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7 Pieces of Relationship Advice for Women From Happily Married Men

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When it comes to relationships, none of us can say that we know all there is to know about them. Healthy and successful unions are extremely important to both men and women. For centuries women have been playing the role of domestic goddesses. They are usually the ones doing more research on the subject, because they know the utter importance of timely relationship advice for women.

While females are always ready to share their relationship tips with each other, sometimes it’s a man’s advice that girls need most. Looking at relationships from a man’s perspective is important when considering your behavior. If a woman is looking for relationship advice, it means that something has gone wrong. She is either failing to find her love or the current state of things is not working for her.

happy and satisfactory relationshipsEach relationship is special. However, in most cases the problems are similar. Knowing how to behave in one situation or another in order to keep both partners satisfied is imperative for happy and satisfactory relationships.

While girls do a good job sympathizing or offering remedies for sex life improvements, such as choosing a healthy lifestyle and taking natural supplements like Provestra, men usually come up with more constructive schemes that will tell them what exactly they need to do. Relationship advice for women from men could be helpful to them. This information deserves close attention from women who want better insights into what makes men tick.

Relationship Advice for Women on a First Date

When the relationship is in its initial stages, everything seems to be going the right way. The romantic dates, the flowers, the beautiful words – you hope it never ends. Even at this stage of a relationship, it is important to start putting together the building blocks. Otherwise, when all the initial romance is gone, you might be left with a broken heart.

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Here is some simple dating advice for women who are just starting out.

1. Let Your Date Feel Like a Real Man. Allow him to open the door for you. If you are in a restaurant, tell him what you want to order and let him make the order himself. In the modern world, women are so used to taking care of themselves, they forget that men need a chance to show their manliness.

first date2. Learn and Share Information. Even if it’s just a first date, you are probably thinking about it turning into something more serious. Ask him questions about himself and don’t be afraid to reveal things about yourself. It is important to make a good impression, but what’s more important is to understand if this relationship has a future.

3. Smile and Laugh. Even if you think that you need braces, find a way to smile as much as you can. Remember, men don’t care if one out of your 32 teeth is a little crooked. What they care about is being fun. So, if he says something funny, make sure to laugh. Smiles and laughs are what make up a good relationship.
Never underestimate the power of a smile. This advice is useful for any stage of a relationship. If he doesn’t make you smile, perhaps you need to look further?

4. Be Natural. He likes you for who you are, not for who you can be, so try to act as natural as possible. Fooling your date into thinking that you are someone else is counterproductive. If you are planning a long-term relationship, you must be sure that he knows who you really are. It’s better to let it end on a first date, rather than suffer from a hard break-up in the future.

5. Don’t Obsess Over The Way You Look. Running to the bathroom every 15 minutes to check your makeup is the worst thing you can do. Your date will probably think you have an upset stomach. Try to put on a minimum of makeup, so it doesn’t need frequent touch-ups.

6. Wear Something Comfortable. Men like women who feel comfortable, because they exude confidence. If high heels or a tight skirt makes you feel uneasy, your date will notice it, and make his own conclusions. A woman that acts awkward is not attractive, so it’s better to choose loose jeans over a tight dress, even if the latter makes you look much prettier.

Goodbye Kiss7. Manage The Goodbye Kiss. The goodbye kiss is something no one seems to know how to deal with, even if he or she has had tons of them. It all depends on what the woman wants. If you are ready for the kiss, hug him when saying goodbye. When you finish with the hug, let your face stay close to his for just several seconds. If he wants that kiss too, you’ll immediately know it.
If you are not ready for the kiss, turn your face away, so he can peck your cheek. Most guys feel self-conscious on a first date, so it is up to you to help him just a little.

Relationship Tips for Women Who Want to Get Married

Many women find themselves in a classical modern relationship situation. They’ve been going out with their boyfriend for a long time. They are even living together and everything is ready for the next step; however, the man is just not popping the question.

This situation leads to misunderstandings, fights and ultimately, break-ups. Something goes wrong at a point when a woman dreams of marriage, but doesn’t get what she wants. There are different reasons why a guy might not want to take the relationship to the next stage.

Here are some relationship tips women will appreciate when they find themselves in a similar situation:

turn off your cell phone1. Make him a Little Jealous. No, you should run out and have a torrid affair, but make him miss you a little, so he’ll think about what it is like to not have you around. Men are often happy in their comfort zone. They have what they want, and there is no reason to go any further. That’s why some don’t even think about marriage.
Push your partner a little out of his comfort zone by creating a situation in which he will be jealous. Spend time with a friend and turn off your cell phone every once in a while. When a man understands that he may lose you, he will act.

