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17 Tips on How to Be Sexually Attractive to Anyone Anywhere

Avatar photo 8 years ago 14 minute read

Actor Denis Leary once said, “No matter what anybody says, relationships are based on physical attraction.”

attentionThat’s true. The end goal is to get to know the person better and determine if he is the right one for you based on his personality. Before you even cross the line, you have to know how to be sexually attractive to make sure you get his attention – then everything else follows.

The question is how.

These 17 simple but effective tips will help you on how to be sexually attractive to men because who knows, one of them could be the man of your dreams:

1. Beauty Versus Attraction: Do You Know the Difference?

Fact: not all people are born equal. Blame it on the genes, but some are born physically superior than the others. In case you belong on the other side of the pool, that’s fine. Having a beautiful face and slender body will make heads turn. Apparently, it doesn’t end there. Believe it or not, beauty is just one part of sexual attraction.

ExpressionsWhat does it take it be sexually appealing?

  • Clothes
  • Posture
  • Hair
  • Voice
  • Movements
  • Expressions
  • Ability to maintain eye contact

These characteristics are only some of the many things that could help you build your attractiveness level. In other words, attractiveness is also about your sexuality.

Read further to find out how to be sexually attractive to your husband in the future.

2. How to Be Sexually Attractive by Keeping Your Body in Shape

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Your physical appearance may be one aspect to make you sexually appealing, but this doesn’t mean you should not put your best foot forward. One of the ways to make sure you are desirable in men’s eyes is to stay in shape.

Keep this in mind: men want to be aroused as soon as they saw you naked. They don’t want someone who is too thin or looking like a beach ball. To make sure you seal the deal, it won’t hurt if you keep your body in tiptop shape with the right amount of fats.

joggingHere are tips on how to do it:

  • Three to four times a week of cardio training such as jogging, running, or biking to burn calories and lose excess pounds.
  • Strength training exercises like squats and pushups to help build muscles.
  • Eating healthy meals, which include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat.

3. The Way You Look: Getting the Guy by Looking at Your Best

Aside from being in shape, how you present yourself could also make a difference in your attractiveness level. After all, men are naturally visual creatures and what they see is what they want to get.

makeupWhat should you do? Try these tips:

  • Put on a bit of makeup to brighten your face. Wear a bit of blush to add more color, apply a mascara to brighten your eyes, and don’t forget your red lipstick since it is a surefire way to attract men.
  • Dress comfortably, properly, and according to the venue and occasion.
  • Choose your shoes wisely.

More importantly, comfort over fashion. This makes it easier for you to move around in the room.

4. Hang Out with Your Girlfriends: The Secret in Making Men Sexually Attracted

No man is an island, so they say. In fact, there is a reason why you should have your own Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda in your life, not only to be your instant dates during Hearts Day, but also to bring out the Carrie in you.

girlfriendsResearchers from University of California in San Diego found out that being in a group increases your attractiveness meter compared to being alone. This is because being with your girlfriends makes you look even better than you usually do. Consequently, the more he sees you surrounded with friends, the better-looking you appear.

On your next night out, you know what to do. Bring out the Sex and the City characters in all of you.

5. Smile: The Most Affordable Makeup You Can Wear in Attracting Men

It’s okay to wear a little bit of makeup. After all, you don’t want to look to dull or pale, especially when you want to make an impression. When it comes to makeup, there is something you must always wear on how to be sexually attractive to men: smile.

It turns out that smile is the most important physical attribute in the world of attraction. Believe it or not, this physical attribute could make you 10 times more attractive to men.

You might ask why.

SmileSmile stimulates the reward circuit part of a man’s brain. When this happens, it makes him feel comfortable and at ease when approaching you. This also sends him a signal that you are interested, thereby making it easier for him to approach you.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, don’t forget to flash your pearly whites and bring smile with you.

This is just the beginning. Keep reading to learn more techniques on how to be sexually attractive to your boyfriend.

6. It’s Okay to Show Him You Are Interested

Since time immemorial, men are tasked to make the first move while women wait. Otherwise, going for the first move would make you look aggressive, desperate, and easy – and you don’t want that to happen.

first moveThankfully, things have changed.

