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For the Ladies: 5 Ways to Save Your Sinking Libido

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Crazy work schedules, young children, low self-esteem; sometimes things get in the way of our libidos. Unfortunately, some of us find ourselves wishing we could get our grooves back.

Well, have no fear; it is never too late to wake up your sensuality and get back all of those sexual urges you once had. In fact, this process may be easier than you imagine, and there are some home remedies that can help win your libido back easily.

home remedies
Photo by Sammy JayJay / CC BY

Anyone who finds themselves in this situation should first ask: what is the cause of this lack of libido?

Determining the cause is the first step towards fixing it and ensuring that it does not become an issue again.

Therefore, we will cover reasons why you may have a loss in libido, how you can resolve these issues, which includes some natural remedies that are easily attainable within your home.

Read on to learn about nine surprisingly simple ways that you can wake up your libido. We guarantee that the solution to your sleepy libido is easier to fix than you may think. For every easy step you will find an accompanying home remedy to ensure that you and your partner will be livening up your bedroom, one simple way at a time.

1. Make A Change, Break Your Routine

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Routines and consistency can be nice, but it never belongs in the bedroom.

The ability to spice things up and make changes between you and your partner is necessary; without this, your relationship will undoubtedly fall into a rut.

Any relationship is susceptible to this, whether it is a new relationship of a few months or a marriage of ten years.

Intimacy should never feel like a chore, and it should never become expected by either partner. There is actually scientific evidence to back up the argument that routine is not sexy. New experiences release dopamine into our bodies.

This release of dopamine allows for us to be happy, and we yearn for more. Once we experience the same thing over and over, the release of dopamine ceases. Therefore, it is healthy to switch it up in the bedroom.

If you and your partner find that you would like to switch it up but are unsure how, then you may need a little help. Consulting the help of an aphrodisiac is certainly a wonderful idea. A natural aphrodisiac is present within avocado. The consumption of avocados can help increase sexual energy almost immediately, regardless of how un-sexy you felt previously.

AvocadosWhy exactly does this work? Avocados are rich in a few necessary ingredients: folic acid, vitamin B6 and potassium.

Because of these nutrients, avocados help increase thyroid functioning, which allows for females to feel sexual urges.

These nutrients help men by producing more male hormones and releasing proteins into the blood stream.

Our recommendation: Make some kickin’ guacamole the next time you want a little sexual boost. Chow down on some delicious food and feel the sexual vibes flow from there.

As you can see, all of these steps are as simple as eating an avocado. Read on to hear about our next simple step for livening up your libido.

2. Finding The Energy

making dinner
Photo by Steven Depolo / CC BY

We all lead such busy lives, that there may come a time when it is just too physically demanding to have sex. As sorry as that sounds, it is true for many.

A long day at work, helping kids with their schoolwork, making dinner, and cleaning up – when is there time to be sexy with all of that going on?

It sounds like a chore, but we must make time for ourselves. In fact, fitting in ten to fifteen minutes with all of the regular chaos going on can be quite exhilarating.

This is also probably a way to switch it up, like we mentioned in our previous section. Get the kids doing something busy or put the food in the oven, and make some time for your oven for a few minutes. We guarantee you will be happy with your decision.

If this sounds lovely and all, but you cannot possibly imagine having the energy, then here is a simple home remedy that can give you an immediate energy boost: bananas. It is true. Bananas are also rich in potassium and vitamin B, just like the avocados.

Photo by Augustus Binu / CC BY-SA

Bananas produce energy for anyone who eats them, men and women alike, so the immediate result will be an increase to sexual libido.

As nice as it would be to munch on one banana and become a pro with your banana, it is recommended to include them regularly in your daily diet.

If making the time or switching it up is not the cause of your loss of libido, perhaps the issue is between you and your partner. Read on to learn how to combat the loss of intimacy between the two of you.

3. Reigniting The Spark Between You And Your Partner

loss of libido
Photo by Tina Franklin / CC BY

Another reason you may feel a loss of libido is that you and your partner are just not jiving sexually.

Perhaps every time they make a move, you feel it is simply because they want to have sex, not necessarily because they are attracted to you.

Or, perhaps they are not putting the moves on you because you are not sending out your sexual energy.

The solution to this is quite simple. Make the time to have a spontaneous sexual encounter but without the sex. You and your partner should partake in an event that evokes sexuality without the physical act; this way, the two of you will simply pounce on each other when you do have the chance.

Some ideas for sexual activities that do not include sex are: taking a hike, grabbing coffee in the morning, going to the gym together, or enjoying a night out on the town. If you are more of a stay-at-home type, then have him bring a nice dinner to you or eat by candlelight for a change.

oystersOur next home remedy you can easily make at home or you can order them as an appetizer at most restaurants: oysters. Everyone knows that oysters are an aphrodisiac.

Oysters are full of zinc, which is necessary for sperm and testosterone production. Men become sexual aroused from eating oysters, so sit back, shuck a few, and see where the night takes you.

If this still is not proving to be successful for you and your sex life then maybe there is an issue with your self-image. Read on to learn about improving your self-image in order to improve upon your sex life.

4. In Order To Have Sex You Need To Feel Sexy

sexyThis probably sounds easier said than done, but it is true: in order to have more sex in your life you need to feel sexy first.

There is no time for insecurities when it comes to a healthy libido, so whatever the reason is, be it weight, facial flaws, or a random physical feature you cannot stand, kick it to the curb.

If you want to have a healthier libido then you need to be sexually confident.

Remind yourself that your significant other is with you because they love you and find you attractive. If there is something about your body that you are not comfortable with, then we guarantee they either have not noticed it or do not even see it as an issue. Constantly remind yourself of this, and you will become happier and therefore sexier. Once you feel sexier, your partner will sense it and we guarantee the sparks fly from there.

Adding asparagus to your daily diet can actually make you feel sexier. Asparagus has been proven to heighten the sexual libido of both men and women, so start preparing the asparagus and get your sexy on.

5. Consulting The Help Of A Supplement

alcoholIf, after reading about these issues, you still cannot determine the cause behind your loss of libido, then it may be beyond your control.

Loss in libido can be indicative of aging for both men and women; it can also be a sign of psychological issues, such as anxiety, hormonal imbalances or depression.

There are even some medical conditions that have the side effect of loss of libido.

Analyze the various prescriptions that you are taking. Do any of them have “decrease in libido,” as a side effect? Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking can also affect sexual performance and mood, so keep track of your regularly intake.

If all else fails, then consult your physician. Chances are that you can take a supplement to help boost your sexual energy. While your physician may want to prescribe you with medications, there are other more natural alternatives. For example, Provestra.com offers women a natural, yet effective way to bring back their sexual desires.

ProvestraSupplements like Provestra are proven to help women feel sexier, experience extraordinary orgasms, increase vaginal lubrication, and improve the overall sexual feelings and urges felt by women.

Consulting a little additional help is nothing to be ashamed of.

Loss of libido is something that happens to everyone at one point or another, and everyone deserves to have a healthy, happy sex life.

So, have you determined the cause of your loss of libido? Try some of our home remedies out and see if they help you feel sexier. Remember to put your needs first. Make time for your sex life and make time for your self-image. Once you feel sexy, you will have more sex and become happier. No one should have to suffer from low libido. Put your needs first, and we guarantee you will have your satisfying sex life back in no time.