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10 Steps to Giving Your Man the Perfect Lap Dance

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Have you always had that fantasy of giving your man one hot and sizzling lap dance? The only problem is that you aren’t the most skilled and most sexiest dancer on the block. If this is the case, you really don’t have to worry all too much. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to make your man feel hot and heavy with your own personal lap dance.

confidence in getting the job done rightAll it really takes is the right tips and your confidence in getting the job done right.

Think about it this way, your goal is to have your man go crazy and have him so turned on, that he’ll be begging for more lap dances in the future.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, accountant, real estate agent, sales associate or whatever else, giving your man the perfect lap dance doesn’t have to be rocket science.

There are only a few tips of the trade that you need to understand and absorb, so you could be that sexy little kitty cat that you always wanted to become. It is your time to shine, internalize these 10 steps on how you to give your man the perfect lap dance.

1 Set Up The Mood Right

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Since your goal is to give the sexiest lap dance, you have to make sure that both your surroundings are up to par.
Your bedroom doesn’t have to look like Paris or some five-star hotel, however you do have to make sure that the lighting and music are perfect for turning on your hunk. In terms of music, make sure to choose slow jams that make you feel sexy.

Depending on the type that both of you like, go on from there. Set your lightening to a low setting because it is the most flattering. You could even light up some candles to boost up that sexy moment, just make sure you take fire precautions, because you don’t want to set your house on fire or anything dangerous like that.

2 Dress Like A Sexy Vixen

Wear flattering lingerieAdmit it, when you see a Victoria’s Secret angel, even as a woman, you still feel those butterflies thinking about how incredibly amazing they look.

Now that is your goal. Dress like a sexy vixen so that you could look and feel the part. Wear flattering lingerie, something kinky and something you’re comfortable in.

Anything that makes you feel smokin’ hot. Think lace, see through, whatever feels sensuous on your skin. If you’re extra daring, go ahead and wear some sexy panties and go topless. Now that could make him feel extremely turned on, even if you haven’t started your lap dance yet.

3 Make Eye Contact

Make Eye ContactThis is very crucial in lap dances. One of the most intimate things that you have to remember is to give your partner plenty of flirty and sensual eye contact.

This is the easiest way to make a connection and could make your man’s package hard in a minute. Gaze at him deeply and let him see how much you want him. Eyes are the gateway to the soul and showing him how much you want to sex him up will make him go crazy.

4 Be The Big Boss

Be The Big BossMajority of men love it when their woman is in control, this is especially the case when it comes to sexual business. Keep in mind that since you’re the one running the show, you should be in charge.

Right when they arrive, let them know that you hold the keys. Guide them to their seat or to the coach and set up their position for them.

Command them to touch you here and lick you there every once in a while. Spread their legs open and put their hands in places where you want them. You could even tie their hands behind their back with a necktie or blind fold them, so that they could be surprised with your next moves.

5 Take Out The Toys

handcuffsFor added excitement, play around with some sexy toys. If this is something new for you and your partner, then this could be a great way to boost up your sex drive.

Try purchasing a silk blind fold, a large feather, fluffy handcuffs and other playful toys.

You could use these toys in any way that you want on your man. Keep in mind that your aim is to add on to both of your sexual arousals.

6 Show Off Your Sensual Dance Moves

lap dance
Photo by Jimi Photog / CC BY

How could we forget the dance moves? If you’re a dancer or have a few moves, this tip isn’t too difficult for you.

However, for those who have two left feet, no worries because you don’t have to be a professional stripper to turn your man on with your movements. Take note that it is called a “lap dance,” that means, the dance should take place on his lap. Once you have put him in his spot, walk away in your sexiest walk and dance for him.

Use your eyes and hands to shine light to different parts of your body. You could dance in front of them, on their sides, behind them or on the ground. Whatever feels sexy to you. Make sure to pay attention to your man’s eyes, lips and package, take note of what he’s enjoying the most, so that you could do it more frequently.

7 Be A Tease

Start taking off different portions of their clothingNow that your man is at your mercy, one very crucial tip is to be the biggest tease ever.

Come in close and let your man feel your warm breath on their ears, lips and all over their body. Start taking off different portions of their clothing, so that your partner knows where you want all this to head.

Go in slowly like you’re about to kiss them. Linger in close to their lips and then quickly ease out. Grind hard on their lap and whisper something sexy and naughty in their ear. Just don’t give them all too much yet up until you’re finished with your lap dance.

8 Slow It Down

Slow It DownKeep in mind that your lap dance should be slow and sensual. You don’t want to rush into all this because this all has to be different.

Don’t think fast, think slow, sexy and so he could have the best orgasm of his life. Moving slow is a major turn on to men.

Make slow circles with your hips and caress down his lap and legs. Crawl and walk slowly, whatever you prefer.

Build up the anticipation, so that your man cannot wait to pin you down and penetrate you. The slower you move, the more excited that the both of you will be.

9 Relax

RelaxIt is very important to be relaxed throughout the entire lap dance. If you’re tense, your partner might not take it seriously.

A lap dance is supposed to be fun for the both of you and something different. Being nervous could kill the sex energy. Let go of all your insecurities and strut everything that you have. Breathe deeply and use your movements to relax yourself.

You don’t have to go fast because this lap dance should be a slow grind with the aim of turning your man on. You could even practice on your own. All you have to do is play some slow sensual music when you’re alone and feel the song while moving to it. Think of yourself as a sexy lap dance goddess. You aren’t a professional stripper, so whatever you have to give is the best that you have.

10 Be The Most Confident Woman Ever

Confident WomanAlthough all the tips here are essential for giving your man the perfect lap dance, the most vital is surely to have confidence in yourself. You won’t be able to give a spectacular lap dance if you aren’t confident about it.

You also have to be confident in your sexual drive. There are some women that have problems with getting turned on, if you are one of those women, you could consider Provestra™.

You wouldn’t want to give a lap dance without having the ability to get aroused yourself right?

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reach maximum satisfactionKnowing that you could arouse your partner, as well as yourself could surely be an amazing sexual experience for the two of you. The art of seduction is about the confidence that you have. Be comfortable and sexy, so that you could have your man go crazy in everything that you do.

Now that you have the techniques in making yourself a sexy lap dance goddess, try them out for yourself. You don’t have to be a professional to turn your man on with your own lap dance moves. Just remember the tips that were given to you, so that you could both reach maximum satisfaction.