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All About Pheromones for Women: Enticing Him With Your Essence

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Pheromones are a chemical compound that your body secretes in order to attract the opposite sex of the same species and they elicit a variety of responses. This reaction to pheromones is innate and naturally occurring.

StudiesThe first ever pheromone finding was described from the silkworm moths that used it to work as a sexual attractant. Even though several studies have proven the existence of pheromones in other organisms, experts are still studying the role and effect of human pheromones for women.
Studies have raised the fact that pheromones are a specific sensory system and it plays a significant role in sparking up physiological arousal. In this article, we have tried to explain the history, functioning and applications of pheromones.

Let us delve into the science behind the pheromones and how effective it can be to entice him with your presence.

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1. What You Should Know About Pheromone Responses

The first findings showed that the response pathway followed by the body is completely different from the normal olfactory system. Here’s more:

  • Pheromones work like an odorant and travel in the air.
  • They are absorbed by the vomeronasal organ in the nose of an individual of the opposite sex.
  • This organ sends the impulse to the olfactory bulb, connected to the brain. This in turn excites the amygdala and thalamus region of the brain, which creates emotions.

2. Multifaceted Compounds: The Different Roles of Pheromones

dogsHumans, insects and animals secrete pheromones. Here are some more things you should understand about its significance:

  • Animals, like dogs secrete pheromones in the urine as territorial markers.
  • One of the evident roles of pheromones in humans has been the one that connects the baby to its mother. The babies come into the world with an inbuilt attraction to turn to the breast of its mother for milk.
  • Researchers have observed synchronized menstrual cycles in ladies in a closed area like a home, hostel or office, but there has been no proven scientific explanation provided for this.
  • Other animals like rats also show such adjustments in fertilization cycles.
  • Studies have found sexually arousing pheromones in animals.
  • Research is currently looking into human pheromones.

3. Confusion Over the Role of the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) in Pheromone Signals

In animals, the vomeronasal organ is the sole organ responsible for invoking the response to the pheromones. Researchers had long speculated the presence of pheromones, but the true finding was to understand how they get transmitted by sending the signal to the brain.

It is not possible to apply the theory of VNO to humans because:

  • genesIt is a kind of vestigial organ, which was not present in all humans.
  • There were several genes which were associated with VNO receptors, but most of them were pseudogenes.
  • There was no evident connection between the VNO and the brain. These findings took the scientists to turn to check if the normal nasal tissues itself performed the function of pheromone receptor.
  • Pigs took a mating stance against the boar pheromone, even when the researchers had plugged its VNO’s from sensing the chemical.
  • Scientists study the effect of pheromone compound androstadienone on humans who had the VNO and even those who did not. They found that the human brain responded to the chemical compound, even when the person did not have a VNO.

4. Could There Be a Secret Sex Nerve in Humans?

We are referring to the cranial nerve or the terminal nerve in humans. Even though it is a recent speculation in human, researchers have found a connection between terminal nerves and sexual arousal in other organisms. This nerve runs from the nose to the brain. Let’s know in detail.

  • Researchers cut the terminal nerve in hamsters. They found that they stayed away from mating.
  • On sending an electric shock to the terminal nerve in zebrafish, the males exhibited spontaneous ejaculation.
  • nerveIn humans, the association of the terminal nerve to sex is based on the fact that during the development of the fetus, the nerve acts as a mode of migration of sex hormones to the brain.

5. Pheromones in Humans: Myth or Reality?

Researchers patented the name, pheromones, in 1959 because of the aphrodisiac released by female silk moths. This compound was named as bombykol. The compound was so powerful that it could traverse in the air for kilometers to invite the male moth to fly to the female.

Several studies conducted on animals had proven the presence and impact of pheromones in mating and related sexual behavior. About 16 years back, scientists had speculated that there may be a chemical compound on human skin that had the capacity of changing the behavior of other people.

The vomeronasal organ in humans, which was present as small openings inside the nose, did not play any role in the normal smelling capacity. Researchers used to believe that the VNO didn’t perform any specific function until recently they discovered its role in pheromone sensing.

6. Understanding the Chemical Pheromones in Humans

armpitsExperts have found apocrine glands located at the armpits as the main mode of secretion of pheromones in human. Pheromones may also be present in small quantities in the saliva, urinary secretions and semen.

Researchers have termed pheromones as the invisible social magnets. This is because they are some force that can relate to the social behavior of individuals. Many also consider pheromones as a sex charm.

You will observe that most men are not attracted to the most gorgeous girl, but instead they queue up to the girl who has much sex appeal. The laws of attraction are diverse in real life. Not even science could clearly explain about attraction.

When researchers subjected gay men to pheromone scents, they responded to male sweat compounds. However, a heterogeneous man preferred female pheromones.

The studies also showed a genetic connection. Women chose the scent of males whose DNA structure was different from theirs. It supported the natural phenomenon of evolution whereby the individual had a basic tendency to mate with the opposite DNA structure to produce genetically robust offspring.

