself on this topic is the first commendable step.

Before we discuss the various ways that you can help her handle vaginal dryness, here is a list of different things we feel you should know about how vaginal dryness affects both you and the woman in your life:

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  1. She May Feel Embarrassed To Tell You She Is Experiencing These Symptoms. As a woman, she may feel that vaginal lubrication is a sign of sexual wants and desires.
    Therefore, if she tells you that she cannot possibly make this happen, then you may feel that she is not that into you.
    It is important that you understand this concept, because this may be one of the reasons why she has not brought up the topic with you.
  2. It Is Not That She Is Not Into You. Vaginal dryness, or vaginal atrophy, is a symptom caused by a drop in estrogen. She is not in direct control of her estrogen levels, and some major life events, such as giving birth or menopause can cause this drop. After experiencing this drop in estrogen, the lady of your life has to now manage it, and possibly fix it.
  3. lubricantThe Fix Takes Time. No, simply adding lubricant during sex will not just make this all go away.
    Sure, it may be a temporary or short-term fix, but understand that sex may still be painful for her.
    Perhaps it even makes her feel worse after, because at the end of the day her genitals are still painfully dry.
    This symptom of vaginal atrophy causes our genitals to become susceptible to infections, and a vaginal infection allows for no sex.
  4. She Will Appreciate You Becoming Involved In This Issue. Dealing with vaginal atrophy, as cliché as it may sound, can take a toll on a woman. As we have said, it can be embarrassing and she may take it all on herself. Therefore, as her partner, it is pertinent that you become involved.

So, how exactly can you become involved? Here are our five simple strategies for you to help the woman in your life handle her vaginal dryness.

1. Let Her Know That You Know

Communication in any relationship is key. Therefore, communicating with her is the very first step in helping her handle vaginal dryness.

you have researched the topicLet her know that you have researched the topic on your own, and that you now have a solid understanding of the symptoms.

While you cannot possibly understand them completely, unless of course you, too, have a vagina, then you need to tactfully let her know that you can now empathize with the situation.

Open up the issues and let her know that you have noticed her drop in sexual desire, but that you want to help her. Explain that while you are affected, you also understand that this must be greatly affecting her, too.

Ask her how she feels. Perhaps vaginal dryness is not even the issue, and you need to then tackle something else. You will never know until you open up about the issues you two are experiencing.

If she does admit that she is experiencing vaginal dryness, then let her know that it is a common issue many women face and simple, effective solutions are available. There is a possibility that you know more than her about this topic. Certainly, reading this article will help you improve your knowledge of vaginal atrophy.

2. Ask Her What She Wants to Do

her vaginaWhile it is true that you are a team, a couple, and that you should do things together, it is also true that this is her vagina.

You may want her to seek hormone therapy as that is practically guaranteed to work, but she may want a less invasive and more natural therapy.

Or perhaps it is the other way around: she may want an immediate result, whereas you are now knowledgeable enough to know that there are simple solutions that can be tried first.

Asking her what she wants to do is pivotal in this situation. Any woman who is considered your life partner should include you in this thought process by asking you what you think she should do, but it is important to remember that she ultimately makes the decision. Her vagina–her choice.

Not only does she hold the power of the final decision, but she also deserves your support on the matter.

3. Support Her Decision

Support Her Decision
Photo by tanjila ahmed / CC BY

It is important that you stand behind the decisions she is making. After all, if you have discussed the issue and you do not both agree then inarguably more trouble will arise.

If she has decided to try some natural home remedies, then you need to support this decision and understand that they all may not work right away.

One of the most important things to consider is the urge for sexual intimacy. Chances are that she also wants to have sexual intercourse, but you must remember to not push the topic unless she feels comfortable and ready. Besides, there are other options other than vaginal intercourse; however, we also recommend that you do not push any of these on her either. That may not end well.

However, we guarantee that both of you are interested in keeping your sexual intimacy intact. Therefore, this is actually something that you can do to help her with her vaginal dryness.

4. Keep the Intimacy Alive

Keep the Intimacy Alive
Photo by you me / CC BY

One of the biggest issues with a couple dealing with vaginal dryness is that the sexy disappears.

There is no need for the sexy to go away; instead, make new things sexy.

Keep your attraction alive, so that when she and her member feel better, which they definitely will with all of the natural options available, there is still a spark between the two of you.

You could provide her with vaginal massages. Many natural, essential oils can be directly applied to the vagina. Tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, and sesame oil can all be dabbed onto a cotton pad then rubbed gentle onto the vaginal lips. Instead of having her do this on her own, you could help. Make it sensual; you can still kiss and caress her without vaginal penetration, right?

5. Educate Her on Her Options

various treatmentOther than these sensual massages, there are many other options available for the lady in your life to combat vaginal dryness. Once you two are comfortable discussing the issue together, then you can open up these various treatment methods with her.

  • Suppositories: Some suppositories are available over-the-counter, such as vitamin E, while others are only available through prescription.
    This is a conversation that she can bring up with her doctor, but let her know that vaginal suppositories are quite common. They are engineered to be slippery for easy insertion, and they can be taken at bedtime so that they work primarily overnight.
  • The Importance of Lube and Moisturizers: We already mentioned some natural moisturizers for you to help her with, like tea tree oil.
    However it is important that she realize she needs more lubrication and moisturizers. What is the difference?
    Lubricants are for during sexual activity, and moisturizers are for all other times of the day. Don’t use moisturizers as lubricants, because this will not be comfortable for her, and possibly you as well.
  • salmonWatch Her Diet: Adequate hydration is necessary for a healthy vagina, so ensure that she is not dehydrated. Remember that eight to ten eight ounce glasses of water are recommended per day.

Also, various nutrients and ingredients can actually help her vaginal health. Ingredients and foods such as olive oil, salmon, coconut oil and anything with omega-3 fatty acids can help her vagina lubricate naturally.

  • Alternative Supplements Are Available and Safe: Before consulting a physician for medication, it is possible to experiment with natural supplements first. Companies such as Provestra.com offer women with a safe and effective means for an entirely new sex life.

Women claim that their purchase of a supplement, like Provestra, has changed their sex life entirely. Orgasms are more common and enjoyable, sexual desire has increased, and of course vaginal lubrication is no longer an issue. Let your lady know that natural supplements like Provestra are available online.

supplementIt is essential for any couple to experience and tackle difficult situations together. No one should ever experience a health issue alone, and vaginal dryness is no exception.

Remember that this is a difficult topic for her and she may be embarrassed at first; assure her that you are now educated on the topic and you will help her every step of the way.

Vaginal atrophy is very common and easily dealt with, so we guarantee that your sex life will be better than ever after you build on your bond together by enduring this issue together. She will be grateful for it, and we are sure this will show in the bedroom.