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Women And Sexual Desire: 6 Things To Make It Go M.I.A.

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It seems inevitable for everyone, does it not? It is often that every relationship ends with the female losing her sexual desires and drive.

Typically, this loss in libido comes after years of marriage. But why is this? Is there a scientific reason as to why women are commonly stereotyped as becoming asexual in their later years? Or, are we as women doing this to ourselves?

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Inarguably, no woman wants to experience a loss in libido.

While it may be indicative of aging, for example, after menopause, there are a few things that women can do to combat this loss in libido.

Follow us as we discuss the six things that will make your sex drive go missing in action, or as they say in the military, M.I.A. Some of these reasons may be easier to remedy than you anticipate.

1. Stress Less For More Sex

Easier said that done, right? However, it this is a motto that most women fail to follow through with as they age. Stress directly affects libido due to the release of a few different chemicals.

The body releases adrenaline and cortisol when it undergoes various stressors.If a body is stressed enough, it is said to experience chronic stress, and chronic stress directly interferes with a body’s hormone levels.

StressOnce the body experiences a drop in hormone levels, then low libido follows suit.

Not only is this physical drop in hormone levels affecting sexual desire, but the physical wear and tear on the body causes a person’s mind to stray from sex to other worries.

Simply put: your body’s stress can be distracting you from your sexual desires.

If you find that you are experience stress, whether chronic or not, then you need some outlet to relieve your body in order to experience that rush in dopamine again. If you are sporadically stressed, then perhaps telling your partner and you are due for a sexual massage that can help relax you both.

Perhaps the stress is much more deeply rooted and one massage will not do the trick. Our advice: find a physical activity that can relieve your body of the physical stress, while helping instill a balance in hormones. Physical exercise is a great example of this, and perhaps one physical activity can lead to another, if you catch our drift.

2. Not Recognizing A Mental Health Issue

Mental Health IssueIt may appear to be an oversight, but many men and women don’t admit or acknowledge that they have a mental health issue.

Mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression have direct correlations to a loss in libido.

Whenever the body experiences an emotional or mental toll, it inarguably affects the sex drive. In fact, depression and libido are directly connected.

Depression tends to change the body’s biochemistry and it therefore lowers hormones. Since the levels of hormones are dropping, there is in turn, a loss in libido.

Not only is there a loss in hormone levels leading to a lower libido, but also the general feeling of depression is not sexy at all. Someone who is experiencing depression feels as if they are in a deep hole and cannot climb their way out.

medicationsWorse yet, some common medications used to treat depression have the side effect of lowering libido, so patients are asked to choose from the lesser of two evils: depression or low libido.

Our advice for any woman experiencing mental health issues would be to first seek the medical help of a professional. It is one thing to self-diagnose, but a physician can guide you to understanding your condition.

If it is a more natural remedy you are looking for, then it is helpful for anyone feeling down to get set into a routine. Find activities you enjoy doing and set a schedule for yourself every day. Other ideas for naturally helping your depression include sleeping more and eating a healthier diet.

3. Losing Sex Life With Lack Of Sleep

It might seem mindless, but those late nights undoubtedly catch up to us and in turn cause more than we may realize. One of the common causes of low libido is a lack of sleep.

Not only does a lack of sleep affect libido, but it also takes away from your mental sharpness and physical ability. Also, when you are exhausted from lack of sleep, then you would much rather catch up on sleep than do anything else in bed.

lack of sleepThe scientific explanation of lack of sleep equaling low libido is due to the rising of cortisol levels. Because a lack of sleep elevates cortisol levels, libido therefore drops.

Even further, a lack of sleep can cause men erectile dysfunction because of the susceptibility to restless leg syndrome.

Clearly, sleep is important to our sex lives. Therefore, here are our suggestions for naturally accomplishing a successful snooze. The first home remedy is to find over-the-counter melatonin. Melatonin works to causes drowsiness and lowers the body temperature, which then allows the body to enter “sleep mode.”

