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6 Awfully Awkward Things That Can Happen During Sex

Avatar photo 9 years ago 2 minute read

There are some things that may go wrong as soon as you take your clothes off. Of course, in a private place where you are ready to explode with your partner, unexpected things can happen.  After all, you are naked and vulnerable with a guy, whom you may or may not know on a long-term basis.

Sex is a great rejuvenator – it relaxes you and makes you feel complete. It is truly a fun and very delightful experience.

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But, there are still some awkward things that can happen while you are getting ready to have sex.

Yes, we are talking about that awkward and weird stuff, which sometimes happens before, during, and after the sack-session. And the funny part is that one never wants to talk about such things. Usually, partners choose to avoid those bizarre incidents in order to focus more on those blissful moments.

So, yes, all sorts of things can go wrong inside the bedroom. As you read on, you will come across six of the most awful and hilariously tragic occurrences that can surface during sexual intercourse.

1. The Saga of the Swelling Boobs

Even though experiencing swollen boobies is truly good news for small girls out there, it may also be embarrassing at times. Girls, when turned on, may naturally have swelling boobs that may look quite a bit bigger than normal. It is not like they are going to have bigger a cup size suddenly. However, they will look fuller in the chest. Don’t worry; it will subside after some time.

swollen boobiesAs you get involved in foreplay, it leads to arousal. This, in turn, increases your heart rate and forces more blood to your boobs, causing them to become fuller.

However, your body returns to its normal state and your sex flush fades within 10 minutes after you are finished with the act. Also, your boobs and areola get normal again, and your nipples also lose their stiffness.

Nevertheless, there are women who experience continued nipple stimulation, even after orgasm. This may seem more irritating than enjoyable. There are still lots of essential things about a woman’s boobs that you must know before you engage in any sexual intercourse. So, next time this happens to you, you’ll know this is all normal.

Swollen boobs might be embarrassing for some, but we are sure your man will be very happy to see them getting bigger. He will have more room for massaging and stimulation. So, don’t lose your focus with your bigger boobs in bed. These gorgeous seductresses can give you tons of sensuality to double your fun.

2. You Haven’t Shaved Your Bush

Haven’t Shaved Your Bush Photo by Rafael Puyana /