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10 Quick and Wild Rides For Your Lady

Avatar photo 9 years ago 2 minute read

Sex with your partner can be a thrilling and fantastic experience. While there is nothing wrong with establishing a bit of a routine when you know each other’s desires and kinks, it can get a little stale over time.

In order to get things spiced up in the bedroom, it won’t hurt to try some new positions to take your woman on a ride she won’t soon forget.

Here are 10 moves that you need to try out the next you are both ready to play.

1. Blow Your Girl’s Mind With the Pretzel

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If you have some flexibility and you want to modify the normal missionary position, then consider the Pretzel.To pull off this move, she will need to lie on her right side.

You need to kneel on the bed, and then you need to straddle her right leg, while also pulling her left leg around you.

It can be a little technical, but totally worth it if you put in a little practice. This move has the benefit that you can penetrate her more deeply and face one another. Especially, if eye contact is something that really adds to the sexual experience for you two.

To take this up one more notch you can use your hands to stimulate her clitoris.

2. Have A Saucy Sexual Experience With the Flat Iron

on the bed
Photo by Richard foster / CC BY-SA

This position can be difficult if you are shorter on the length side, but still can be accomplished.

In order to do the Flat Iron, you need to have her lie on her stomach on the bed with her legs lying straight.

Her hips should be slightly up, so you can move more easily. Then you get on your hands and knees and slip in side her, in a modified doggy-style like position and thrust. This move allows you to be really close and you will be able to get deeper inside of her.

To vary things up, you can do some shallow thrusts and alternate with the deeper thoughts to keep things going. You can also have her reach and touch her clitoris for more stimulation.

3. Make Your Girl Thrilled With the Cowgirl’s Helper

If you are a fan of the Cowgirl position, then you will really like the Cowgirl’s Helper.

her vaginaIt is a modified version to keep things spiced up. Lie on the bed on your back, with your knees bent.

Then have her kneel on top of you, using her hands to push her body up off of your chest, moving up and down against your thighs.

The twist comes in when you help lift her and support her weight, grabbing her hips and lifting to meet your thrusting. It will make it easier for her to orgasm, as it takes some of the weight and pressure off of her legs.

By alternating the speed and deepness of your thrusts you can also add to the experience. This is because this stimulates different parts of her vagina.

4. Make Her Reach The Ultimate ‘O’ With The X-Factor

form an X
Photo by Hamzakitar / CC BY-SA

This position, called the X-Factor can take a little getting used to. But, it can be a nice alternative to the standard missionary position.

To start, you enter her in the missionary position. However, once you have penetrated, you slide your chest and legs, so that they are not on top of her any more.

Your penis is still inside of her, but the two of you form an X. Make sure that you adjust and get