7. Can Tears Evoke Empathy and Increase Sexual Tension Between Partners?

Women cryWomen cry more often than men. Some scientists believe that tears could invoke empathy. But, laboratory research proved something more interesting and different. Read on to know.

  • Researchers asked women to watch an emotional movie to collect their tears.
  • They allowed men to smell these tears. Unfortunately, it did not depict any signs of empathy in men when they sniffed it.
  • Besides, upon close examination, they found that the sexual arousal and testosterone levels in men had dropped significantly on sniffing the tears.
  • The conclusion was that tears had sent a message of negative romance.

8. Getting Close to Your Man When You Feel Low: The Comforting Effects of Pheromones

Women have a basic tendency to cuddle up beside their guy when they feel low or nervous. Studies conducted over several years have proven the presence of pheromones on male skin, which can reduce the anxiety, nervousness and tension in females. Here is how the researchers conducted the study:

  • skin and sweatThe steroid, androstadienone, was extracted from male sex hormone, testosterone. Researchers found this compound to be present on the skin and sweat of males.
  • Investigators conducted their study on women between age group of 20 and 45. They question them about their mental state. Besides, they measure their other physical parameters like heart rate and body temperature.
  • They introduced the speculated pheromone, androstadienone to the VNO of the women and noted the instant effect even on moderate exposure. They found that the females became relaxed and less nervous. Their heart rate also leveled out.

Scholars found that this male pheromone does not have any sexual effect. But, it made the females relaxed, reduces their negativity and makes them calm.

9. Is Love in the Air?

You might have come across the phrase several times, but can love truly spread through the air? Perhaps, yes because of pheromones. Nature has several examples of love transmitted through the air. Here are they:

  • hamstersFemale hamsters release pheromones along with vaginal secretions as a signal to bring a male to mate.
  • The female goldfish release pheromones into the water. They strike the males of the species and help to improve their sperm count and quality.

10. Gene Linked to Human Pheromone

In the year 2000, scientists had a breakthrough discovery as they were able to come up with the gene that was responsible for picking up the pheromone signal. The gene, which is known as V1RL1 has the code for pheromone receptor. It was isolated from the mucous lining of the nose.

A receptor is an area on the surface of a cell, which attaches with precise molecules just like a lock that receives only an exact key. The gene structure did not correlate with any other genes in human body. It showed resemblance to the pheromone receptors in mammalian animals.

11. Pheromones: An Innovative Way to Sexually Attract Partners

sexual attractionExperts have now linked pheromones to sexual attraction. Overwhelmed with this new found discovery, manufacturing companies are selling pheromone-scented products to customers. These magical products claim to make the other partner irresistible.

It is worth noting that androstenol is the attraction factor and not androstenone. Androstenol is fresh sweat and androstenone is the unpleasant less fresh sweat.

The beneficial androstenol disappears quickly and is replaced by androstenone, the oxidized sweat. Men who have misunderstood the research are flaunting their stinking bodies to women, but are actually receiving nasty glances in return.

Use of isolated androstenol has a low range and it works until a distance of 18 inches. This limits its usage in social parties as women will not be able to spot the source. There is also a risk of attracting males in the party.

12. What Are The Different Pheromone Options?

Some of the different types of pheromones are:

  • masculinityAndrostenone: This is the aggressive pheromone that will make a male seem like an alpha male.
  • Androstenol: This one improves the social behavior of the individual. It is a best choice for people who have an issue mingling with others. It improves the friendly behavior and takes off the fear factor.

  • Androsterone
    : This is the most commonly manufactured human pheromone and increases masculinity. It invokes a sense of protection and reliability in the women.
  • Estratetraenol: This pheromone is one of the primary chemicals produced by females and it has some mood-elevating qualities.

13. The Evolving and Buzzing Pheromone Industry

The role of pheromones in altering human behavior was highly acclaimed by the time the first associated gene was isolated. Biotechnology industries jumped into the development to rake in its profits. The industry has grown since then with perfume manufacturers, retailers and even the military evaluating to the various options set forward by the discovery.

Even though pheromones have been extracted from other organisms and artificially synthesized, it was only recently in 1993 that human pheromones were first created in the lab. Researchers named it the Athena Pheromone. Dr Winnifred Cutler of Athena Research Institute later developed and marketed it to attract the opposite sex.

love potionThe research lab has created artificial pheromones to attract opposite sex. Pheromones are odorless. Manufacturers sell unscented pheromones as roll-ons, lotions and pillow spray. Pheromones not only play their role in improving the sex life of the individual, but also the overall quality of life. The role of pheromones has been vastly studied to understand its impact on every walk of life.
Are you ready to attract men with the unique pheromone scent?

Let us tell you that “love potion” is not just a fiction found in Harry Potter Stories. You just need an effective pheromone for women and love potion can become a reality for you, too. Perhaps there were times when you must have wondered how an average-looking woman could snatch away a hot hunk of a man. It is truly because of pheromones magic. Let’s know more about it in detail.