A 2007 study revealed that showing interest to someone could already build attraction. In fact, it works like an aphrodisiac wherein making the first move could increase your chances of making the other person find you attractive even if the intention is not yet sexual at first.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you should throw yourself at him. Here are subtle techniques to show him that you are interested:

  • Make and maintain an eye contact.
  • Smile a lot.
  • Give him a nod.
  • Walk up to where he is and show your presence.
  • When talking to him, lean towards him.

It sounds simple, but these techniques could give him a hint that you are interested. Go ahead and try it.

7. Keep It Classy and Don’t Act Too Trashy

classyThink about this: there is something about classy woman that makes her look attractive. It gives him an idea that you respect yourself as a person and that you are worth bringing to his mother.

What does it take to be the classy woman?

You can try the following techniques and strategies:

  • Avoid cussing and cursing.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Take care of your reputation.
  • Learn to control your emotions and choice of words in any given situation.
  • Set some boundaries for yourself.
  • Do not hoard guy friends.
  • Know your basic manners, such as saying thank you, sorry, please and excuse me.

Being classy is not rocket science. Once you mastered these techniques, it will surely help you in making him notice you.

8. Be Kind: A Simple Yet Important Characteristic That Makes Men Weak

kindnessThere will be an endless list of to do and not to do when it comes to making men sexually attracted to you. Still, this characteristic must be included in your list: be kind. Playing the mean girl card can be cool when you were in high school. Now that you are older, you should know better.

According to a study involving 10,000 men, kindness is among the basic traits men are looking for women. It may not sound sexy, but a little act of kindness could boost your attractiveness meter to its highest level.

What should you do? Small acts of kindness such as being respectful to elders, saying thank you for the little things, knowing when to say please and sorry, and even an act of politeness could go a long way. Make sure to keep your actions as genuine as possible since a guy can notice if you are faking it.

9. Why Being an Independent Woman Goes a Long Way in Boosting Your Attractiveness Level

Do you want to know another secret on how to be sexier for your boyfriend? Be independent.

drivenYou might think that being on your own could step on a man’s ego and make him feel bad. Surprisingly, it could be the reason why he is into you.

Dating an independent woman who is passionate, driven, and knows what she wants is hot. He knows that you can be on your own and that you don’t need a man to make you feel complete. He likes to see you reach for your own goals and will be there with you every step of the way.

On the other hand, no man wants a girl who calls him every 30 minutes and asks him where he is. He needs to see that you can stand on your own and capable of making your own decisions. More importantly, he wound want to see you to be the best version of yourself

Speaking of independence, check out the next tip.

10. Emotional Maturity: Another Trait Men Look for in a Woman

Arguments and misunderstandings will always be a part of every relationship, regardless of what stage you are in. These arguments could be a test of character as to your emotional stability and how well you can handle your emotions.

calmYou might say that handling emotions can be challenging, especially when you are angry. That’s true. Still, this doesn’t mean your emotions should be all over the place.

Being emotionally mature means being able to relax, calm down, and think before saying anything. It is your ability to present your feelings and emotions in a calm, respectful manner. It is about using the right words and facing every situation in a calm manner. If your emotions are out of control, then this could be a red flag and it is not a good sign for men.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should be stiff and straight with your actions. Men like this next trait, so make sure you read the next section.

11. Be the Funny, Humorous, and Energetic Girl Men Want to be With Often

Personally, do you like men who are stiff and don’t want to smile? Most of the time, you would go for guys who are happy and fun to be with.

funThe same concept goes for you. Men want someone who is energetic, vibrant, and generally a happy person. They want to see you have a good laugh and have a good time. Men like women who can see the good side and make fun of herself. This gives out a comfortable aura, which makes men easier to approach you.

Let’s say you are not a natural clown. That’s fine. Here are tips on how you can show your humorous side:

  • Learn to laugh and make fun of yourself.
  • Do not make offensive or racist remarks just to make someone laugh.
  • Use the current situation to find something you can laugh about.
  • Your punch line should be a violation of something, such as unmet expectations or social taboo.

More importantly, just relax. If there is nothing funny about the current situation, then that’s fine. Wait for another opportunity to come.

12. Remember This Secret to Make You More Sexually Appealing

You know – and there’s a study to back it up – that making the first move is one of the ways on how to be sexually attractive to men. There are many ways you can do that, but this one is worth trying: mimic his actions “unconsciously.”

body languageKeep in mind that body language is the most powerful tool of communication. In the world of attraction and dating, sharing something in common sends a signal that you are physically attracted to the other person.

