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10 Sex Secrets Women Want Men To Know

Avatar photo 10 years ago 5 minute read

Are you having trouble trying to turn on your woman? Don’t you worry; this has been a problem for many men throughout the ages. Did you know that there are secrets you can use to blow your woman’s mind away? If this seems new to you, the whole “sex secrets for how to turn on your woman” thing, then you are in luck, because here is everything you need to know.

menTurning on a woman is really a fine art. All men may think that it is an easy skill for them to possess, however it really isn’t that simple.

There are secrets that men have handed down from generation to generation to other men who need that extra “umph” when it comes to turning on their women.

Once you find out what those secrets are, then you are good to go. You will also realize that you could be trying way too hard to please your lady.

Here are the ten sex secrets your woman really wants you to remember.

10. A Caring Guy Is Hugely Attractive.

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If you want to turn on your woman, let that caring guy come out. Take major note that a guy who shows their sensitive and vulnerable side is always a sexy turn on for a woman.

Women do appreciate men that aren’t afraid to show that they genuinely care, especially when they are upset. Have you ever thought about why “break-up” sex happens?

The reason behind that is because the man usually starts saying sorry and showing how he really feels, and that is truly one huge sex trigger for woman.

9. A man Who Takes Care Of Their Appearance Is Hot.

dress to impress your girlWe all know that sweat pants and wife beaters, or over-sized jeans and t-shirts are comfortable, especially when you and your girl have been together for quite a few years; however, grooming and dressing up to impress her should still be something you need to consider.

If you two don’t go out on a date or a party as much as you did before, whenever you do go out, try to look real suave, basically dress to impress your girl.

For example, if you know that she really likes it when you shave, or when you wear that plaid polo, then go ahead and do her that sexy little favor. That is an immediate turn on and you will most likely get some steamy love making after your fun night out.

8. Guys Who Wear Some Red Are A Major Turn On.

Guys Who Wear Some RedHave you noticed that a woman who wear bright red lipstick or that little red dress always get the man?

Well, it could also workout for guys. This tip comes from clever psychologists who study the subconscious preferences of women.

Studies have shown that the color red has a significant effect on sexual desire and has the power of attracting the opposite sex like a magnet.

7. Men Who Don’t Hide Their Weaknesses Are Wonderful.

Men Who Don't Hide Their WeaknessesSometimes women don’t like men who act obnoxiously arrogant. That means you should show them that you aren’t Superman and that you do have imperfections.

Women love a man who understand they have weaknesses and who want to improve, right?

Women are attracted to men who admit they want personal growth in their lives, which means that having faults is normal – and just plain sexy.

You can be vulnerable around your woman, because it is definitely a big turn on for her.

6. Controlling Guys Are Totally Unsexy.

mean and controlling manA controlling man isn’t sexy at all to women. Once you start trying to fix her world, then you’re a done deal.

Instead of your girlfriend or wife understanding that you two are in it together, she will see you as that mean and controlling man that you are.

If she asks for your advice, listen to her and be there. Don’t be nagging at her and trying to manipulate her thoughts, actions and feelings. A man who is there by her side is a turn on no matter what the situation may be.

5. Take The Slow Lane For Sizzling Sex.

Take The Slow LaneIf you think that the quickest path to sex is to jump her during the first date, well you may be seriously wrong.

It is much sexier when men try not to rush getting into bed, especially when you are looking for a long term relationship.

Many women prefer the more scenic sex route, which is something you have to understand as a man. Women like to feel connected, secure and understood during sex, so make sure to take note of that before you try to seduce her.

4. Safe Sex Goes A Long Way, Baby.

condomPutting on a condom is a big turn on for many women. This is something both men and woman need to focus on, because women do appreciate it when a man cares about the circumstances that may follow after the sexual experience.

It shows the women that he practices what he preaches, and that could surely turn any woman on. It also proves you feel you are a team with an emotional, and not just physical connection. Hot stuff.

3. Learn What Pleasures Her – Not Just You.

Ask her what she likesLearn all about everything she wants in bed. Women love to talk, so that means you should take advantage of that attribute and find out how to please her sexually.

Ask her what she likes and how she likes it done exactly. Besides finding out what she likes during sex, it will also show her that you really do care about what makes her purr and moan.

2. Sweat A Little For Sex A Lot.

workoutStudies have shown that a man’s sweat has a primal, sexual effect on a woman. There are certain compounds called pheromones that attract women, and even turn them on sexually.

So if you have a little sweat from a quick workout or a walk, don’t shower right away – she may want to jump into the shower – or the sack with you.

1.Romance Her Endlessly.

RomanceJust because you have her as your wife of girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that the spark should die.

Remember those days when you were still trying to get her to be your girlfriend and you would go out of this world to please her and shower her with compliments?

Well, try to keep that going,even throughout the years. One of the biggest sexual turn ons ever known to a woman is when her man continuously shows her how much he really loves and appreciates her, even after being together for many years.

See, turning on your woman shouldn’t be too hard. You may already be doing some of these 10 tips mentioned, which is an A+ grade for you. Pay attention to her and get to know her more, even if you have been married or together for many years. Turn her on the right way by being mindful, caring and human and you will reap the rewards, too.