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10 Pregnancy Positions When She’s Expecting Sex

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Men must understand that women usually become fussy when they are pregnant. They become irritable and get easily distressed by small things. So, before you even try to ask your pregnant partner for a romantic session, you need to start a conversation first and find out if she is ready for it.

pregnantYou must be wondering if it’s fine to have sex while your wife is pregnant. Don’t worry too much, since doctors do not restrict couples from having sex during pregnancy.

If the pregnancy has no complications, there is no reason that you should not indulge in sex.

Most of the time, it’s just up to the couple to decide if they would like to have sex during pregnancy. Just as long as both of you are comfortable and there aren’t any medical complications concerning the baby, you can go ahead. However, you need to be very gentle and careful during intercourse.

Here are 10 positions you can try during pregnancy:

1. Tease Her Bliss Button with Spooning

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Spooning is one of the most relaxing and simple sex positions you can do during pregnancy.

It is a sex posture where both the partners are lying on their sides.The woman is curled, and her spouse lies behind her. He enters her vagina from behind.

If the woman needs clitoral stimulus, her mate can reach around or she can provide the stimulation herself. Spooning is a very comfortable position for pregnant woman as there is no pressure on their tummy. They even get the support of their partner and feel secure.

2. Make Your Gal Satisfied with Missionary Position

Some couples like missionary or the man on top position because of the face to face interaction it brings.

pillowsIf your lady is in the first trimester, you can certainly use the man on top position, but with a few modifications.

However, it may become a bit uncomfortable for both parties when the belly becomes too large, later in pregnancy.

If the woman is having trouble lying on her back, she can consider using pillows beneath her for support. The guy should extend his arms in order to support the majority of his weight further away from the woman’s body.

The lady can also try the edge of the bed position wherein she lies with her back on the bed. She should then go down, so that her bottom half is placed at the foot of the bed and her legs hang down on the floor. The guy can kneel or stand in front of his lady to penetrate her.

3. Be Safe with Woman on Top Position

woman is on the topAlso known as Cowgirl, this is a great sex position for pregnant women with bigger bellies.

This is also one of the safest sex positions for women in their third trimester.

When the woman is on the top, she can very easily take charge of the situation. She can control the depth, penetration, and speed as well. This sex posture also helps to stimulate the clitoris effectively and helps in achieving a mesmerizing female orgasm.

4. Have Gentler Sex with Rear Entry Position

Rear entry position is very safe and can be used in any trimester of pregnancy.

chairHowever, it is especially great during the end of the pregnancy because the bigger belly doesn’t get in the way.As the name indicates, in this position the man enters from behind.

There are plenty of ways to play with this position. One is a lap pose where the guy sits on a chair and the woman sit on his lap facing away from him. Another sex position is the mattress hold where the woman is on all fours with her head and arms on the mattress. This helps to prevent her from having to support all that tummy weight with her arms.

The policeman is another position where the woman faces the wall and leans against it with her hands spread, while the guy approaches her from behind for penetration. This is an erotic position for both couples. However, if women have trouble achieving orgasm in this posture, they can try manual clitoral stimulation.

5. Explore Something New with T-Square

You can try yet another safe position, known as T-square, during the first trimester of pregnancy.

T-squareIn this position, the lady lies on her back while the guy lies perpendicular to his lady.

The position thus looks like a T-square. This position can be done during the early months of pregnancy. This is because after four months, the woman may find it difficult to lie on her back.

You can go for this sensuous sexual posture, but make sure you do it with proper care. We are sure that you will enjoy it since it will definitely provide you with a pleasurable experience.

6. The Usual Sitting Position for Blissful Baby Bump

This is a classic sex position that requires the man to sit on a chair while you sit on his lap with your legs wrapped around him.

This position is completely safe since it exerts zero pressure on the woman’s belly.

7. Modified Missionary to Protect the Baby Bump

first trimester of pregnancyThis is a classic missionary position which can be performed in the first trimester of pregnancy when there is no visible baby bump yet.

You need to lie on your back and then pull your knees towards your chest, then place your feet against your guy’s chest.

This will make way for your partner to penetrate you easily. He kneels and enters without placing his weight on your body. You can add a pillow to make this activity more comfortable for you.

8. Oral Sex Is Better in the Last Trimester of Pregnancy

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of oral sex. If you are not yet in the mood for a lot of activity during your pregnancy, then you can just give oral sex a try.

Though deep penetration is more meaningful and satisfying, a session of oral sex can also help in pleasing both partners.

bacteriaYou can go for oral sex during the last trimester of pregnancy when your baby bump is fully mature. This will protect the baby bump from any unwanted risk and from any form of physical movement too.

Even though receiving oral sex from your partner is completely safe, there are certain things that you should be aware of.

Some women worry that the process of oral sex may lead to the introduction of bacteria into the vagina. However, this should only be a matter of concern if your partner has an STD.

If you are in a monogamous relationship and sure that you are safe from any STDs, oral sex is completely harmless. Still, apart from STD issues, it is important that your partner does not blow air into the vagina during oral sex. Although a rare occurrence, it can cause air embolism, which could be harmful for both the mother and baby.

9. Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position for Hot Mommas

Hot MommasReverse cowgirl is another great position you can try during pregnancy. It’s similar to the woman on top position.

However, the only difference is that the woman should face away from the man while riding him.

Usually, some guys get anxious from seeing the large belly of their lady. And so they become more concerned and lose focus from the act.

10. The Standing Sex Position for Sensational Couples

This standing sex position is easy even for pregnant women who are in their first, second or third trimester.

If you are wondering as to how you can have sex while standing, imagine yourself having sex while standing in the shower.

Standing Sex Position for Sensational CouplesYou can do rear or front entry while in a standing position. This position prevents any excessive pressure being exerted on your back and tummy. You can also use this sex posture while leaning. You can use the table, bed, wall, or whatever is nearby. We are sure you will surely love the clitoral arousal from this position.

Pregnancy does not put a full stop to your sex life. Also, you are not limited to the usual missionary position when you are pregnant.

There are many other sex positions that you can explore and try out with your partner. When you enjoy sex with your partner during pregnancy as well, it makes you feel that you are still sexy in spite of the bump.

Even though it’s a beautiful experience to have sex with your partner during your pregnancy, you need to remain aware of your health. Premature labor is a matter of concern for women with complications.

An orgasm can cause contractions and trigger early labor. Thus, if your doctor has advised you to avoid to avoid sexual activity during pregnancy, you should be sure to follow their advice. Just remember, you won’t be pregnant for long.

intimate momentsHowever, if you are a healthy expectant mother, you should try having intimate moments with your partner throughout your pregnancy. Not only does it help to keep your relationship healthy, it creates a long-lasting bond.

The post pregnancy period may lead to some women having to deal with a low libido. If you think you are not as aroused for sex after delivering a baby, you may choose natural options to rekindle your sexual strength.

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