How will you do that aside from the usual smile and touch on the shoulder? You can do this by mimicking his actions in an unconscious manner.

For instance, if he changes his position or runs his hand through his hair, wait for a few minutes then do the same. A man’s subconscious mind will think that you are into him, giving him a confidence boost. Make sure you don’t follow his actions all the time, since this could be bothering.

If you are having trouble with your sex drive, be sure to talk to your doctor to make sure it isn’t anything medically-related. If you need extra help, ask your doctor about taking a daily dose of Provestra. This female enhancement pill could help you boost your desire and enjoy sex more.

13. Show Affection to Help You Strengthen Your Attractiveness and Your Connection

Hold his handNow that you know an important trick on how to be sexually attractive, make sure you combine this with the following tricks:

  • Hold his hand.
  • Place your hand in other areas of his body like arms, thigh or chest.
  • Give him a hug and kiss on the cheeks before you part ways.

These simple acts connote affection and make him feel that he is wanted. This establishes a connection, too.

14. Be Proud of Your Weird, Quirky Interests

You developed this passion for watercolor painting, tap dancing, calligraphy, and even Harry Potter. For some, your obsession for some things may be weird and unusual. For men, this could be attractive.

You might ask how.

weirdYour unique interests and hobbies make you who you are as a person, no matter how weird they may be to other people. These interests tell the whole world that you don’t need to share the same interests with other people to make you desirable in their eyes. More importantly, it’s about being yourself and doing what you love most, regardless of how weird they may be – and you are proud of it.

Now, that is sexy.

You might ask, “Are these enough on how to be sexually attractive to my husband in the future?” Perhaps, although there are few more tricks waiting for you below that might help you in the sex department.

15. Maintaining a Positive Outlook to Keep Him Sexually Attracted to You

You know that simple acts of kindness go a long way. Aside from this, there is something men love too: a positive outlook.

positive vibeThink about this: you don’t want to be surrounded by people who make you feel bad, down and stressed out. As much as possible, you like to hang out with people who can make you laugh and maintains a positive outlook in life.

The same applies to men when they meet girls. Research showed that having a positive attitude could create a positive impact on one’s perception of physical attractiveness. Men want someone who not only has a good sense of humor but also a pleasant and positive vibe and overall personality.

Having a positive outlook is more than just the physical aspect. It also affects your social attraction, another important trait when choosing a long-term partner.

16. Work on Your Libido to Keep Your Sex Drive in “I’m Ready” Mode

You might say that sex is just one aspect in the relationship. That’s true. Still, this is a crucial factor to keep the relationship going. Unfortunately, there is too much going on in your plate that could affect your ability to get aroused. When this happens often, it could affect your relationship with your man and lead it down the drain.

soy productsHow do you address this? You can try the following techniques:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat more estrogen-rich foods such as soy products.
  • Work on your emotional and mental state and look for solutions that will address issues like stress and depression.
  • Learn to prioritize tasks.
  • Get at least six to eight hours of sleep.

In other words, the healthier your sex drive is, the healthier and happier your sex life and overall relationship will be.

17. Be Yourself: The Most Important Tip to Remember in the World of Dating and Attraction

How many times have you heard this tip, “Be yourself?” Most of the time, you will be reminded to be yourself and accept yourself for who you are. Unfortunately, not all women are able to follow this tip and do this by heart.

Be yourselfBe the better woman and be yourself no matter what happens.

When you like someone, you tend to adjust your needs, wants, and preferences just to suit a guy’s taste. As the relationship progresses, you lose a part of yourself and adjust according to your man’s needs.

It’s okay to adjust, but at the end of the day, it is important to keep yourself intact. Don’t forget that part of you who is passionate about something, whether pets or saving the world. The more you stick to your true self, the more you will reveal the real you. Believe it or not, being real could make him fall for you even more.          

There are many ways on how to be sexually attractive. Take your pick among these 17 techniques and you are sure to get the man of your dreams. Whatever strategy you picked, don’t forget this: be yourself. At the end of the day, being yourself is your best weapon to make you sexually appealing and attractive.