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10 Perks Of Having A Healthy And Adventurous Sex Life

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Apart from the pleasure it brings, sex can bring a positive impact to the physical, mental and emotional health of an individual. Practicing safe, regular, passionate and adventurous sex can double its advantages overall.

Having some sexual exploration can be very exciting. You are free to research, experiment and apply what you have learned to every sexual encounter with your partner. By doing so, you are not only going to enjoy sex to the fullest, you can also obtain the healthy perks of it. So whether you like to go for bondage, sex in public or role playing, it is sure to be both fun and adventageous.

1. Sex Strengthens Your Relationship

CoupleCouples who practice kinky or adventurous sex are more open and secure in their relationship. Intimate acts between two people help generate oxytocin.

This is known as a bonding hormone that strengthens the attachment of a person to their partner.

The more daring the sex is, the more oxytocin can be produced by the body. This all leads to stronger bonds, loyalty and contentment in a relationship.

Try involving the use of bondage in your sex play. This gives a vulnerable, but tingly feeling that your fate and pleasure is on your partner’s hands. It also shows your deep trust in your partner. You will both be super-turned on, which is a win-win.

2. Kinkiness Kills Your Boredom

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There is a saying that desire ends in the possession. But with kinky, steamy and intimate sex, you and your partner are least likely to fall out of love no matter how long you have been together.

New ways of having sex extends the enjoyment and contentment in a relationship. You might grow old first before you even realize that you have already spent decades of your life with the same person.

Masochism and sadism is one good way to kill boredom. Decide on who holds the whip and who is going to receive the beating. If the both of you are not a masochist and sadist in nature, just try your best to not hurt each other. Or maybe hurt each other a little, but in a very seductive way. An erotic spank and pinch would do, and it doesn’t cause physical harm.

3. Lust Gives You A Longer Life

Longer LifeResearch shows that those who are interested in sex and engage themselves regularly with sexual activities have good overall health.

The reverse also shows that those who are in poor health have lower sex drive and don’t engage much in sexual abilities.

To extend your life span, you need to see sex as an important requirement of longevity. Inform your partner about this and reserve enough time for intimate moments together. You will see that it’s worth the investment.

4. Humping Your Way To A Healthier Heart

Healthier HeartSex counts as a good exercise for the heart. Throughout the arousal stage and the sexual intercourse, the blood flow and each move that you make matters. The more vigorously you do it, the better kind of exercise it will be.

If you have heart disease, it should not be a reason for you not to be engaged with sexual activities. You just have to discuss sex with your doctor and not do it for as long or as hard, so you won’t experience chest pain.

Take your time to satisfy your partner. They will appreciate your gentleness, which is a huge turn on. If you don’t have much time left to do all your tasks, cancel your morning jog. Move your exercise at night and include your partner in it by having a steamy and intense sex.

5. Lovemaking Lowers Your Stress Level

Lowers Your Stress LevelWe now know that the sex-generated hormone, oxytocin, makes you feel good.

In addition to that, it fights stress and helps you feel relaxed. Apart from stress, sex can also bust depression, pain and anxiety.

Try a sensual massage with your partner. Both of you can also take a dip in a tub of warm water with lighted aromatic candles around. End the night with an explosive lovemaking session and a cuddle.

6. Cum To Bed For Better Sleep

BedSex can give you a peaceful, long and continuous sleep. After orgasm or ejaculation, your body will experience a different level of relaxation.

The longer the intercourse, the more soothing calmness can be felt afterwards.

Convince your partner to do it before you doze off. Tell them you’ll be quick. Once you get started, they may not want you to be so fast, after all.

7. Fornicate To Feel And Look Younger Longer

An after sex glow is noticeable after a night of satisfying love-making.

The feel-good hormone which is the oxytocin contributes to a healthy skin glow and a sunny aura throughout the day. Research shows that a long term effect of sex is lower risks of cognitive disability with age.

Make sure that you get enough sleep after having sex at night. Doing it with someone that is really special gives out the best results.

8. Screwing Protects You Against Strokes And Cancer

watch adult videos aloneOverall health doesn’t have to end with stress-free and a healthier heart. A healthy and adventurous sex life may also result in a stronger defense against strokes.

It also helps reduce the risk of acquiring certain cancers. Men who ejaculate or have sex more often are less likely to develop prostate cancer.

So, don’t worry if you are ejaculating everyday or having sex every week. It is good for your overall health. Why not watch adult videos alone, or with your partner? It will give you some creative lovemaking ideas that you both can explore.

9. Reduces Your Risk Of Angina And Ulcer

happy marriageA happy marriage and a healthy sex life may save you from having angina and ulcer. These health conditions often occur to people who don’t feel loved and supported.

Due to huge amounts of stress that can be reduced by sex, people can develop the above sicknesses.

Be faithful and have sex only with your lifetime partner. Do your best to show your love, support and concern. Make sure to reach out if there are issues. All of these can contribute to a healthier sex life and overall well-being. 

10. Mating Is A Mind Blowing Experience

Enjoy life, love and each otherThough the physical effect may be short, great sex retains in the memory. This pushes you to have sex again, improve your sexual performance and explore about new things to achieve a mind blowing orgasm and make your partner feel tremendous, too.

Remember that different levels of pleasure can be experienced with the same person.

You just have to do something new or explore more of the endless possibilities. Role playing with different sex toys or costumes is an exciting activity.

You can also try to make the intercourse longer. Hold your orgasm and change the sex position until you and your partner can’t hold it any longer. Enjoy life, love and each other.