2. Don’t Miss the Right Time. The right time to start thinking about marriage is at least three months after you decide to try living together, and before the first year of cohabitating is over. Before you move in with him, make sure he knows this is a bridge to a marital relationship, and it will not last forever.
Do everything you can to make your boyfriend pop the question during that period of time. If he does it too early, you might not be ready. If more than a year passes, he will get into that comfort zone and pulling him out of it will be much harder

3. Be Aware of Your Subconscious Behavior. Some women are too focused on marriage. Ever since they were little girls, they had an image of the ideal prince slipping that perfect ring on their finger. When it doesn’t happen for months and even years, some women become obsessive about it. This causes misunderstandings in the relationship and will eventually lead to a break-up.
Instead of being obsessed by the thought of getting married, let that thought go for a while. You will immediately feel much better. Perhaps this is the change your man is waiting for to understand that you are the perfect woman for him.

Go On a Vacation4. Go On a Vacation. Find a reason to leave him alone for a couple of weeks or even a month. It can either be a vacation with your friends or a long business trip. Allow him to feel how much he misses you and how empty his life is without you. If he is the right person for you, he will realize that he wants to do everything possible not to let you go again.

5. Be Honest With Yourself. Ask yourself this: Do you really want to get married? Sometimes women feel as if a marriage is an absolutely necessary step; however, many of them are often not ready for it. The same is true for men. If he is not ready, forcing him will lead to unfortunate consequences.

6. Keep Some Secrets. Even if you are the best of friends with your boyfriend, don’t tell him everything there is to know about yourself. Men like some mystery in a woman. And if there is nothing more to find out, they will soon lose interest. Being mysterious will make him want to learn more about you.

7. Just Ask Him. This advice only sounds easy, but in reality, most women have a hard time asking a guy to marry them. There is no need to do it outright. Start by hinting and go further by making the hints more and more obvious.
If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you must have become good friends. So a friendly question, such as “don’t you think it would be great to…” will be rather safe. Many men just need a little push.
Don’t be afraid to ask him. The worst thing that can happen is that he will say “no.” If that happens, you will be ready to end the relationship and start looking for a new worthy one.

Useful Tips for Women Who Want Their Marriage to Last Long

responsibilityYou have finally gotten what you wanted and the ring is on your finger. Most of the fairy tales come to an end right there. In real life everything gets much harder. Keeping a union healthy takes a lot of effort.  While working on a relationship is the responsibility of both parties, women usually get the hard part.

Have a look at some good marriage advice for women who are not afraid of the challenges:

A Happy Husband has a Happy Wife. Try to do all you can to make your husband feel happy and safe at home. This way he will spend much less time with friends, at soccer games, at work and more with you. Let him realize that he has the best wife in the world.
In order to achieve that you should minimize negative emotions. Remember, changing the habits of a grown-up is almost impossible. But what you can do is steer him in the right direction. If you want to achieve that, forget about sheer force. Be wise.

Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry. You’ve chosen this man. You love him. You might even have kids. When you get into a fight, the worst thing you can do is run to friends or parents to tell them how terrible he is. Remember, you’ll soon make peace and you will again realize how wonderful he is; however, your friends and family will remember the bad part.
If you need to share your emotions, choose one trusted friend who will not judge you or your husband. Try not to say too many negative things about your marriage. They will just make you even more upset and will halt the reconciliation.
This is a good relationship advice for women in their 20’s. It’s a common mistake that young women make. Older women learn through making the mistakes. Wise women learn from the mistakes of the others.

teamRemember, You are a Team. From the time you say “I do,” you must understand that you and your husband are a team. You know more about each other than anyone else in the world. This means you can hurt each other more than anyone else and make each other feel good in the best way possible.
If you are upset at something your husband does, think about how he will feel without doing it. Perhaps it will hurt him so much that it will affect your marriage. Put yourself in your husband’s shoes and ask him to try to do the same.
The secret to the success of every team is to give each other a lot of support. Supporting each other in different situations is important for the success of a marriage. A wise wife will do everything to boost her husband’s self-esteem. It will make him appreciate her even more.

Make Your Husband Feel Special. This is often much easier said than done. You come home tired from work and have to deal with kid’s homework, laundry, cooking and other matters; however, it is imperative to make some time for your husband.
Little things are what make up a marriage. You can either bring him a small gif or cook something he really likes. Do it just once a week and you’ll immediately see the results.
Go on a date, or just send him an “I love you” or “You are the best” text message. Men don’t need a great amount of close attention. If you do this at least once in a while, you’ll make your husband feel special.

