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14 Small Everyday Things That Have a Big Effect on Your Sex Life

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Unlike men, a woman’s sex life may vary and most of it depends on her mood and views toward sex. You see, most women invest a fraction of their emotions during sex for them to feel and enjoy the act more. That means no plainly physical, one-nighters– at least for the majority of the women.

psychological stateYour psychological state affects your sex drive greatly. You’ve probably noticed that if you had a stressful and draining day,
sex might be a little less appealing compared to sleep – or it could be the other way around, again depending on your view on sex.

The point is, there are many little things that can affect your sex drive. If you’re not careful, it can alter your sex life entirely.

There are small daily routines you do or feel that you might not think is affecting you or your libido, but as you can imagine, it actually does. Before you know it, you’ve turned your back completely on sex. Don’t let that happen. Here are 14 small everyday things to watch out for that can have a big effect on your sex life.

1. Taking Medications

Taking MedicationsTaking contraceptive pills or maintenance medications for your health conditions may affect your sex drive.

This is because some of these medications affect the balance of your hormones which affects your libido.

Thus, you may notice that your cravings and body routines may change, too. This depends on your reaction to medications.

If you see a noticeable change in your behavior when taking medication, it is best to seek the help of your doctor. This way, you can both isolate the cause of the behavior change and quite possibly change your meds, as well.

2. Your Thoughts

It is in the normal function of a woman to be keen on details.

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Maybe it was brought about by the many years of discrimination to women, but it came out with something positive – women’s ability to be organized and to think of every detail.

This is why sometimes you lack the drive to have sex because of the other important things that you think about like work, the kids, dinner and all other stuff that you have to do at home.

The best thing to get through this is through relaxation. Make time for yourself. It may seem impossible with your entire to-do list but it’s something that you need to do so you can clear your mind and bring the sex goddess out again.

3. Emotional Stability

emotionsMen have emotions, too and they have to keep their emotions in check, as well.

However, it has always been a known fact that women are a lot more emotional than men.

This is only because women are more capable of expressing their emotions. Although being able to express yourself is a good thing, it may have a downside effect on your sex life.

Your emotional stability is something you can control. Don’t be too sensitive, for instance. You have to always think that being emotional about something – especially something negative – will get you nowhere. It may even make matter worse.

4. Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle
Photo by Maia Valenzuela / CC BY

One of the biggest factors affecting your sex life is your menstrual cycle. And not only that.

This goes as far as your ovulation periods and anywhere in between, where your hormones go on hyper-drive.

Your menstrual cycle is also responsible in regulating your happy hormones and your sex hormones. So, if your menstrual cycle is a little crazy, then it will have a big impact on your sex life, as well.

If you are experiencing problems with your cycle, and its regularity, and you experience something that is not supposed to be normal, it is best to consult your gynecologist to address it right away and save you sex life.

5. Your Pets

Your PetsThis is not an appeal against pets. Pets are your friends, your companions and yes, they are your family.

However, studies reveal that having pets can also affect your sex life. This is probably brought by the fact that, like having kids, your attention is divided.

The best thing you can do is to equally divide your time and attention to your partner, and to your home buddies. No one’s to blame here. Just good old friendly competition.

6. The Food You Eat

oystersSeeking to improve your sex life? It’s a good thing there are these food we call “aphrodisiacs.” Food like oysters, alcohol and chocolate are known to increase your sex hormones and make you crave more love-making. If you feel like you are losing your sexual cravings, just ingest some champagne and dark chocolate to get yourself in the mood again.

7. Smoking

SmokingWe all know that smoking is bad for your health, and with good reason. Smoking kills your healthy cells, and therefore alters the regulation of your blood and hormones.

To look at it in a more scientific stand point, smoking can significantly decrease the regulation of hormones – including your sex hormones – which can impact your sex drive.

The best thing to do here is to avoid cigarettes and stop smoking altogether. Smoking has never been and will never, ever be good for you. If you find it is too hard to quit, ask your doctor for help. There are patches, gums and pills to quell your cravings and help you quit slowly and permanently.

8. Your Job

Your JobYour job plays a big role on your emotional and psychological stability.

If you love your job, you always come home happy no matter how stressful the day may be.

The opposite also drives the negative side of it. Needless to say, your job will also affect your cravings for sex.

While we live in a reality that we can’t really choose what job we want, it can be good to pep talk yourself into being content and happy with the job that you have right now. You can also make plans to get a better or a different job, such as going back to school or volunteering to get the experience you need. That will give you a clearer perspective which in turn, will give you more time to think about sex.

9. Your Current Financial Standing

Your Current Financial StandingBills here, payments there – every day is a struggle to pay something.

These are necessities and these will affect your view on life, which impacts your sex drive, too.

To put it simply, you can’t be thinking about sex if you are experiencing financial strains and stresses.

It is best to balance your finances to avoid having problems and over-thinking them. This will give you the freedom to think about and enjoy sex again.

10. Technology And Social Media

Technology And Social MediaIt’s both a bitter and sweet thing how technology and social media has changed the world today.

You will find that you and your partner sometimes sleep in the same bed, but do not really sleep in there together because you are both too busy looking at your gadgets and dishing out the latest news on social media.

Set a rule to keep your gadgets away while you are in bed. This should be your time together and no other thing – not even the latest on Hollywood – should be able to get in between that.

11. The Books You Read

The Books You ReadAgain, your emotional and psychological stability affects your sex drive greatly. This includes the books that you choose to read.

Although sometimes the romance novels will make you more in love and crave more lovemaking, but there are also books that can make you feel bitter towards love, happiness and sex.

How are you going to overcome that? Reading is good. Reading is a great investment. However, as for the fiction romance that you so love, don’t let them get to your head.

12. Watching Movies Or TV

Watching Movies Or TVThere are two ways that watching movies or television can affect your sex life.

One, you can get so engrossed with a series that you forget to have time with your partner.

Two, again with the implications of what you watch on your emotional stability. Both ways, although small, can contribute to your sex drive.

It would be best to watch movies or TV with your partner. It’s a good way to bond and to share your time together, which can lead to a lot of lovemaking sessions.

13. Your Physical State

Your Physical StateYour health also matters to your sex life. If you are too frail and thin, you might not be able to keep up with your partner. If you are on the plus-size side, there are also implications to your sex life. The bottom line is that it is always good to be healthy. Turns out, your health is not only your wealth, but also your key to a busy sex life.

14. Self confidence

Self confidenceYour self confidence and how you view yourself is one of the greatest keys as to how your sex life will turn out.

It is always a good thing to know what you like and don’t like.

It’s even better if you are confident enough to talk about these things with your partner. Your confidence in your body – no matter what your size may be – is also good for your sex drive.

Yes, you may have a far more complicated and longer checklist to review before you decide whether you want to have sex tonight or not. There is nothing wrong with that – well, at least not until it changes your whole perspective on sex, which will also affect your sex life. This is where you need to be careful, because it does not only affect you, but it also affects your partner and your relationship, too.