14. Increase Your Dating With Copulin: Pheromones Produced Exclusively by Women

Several studies have pointed out the fact that many men like women who have a high pheromone production capacity. You might think why some girls have a huge fan following in your college. Sometimes they may not be the most gorgeous women in the community. The secret factor is the copulin produced by the individual that gives them the edge above the others.

Copulins are chemicals that the body secretes during women’s ovulation. According to experts, they are one of the most powerful pheromones, which effectively increase a man’s testosterone level. Many people claim that synthetic or artificial copulins have the prospective to create the same results as a female’s natural copulins. Copulins are exclusive in the study pheromones because of its exceptional properties.

Researchers conducted the study on 66 males by exposing them to women’s pheromones without their knowledge. Scientists asked them to rate a few pictures and they found that almost all of them gave a high score to all the pictures of females.

PerfumesPerfumes containing pheromone are widely available on the market and women have reported higher sexual attention from males after its usage. There was an increase in kissing, affection, sex and attraction from partners.

15. Understanding Pheromones for Women and How They Arouse Men

There are certain chemical components in pheromones, which play the role in inciting the sexual arousal in men. Copulin directs its action on these bio-chemicals and thus increases the attraction. They also work as activators of neurotransmitters, which send the signal to the brain to create sexual excitement. Such activity of copulin can help to bring back the romance and life to a dull sexual life in couples.

Pheromones work in an elusive manner. They will affect you, and not your appearance. Each individual will react differently to the use of pheromones.

Are pheromones for you? If you select a quality pheromone product, you will be able to:

  • social interactionsHave more social interactions.
  • Enjoy a livelier romantic life.
  • Enhance your self-confidence in social situations and at your workplace.
  • Spice up a long-term relationship.
  • Get more attention from either men or women.

16. How to Buy an Effective Pheromone Spray?

There are so many perfumes with pheromones for women and it has become essential to know which of these provide results. Manufacturers usually sold them as two kinds, as perfumes and even concentrated pheromones. You should be vigilant when you buy pheromones.

  • Before you go shopping for pheromones, you should have enough knowledge about pheromones. They are truly successful in making you an attractive person and boost your confidence level. You can become more feminine with pheromone and people will have a different approach to you altogether.
  • Due to the increased popularity of pheromones, there are several sellers on the market. In addition, there are many scam sellers who sell pheromones that do not produce any results. Make proper examination of the sellers, check their reviews and testimonials and then buy from the most reputed seller. Prefer buying from sellers who offer money back guarantee.Buying from online store
  • Buying from online store is a comfortable and easy option. You just have to be cautious to check the reviews of the store. It is a little tricky to evaluate the reviews too. There might be fake negatives and fake positives. So, take your time to analyze the reviews and put them in the right category. The ratio of the positives against the negatives will help you make the final choice.
  • Never try to use pheromones on a daily basis, especially the stronger ones. Try to limit the usage to those situations when you will need them to impress several men.

Besides using pheromones, you can use female enhancement pills, such as Provestra. They not only could improve your sexual health, but they may decrease PMS symptoms. They also could result in fewer mood swings, as well. They contain natural aphrodisiacs that deliver oxygen to the genitals and may help to increase clitoral sensitivity.

Before taking any new supplement, be sure to check with your doctor to be sure they are right for you. This is especially true if you have an existing medical condition, allergies or are taking other supplements or medications.

17. How Pheromones for Women Are Incorporated Into These Products

the scientistsTo add pheromones to a product, the scientists synthesize artificial versions of female pheromones in the laboratory. They mix it with the perfume or fragrance and then bottle them for use. When the person uses this product, they spray not just the perfume, but the molecules of the pheromones, as well.

In a study conducted to prove the effects of pheromones, researchers sprayed pheromones on some women. These women were brought in the vicinity of men, and they observed how the men were attracted mostly to those women who use the pheromone product.

This study is just one of many that may prove the inevitable effects of pheromones to increase the sexual attractiveness in women.

18. The Truth: Attract Your Perfect Mate With a Dab of Female Pheromones

There are so many manufacturers out there who are selling fragrances and unscented pheromones for women; however, the fact is that there is no specific proof they work as well as sellers claim. Some companies have raised allegations that the sellers themselves have spread the popularity and vibe about the product to make it prevalent among people looking to increase their sex appeal.

steamy sexEven though there has been no direct and scientific proof of sexual arousal, studies have indicated that female pheromones relax the individual of the opposite sex and instill happy feelings in them. With this calm aura around, there is a higher chance of both people coming together for a steamy sex night.

There is no harm in trying pheromones for women to get your dream guy; however, it is essential that you buy a natural product. With natural pheromones, you aren’t going to experience side effects or problems. Finding a quality, well-formulated pheromone product, however, will be the most significant prerequisite for enjoying those steamy results.