Be StraightforwardBe Straightforward. Women often make a mistake of spending too much time sending hints. For some reason they believe that their husbands have to guess their needs. Don’t forget that men aren’t psychics. Their ability to “read” facial expressions and gestures is much less developed than women’s.
Make a habit out of being straight forward. If you need something, ask for it. If you are feeling shy or unsure, write a message or an e-mail. Whatever you do, don’t hope that the man will guess your desires on his own. He won’t. And then you will feel upset and misunderstood which in turn will lead to fights.

Your Marriage is Unique. Your marriage is unique since it is a union of two absolutely unique people. Don’t try to make it work as your friend, mother or sister does. Try to come up with your own rules and habits. Following someone else’s example is a good idea only if you give your own twist to it.

Avoid Telling Your Husband: “Mary’s John is doing it this way” or “Annie’s husband always brings her flowers on Saturdays.” Men hate being compared to other men. By telling him these things, you will just make him upset and self-conscious. Do you want him to hate doing something? Tell him that your friend’s ideal husband does it.

Having SexHaving Sex is a Must. Even when the initial romance is gone, sex still stays a compulsory part of your relationship. When kids are born, a couple’s sexual life often becomes less rich, since everyone is so busy and tired. Sometimes long work hours stand in a way of fun in the bedroom. Don’t look for excuses to postpone sex. Having sex on a regular basis is absolutely imperative for a healthy marriage.
Men require sex to be happy and healthy. If a woman starts saying “no” too often, it leads to anger and frustration, which in turn can break up a marriage. Allow yourself some rest in order to feel up to making him happy in bed. Otherwise your marriage will face serious problems, including infidelity.

Tell Him About Your Love. Don’t forget to tell your husband about how much you love him. Words of love, frequent hugs and kisses will make you feel closer to each other. Feeling loved is important to any human being. A man must feel cared for and needed by the woman he comes home to.
Avoid asking him unnecessary questions such as “do you love me”? Of course he loves you. Otherwise he would have left already. If you want to hear an “I love you”, show some initiative. Tell him about your love and you will hear an “I love you too” in return.

Take Care of Yourself. If you got married, it doesn’t mean you can forget about looking attractive. Your husband will be upset if he sees that a beautiful and stylish princess he married turned into an unkempt and always tired girl with panda eyes. Buy yourself new dresses and shoes, even if it means cutting costs on something else.
Don’t abandon hair salons and beauty parlors. Your goal is to always look incredible. This will help you feel confident and your husband will rediscover the new you over and over again.

A Happy Wife has a Happy HusbandA Happy Wife has a Happy Husband. It works both ways. If you are unhappy, your husband will feel it. Two unhappy people make a miserable marriage, so make sure you do whatever is possible to be happy. Usually it’s as easy as giving yourself an hour a day of your own personal time. Modern life is stressful and any woman needs some time to relieve stress.
Ask your husband to give you time off by delegating some daily chores to him. Go out and do some shopping or have a coffee with a friend. Make sure to do something special for yourself at least once a week.

Serious Relationship Problems

There are several serious problems women encounter at different stages of their relationships. Even if you think you know how to deal with them, never ignore seeking professional help. Asking doctors, counselors and psychologists for advice is sometimes absolutely necessary to save a relationship.

Here is a list of serious relationship problems women might need help to deal with:

  • Infidelity, including one night stands, online relationships and long-term affairs.
  • Sexual problems, such as loss of libido or misunderstandings in bed.
  • Problems with being accepted by a loved one’s parents.
  • Overly jealous partner.
  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • Absence of support during difficult periods of time.
  • Lack of communication.
  • stressful situations
    Photo by Andres Nieto Porras / CC BY-SA

    Disagreements about significant subjects, such as children’s upbringing or religion.

  • Long-term stress or frequent stressful situations.
  • Lack of support during pregnancy.
  • Lack of emotional support.
  • Serious disagreements regarding money matters.

Such problems usually can’t be solved by taking those relationship quizzes for women you can find in magazines or posting on relationship advice forums. They need a serious and sometimes require a professional approach.

It is always hard to give perfect relationship advice for women. People all over the world struggle with keeping their unions healthy and happy. The most important advice is to act upon your love for your partner and never give up on him. If people love each other, the relationship is worth fighting for. And women are usually the best fighters.