Melatonin, however, does not keep the body asleep. Another remedy to ensure that you fall and stay asleep is to have the proper bedtime snack. Sleep-inducing foods are primarily made up of proteins and carbohydrates. Ideas include a glass of low-fat or skim milk, a whole-wheat cracker with cheese, or bananas with peanut butter.

4. There Is Just Not Enough Time

busyIt might seem obvious, but there simply may not be enough time to fit sexual intercourse into your busy schedule.

Too often do we find ourselves filled to the brim with work, our children’s activities and other daily duties, so when is there possibly time to feel sexual?

Most of us push it off until the end of the day when there is nothing else to do, but by then we are physically exhausted and fall asleep.

It seems obvious, but unless we make physical time for our partners, we will not have a healthy sexual relationship, and in turn, our sex drives will obviously be lacking.

In order to have time for sex, you must make it. We are not saying to schedule in time on your daily planner, unless of course you want to do that.

However, it could be as simple as making a rendezvous with your partner for a few minutes between cooking dinner, or helping the kids with homework. Not only will this quickie be invigorating for the both of you, but it will prove to be a fun and enjoyable reconnection between the two of you.

sexChances are that if your libido is suffering from the lack of time, then your partner’s is as well.

What is worse is that the recurring pattern of no sex can lead to even lower libido; the more sex you have, the more sex you will want.

Therefore, make time for each other and revel in your newly restored sexual energy.

If you are having trouble feeling sexually aroused, then try this home remedy: garlic. While you may worry about the garlic making your breath smell, you can take garlic in pill form, so you need not worry. Garlic is a natural aphrodisiac that also acts to heighten sexual sensations.

5. Ignoring Relationship Issues

Another mistake many women make that results in a loss of libido would be ignoring relationship issues. Any relationship struggling in any respect will result in a loss of intimacy; however, many couples often ignore these issues. What began as one core issue will now mushroom into a multitude of other issues, including lack of sexual intercourse.

coffeeIt might seem convenient to ignore the deeply rooted issues; in fact, you may even have sex spontaneously every now and then. However, ignoring the foundation of the issue will only make things worse.

Our advice is to communicate effectively with your loved one. If you are not openly communicating about your issues, then they will hit the fan abruptly, and it will not be pretty.

If, after communicating of course, you realize that it is simply a loss of intimacy that you both are experiencing, then try having some sexual experiences without the sex. Does this sound absolutely bizarre? Believe us, because it works.

Sexual activities without sex can include a sensual dinner, hiking, working out together or going for an early coffee first thing in the morning.

We guarantee that these sensual experiences will rekindle the flame you both deeply desire. Other than ignoring a loss of intimacy and communication between the two of you, there is one more libido loser that a woman may make in the relationship.

6. Refusing To Admit It Is That Time In Your Life

pregnancyEvery woman will eventually hit a loss in libido, whether they want to admit it or not.

Various major life events cause a loss of estrogen, and this lowering of estrogen levels lead to a lowering of libido.

Such events include pregnancy and menopause, with the leading event being menopause.

Many women mistakenly do not want to admit that they are experiencing these symptoms, so they simply ignore them and refuse to acknowledge their lowering libido.

Instead, if a woman understands these changes then she can do something about them. Instead of ignoring them, visit your doctor to rule out any underlying conditions and to ask for advice.

supplementsMaintaining a balance of estrogen is actually much easier than it may sound.

If natural remedies, such as changing your diet and taking vitamins do not work, then there are always natural supplements available.

Companies such as Provestra offer a safe and natural supplement to help a woman boost her sex drive back to where it was when she was young.

Women who have purchased supplements from www.provestra.com claim to have increased orgasms, heightened vaginal lubrication and stronger sexual desires. Therefore, it is as easy as a click of the button for any woman experiencing a loss in sex drive to turn her misfortune around.