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10 Surefire Ways to Turn Him Off

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Congratulations. This gorgeous guy you’ve been eyeing for months has finally asked you out on a date. You text messaged your girlfriends for a shopping and salon session to make sure you look gorgeous on your first date. After all, a successful first date can lead to greater things, right, like another date or even hot sex?

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Giving yourself ample preparation is fine. Who doesn’t want to look presentable on a first date? However, there is a thin line between being fab and going overboard that might tick your date off. So, before you commit a major social suicide and ruin your first date with the love of your life or any other occasion where men are around, here are some things you need to watch out for – and save the thank you for later.

1 Too Much Makeup.

Too Much MakeupAside from diamonds, make up will always be every woman’s best friend. Make up has its moments, especially at night.

The key is making sure the makeup is enough to complement and highlight your best features and not make you look like a completely different person.

Remember this, your face is not a coloring book, so make sure not to look like a six year old grabbed his crayons and colored your cheeks pink and your lips red.

To make things worse, guys wouldn’t want half of your face rubbed off on his face and lips after a good make-out session, so keep it simple. Makeup is fine, as long as it is not overdone. Or better yet, go au natural and leave the fiery red lipstick to Miley.

2 Rock Hard, Fake Boobs.

rock hard, fake boobs
Photo by Ray Pichette / CC BY-SA

Getting a boob job may be acceptable these days. Celebrities do it, rich housewives do it, so can you, especially if you have the cash.

Just make sure you get a good plastic surgeon to do the job so yours won’t look like they’ve been stuffed with cement.

Men love big boobs, but if yours are as hard as rocks and don’t even bounce when you move, or you end up hurting him, just don’t expect him to call you back.  

And don’t even say that your guy is a butt person, so having rock hard boobs won’t matter. Men appreciate boobs, no matter how real or fake they are. Just make sure they aren’t hard enough to give him a black eye when you rub them on his chest or face.

3 Being Dumb.

After watching countless reality TV shows, including Beauty Geek and the re-runs of Simple Life, you may think that being dumb, or at least acting like you know nothing but the latest Hollywood gossip, is the best way to snatch a guy.

reading a bookWell for starters, you’re already being dumb when you think that way and second, a lot of guys prefer brains over beauty.

C’mon girls, you don’t expect a guy to ask you on a second date when you can’t even name the states of America. Dumbness is not a virtue and reading a book won’t kill you.

So, stop making yourself look like fool. Remember, no one wants to date a dumb girl who can’t even carry a decent and serious conversation.

4 Acting Like a Baby.

Baby voice, baby actions, having a baby-like mind – you name it. The bottom line is acting like a baby when you’re in your twenties or older is not a recipe for boosting your libido, or even his.

Be matureAnd the last thing he needs is a whiny, infantile tone, asking him where he is and why is he late.

Men expect you to act your age, so stop reminding him of his younger sister or six year old niece. Be mature enough, because if you really want to add passion back to your sex life, acting like a baby will definitely bring you and your sex drive nowhere.

5 Getting Baked Under The Sun.

getting baked under the sunOr in simple terms, over-tanning. Getting a tan, especially during the summer months may seem like the coolest idea, until you realized that you spent too much time under the sun and your whole body is burning, figuratively speaking.

Tans are cool, however, make sure to stop once you achieved the golden brown color. Tans gone wild can be bad for your health – read: skin cancer – and will not do you any good in bed.

Aside from the burning sensation, men don’t want to have sex with someone with shedding dead skin scattered all over the bed.

A piece of advice, take it easy on the sun and please, please use a sunblock. Take care of your skin, or you’ll end up feeling sorry, not sexy, in the long run.

6 Tight Clothes That Spill Your Fat.

figure-hugging clothesSo you are size zero, congratulations. You’ll definitely look good on form-fitting, figure-hugging clothes that will make you look sexy in the eyes of any man.

However, being on the slim side does not guarantee that there is no “spillage” somewhere, especially when you shopped in the pre-teen department.

Wearing tight clothes that make you look like a sausage is not exactly a recipe for improving your sex life. It’s better to leave the bulges and bumps inside your closet and just let him see you in an outfit that emphasizes your curves, especially when you’re on a first date or out for a special occasion with your special someone.

If you feel that the stitches will bust after eating two crackers, then it is time to change outfits. The last thing you need is a set of safety pins holding your dress together. Not cool.

7 Giving Your Guy a Pet Name.

Baby, honey, sweetie and love are fine. But when you start giving your guy dog-like names such as koochie, poochie, boobie and whatever crazy names, that can spell disaster.

pet dogTo start with, he’s a human with a human name. Second, he’s not an animal, so stop treating him like he’s your pet dog. Third, calling him “poochie” during sex and screaming “Come on my koochie, give it to me” will not exactly turn him on.

Believe it or not, it’s not exactly a libido booster and he might end up throwing you out, instead of letting you finish. So, start calling him in a name he deserves and stop treating him like he’s your adopted puppy. Trust me on this one.

8 Arriving Late.

Arriving LateAdmit it ladies, you make guys wait for you. You think that the longer he waits, the more he likes you, right? Well, that’s not always the case.

Believe it or not, being late is part of the men’s most hated list. And believe it or not, they hate waiting for you in their car, outside your apartment for more than hour when they arrived hour earlier than your meet up time.

And no, they don’t need to hear your baby voice while constantly saying sorry and making all those cute, whiny voices because that just adds up to their irritation.

So, the next time you go out on a date and you decide to meet up at six in the evening, get ready early and make sure you’re all set to go, even before the big hand on the clock strikes six.

9 Fake Eyelashes.

EyelashesGoing back to the story where your dream guy asked you out on a date, you decided to wear fake eyelashes to give your eyes a boost, if that even makes sense.

It may seem harmless but believe it or not, wearing fake lashes can spell disaster, too.

First, you’ll look like the bride of Chuckie or a monster straight from a scary movie – which is not exactly the kind of look you are trying to pull off.

Second, there is a possibility that the lashes will fall off, another recipe for a night gone wrong. Third, overly fake lashes that come in a strip are just so wrong. To be safe, go natural or simply use mascara that gives added texture to your lashes.

10 Fake Nails.

NailsSadly, almost anything in this world can be replicated, including nails. But did you know that having long nails can help in bed, too? Pressing a sharp object on your guy’s body can be a turn on and when it comes to this, your long nails can be of great use.

However, it’s different when your nails are so long and yet so fake. That’s just a major turn off for most guys and getting into second base won’t even be possible.

And how will you know if long nails are no longer sexy? Try pressing 1 on your phone. If you can’t do it, then you’ll most likely to scratch a guy’s face while kissing.

a monthThe list may not be exclusive, but the bottom line is here are some of the surefire ways that can turn a man off – and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating the guy for a day, a month, or a year.

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