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Female Enhancement Pills: 5 Things Every Woman Should Ask

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The world is growing to become an ever-complicated place. New stressors are added to our lives daily, and new, never-before-seen burdens are starting to affect millions of people around the globe in all aspects of their lives, even affecting life in the bedroom.

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Within the last decade, one of the biggest pharmaceutical stories of all time broke.  News around the world told of a little blue pill helping men the world over stand erect and relieve their sexual needs.

History has a tendency to repeat itself and soon, the world will be witnessing another pharmaceutical frenzy—the amazing female enhancement pill.

Yes, you’ve read correctly.  Many women the world over have been struggling with sexual frustration for far too long.

inability to have sex
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Just as men, women suffer from an inability to have sex and decreased sexual desire and finally, there is a resource women can use to feel comfortable and confident in their sexual lives once again.

Already, female sexual enhancement is making news and with each passing day the story gains traction.

As media coverage balloons, so does the amount of product on the market. Just searching for female enhancement or libido pills will churn out hundreds, if not thousands of results.

a potential game changerWhen choosing a product like a sexual stimulant pill, it is important to full understand exactly what you are buying.

After all, this is a product that could potentially reclaim lost confidence and add the wonderment of sexual desire and fulfillment you have been lacking—a potential game changer.

Therefore, it is incredibly important you fully understand the world of female enhancement, so let’s continue and uncover the world of female enhancement pills.

1.What Are Female Enhancement Pills?

libido pillsDon’t be fooled by the word “enhancement”, as female enhancement pills do not usually mean enlarging breasts.

The phrasing may vary often between female enhancement pills to libido pills, to even sexual stimulant pills, but make no mistake, they are all referring to the same thing—pills that work to enhance, or stimulate, your sexual desire.

Most of these pills claim to increase sexual desire as well as increase the amount of vaginal lubrication. 

2. How Do I Know If Female Enhancement Pills Are Right For Me?

stress levelsBeing a woman is clearly no easy task, let alone being a woman in today’s hectic world. Between children, careers, husbands, housework, aging parents and more, stress levels have never been higher.

Couple this with perhaps a less than ideal diet, low amounts of exercise, and the ever-ebbing tide of hormonal changes that can come from post-pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, exposure to synthetic estrogens, and the already high stressors of life, and what you are left with is a body out of balance.

Female enhancement pills simply aim to restore balance by giving you back the feeling of femininity, sexuality, and desirability.

making loveThese libido pills specifically are for women who want to look forward to making love again instead of viewing it as a neglected, cast aside chore.

Enhancement pills work wonders for women who have diminished, or have lost all, sexual desire. These pills directly target female reproductive systems and help put back into balance your hormones allowing nature to take its course.

Women too, who suffer from vaginal dryness should consider looking into enhancement pills as many are effective at increasing the speed at which you are able to lubricate your vagina, or become “wet”, as well as increase the overall volume of lubrication available during sex.

Simply put, enhancement pills are for any woman lacking confidence in their sexual lives.

3. How Do Female Enhancement Pills Work?

How Do Female Enhancement Pills WorkNot every female enhancement pill is the same, but most work on very similar principles.

Most aim to restore hormonal balance, which is one of the primary causes of low sexual desire.

The way these pills restore balance to your body and sexuality is usually through a well-researched and calculated formula that is comprised mainly of herbal supplements and extracts.

While many question the validity of herbal supplements, numbers of researchers and medical doctors can attest to how well these pills work for countless women.

4. What Should I Look For In Female Enhancement Pills?

well-balanced formulaAs stated before, these sexual stimulants rely on balancing hormonal irregularities in your body through use of herbal supplement and extracts. A well-balanced formula should include the following:

L-Arginine—a naturally occurring amino acid that is instrumental in increasing blood flow to your extremities, in particular the clitoris and vagina. L-Arginine also allows for the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels which help your body into total sexual arousal.

Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C)—research indicates that Indole-3-Carbinol plays a key role in help to naturally balance out excess estrogen. High levels of estrogen are a key cause of loss of interest and enjoyment of sex.

increased blood flowGinkgo Biloba—has been used for centuries to improve mental acuity as well as increasing sexual function through increased blood flow, thereby increasing the ability to orgasm as well as overall sexual satisfaction.

Damiana Leaf—an amazing extract that stimulates muscular contractions, delivers oxygen to the genitals, and increases sensitivity of the clitoris. Also balances hormonal levels, reduces vaginal dryness, controls hot flashes, and increases the frequency and intensity of orgasms

Ginger Roothas been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries and is known to stimulate the circulatory system making erogenous zones very sensitive.

ingredient listClearly, this ingredient list is incomplete and most every female enhancement pill will have a litany of other ingredients. Keep in mind that the ingredients above are a MUST HAVE when selecting a sexual stimulant pill.

5. Which Products Can I Trust?

Generally speaking, products that carry endorsements from the medical field as well as having a published formula list are probably worth looking into. One of the most notable products on today’s market is the well-known pill, Provestra.

ProvestraProvestra has succeeded in attaining a lot of media attention appearing on Fox News, and has a tremendous amount of support from the medical community.

Provestra succeeds where most fail, in that it offers one of the best formulas available today with an incredibly, extensive ingredient list.

Many women who have tried Provestra have claimed results in as little as 7 days, and with a money-back guarantee, Provestra is one of the fiscally safest female enhancement pills available.