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Facials Are for Faces: 5 Foolish Treatments for Vaginas

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By default, women should know how to take care of themselves. As soon as you hit the puberty mark and start to enter adulthood, people around you train you to keep your skin in tip-top shape. As you get older, you learn to apply anti-aging creams, get facials, apply moisturizer on your face and exfoliate regularly.

yearly checkupsTaking care of your skin is a must. The question is how about your area down there?
Have you thought of giving your vagina extra attention to ensure that it is also at 100 percent?

Birth control, monthly waxes down south, pap smears and yearly checkups are some of the things you could to ensure your nether region is in good shape.

Aside from this, there are other treatments available, which claim to make your va-jay-jay healthier and feel better. However, these treatments are frowned upon and slammed by experts. Before you schedule that treatment, here are five crazy treatments you should avoid at all costs, plus tips on what really works to ensure your vagina’s health.

1. The V-Steam

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If you are an avid reader of Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website, GOOP, then you read her entry about vaginal steaming.

She described it sitting on a mini-throne wherein the “combination of infrared and mugwort steam cleanses your uterus.

” In fact, it is not just a steam douche, but also an energetic release “that balances female hormone levels,” at least according to her website.

Tikkun Spa in Santa Monica, California offers this service. They use Eastern medicine’s mugwort leaves to cleanse the outer area of your vagina. This treatment also stimulates hormones to clear up acne and fight infection, thereafter improving your uterine health.

Photo by Day Donaldson / CC BY

Why This Is Foolish: Most doctors agree that this treatment doesn’t work. There is a reason why douching is not recommended. Steam is hot, while your vaginal area is sensitive – and this is not a good combination. This increases the risk of burn in the area down south, which could affect the nearby organs. The steam could also be drying, which could disrupt the natural good bacteria in the area.

More importantly, this treatment does not balance your hormones. Your ovaries produce the hormones, and since the steam can’t even make it that far, it follows that this treatment will do nothing to maintain your hormonal balance.

2. Vajafacial

bikiniDo you get a Brazilian or bikini wax often? If yes, then you probably have experienced ingrown hairs and skin irritation down south.

To address this, the Strip Wax Bar in San Francisco and Haven Spa in New York decided to add a new option on their menu – a Vajafacial. It is a facial for your vagina to help get rid of ingrown hairs.

In this procedure, the esthetician applies an exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid scrub on the vulva area. Thereafter, she will apply an acid peel to remove all the ingrown hairs. While this looks promising, most doctors don’t agree with this treatment.

Why This Is Foolish: You don’t need any form of facial down there. Keep in mind that the vulva area is an extra sensitive area. Therefore, putting anything on a sensitive area could lead to something you don’t want to happen to you. You might also experience issues such as dryness, irritation or odors. When this happens, make sure to consult a doctor immediately.

3. O-Shot Or Rejuvula

uses your own bloodCan you remember that instance when Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself while havinga Dracula Facial? Yes, that picture where blood was all over her face.

Keep that method in mind and you will surely understand what this vaginal treatment is all about.

O-shot is a type of vaginal procedure that uses your own blood platelets to keep the area down there healthy and rejuvenated. The platelets are injected into your vaginal tissue, which could stimulate sensitive areas such as g-spot. This boosts you libido and increases your chances of getting stronger, better and improve sensation and more frequent orgasms during sex.

Since you are using your own blood, there is zero risk of allergy and infections.

cost you thousands of dollarsWhy This Is Foolish: There is no science behind this type of treatment. Blood flow is important to keep things running smoothly in the nether region; however, injecting your own blood is not the solution to boost blood flow in the area.

At the same time, this treatment is so expensive, it will cost you thousands of dollars, as well.

If that’s not enough to make you change your mind, then think of this: A shot in the arm hurts and could affect the way you move. What more if someone injects something down there. It’s three times more pain – and you have to endure than pain, since the treatment lasts at least half an hour.

4. Vajazzling

tattoos on their bodiesDon’t you wonder why more people are getting tattoos on their bodies? Aside from giving them a sense of identity, a tattoo is also a work of art.If you want to be creative and give your va-jay-jay an identity, then you may want to include vajazzling in your list.

Vajazzling is the act of applying glitter, beads, crystals and other forms of jewels in the bikini area for aesthetic purposes.

These rhinestones are glued on the pubic area only, specifically the vulva.

This is the same with using temporary cosmetic adhesive to other portions of your body, except that this one focuses on the area down south.

Even actress Jennifer Love Hewitt talked about “crystalling her precious lady” during her interview with George Lopez on Lopez Tonight.

rhinestonesWhy This Is Foolish: Aside from being useless and a waste of your hard-earned money, the bling under your undies is not worth the pain. Vajazzling requires a Brazilian wax before placing the rhinestones to make it more appealing and easier for the person to put whatever you want to put in that area. This could put you at risk for razor burns, reactions to the wax used or possible infections.

More importantly, you can’t just flash your vajazzled area without being apprehended for public indecency. You’ll only get to enjoy the view either when you are alone or with someone who could appreciate a bedazzled vagina.

5. Pelvic Floor Therapy

pelvic floor muscle training exercisesPelvic floor therapy is a series of pelvic floor muscle training exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

This could help people with incontinence issues, loose muscles due to childbirth and those who experience pain during sex.

Kegel exercises are the most popular form of pelvic floor exercises; however, there are other forms of pelvic floor exercises that could be dangerous to your area down there. Examples of these are weights inside your vagina and InTone, a device that is said to strengthen your PC muscles.

Why This Is Foolish: Most vaginal weights or balls that promise to strengthen your pelvic floor have no clinical trials to prove such claims. Yes, there are vaginal muscles to keep it strong and able to accommodate a man’s penis. Still, this doesn’t mean you need to use weights for this.

Tips To Keep Your Vagina Healthy

Tips To Keep Your Vagina HealthyYou don’t need these five treatments to keep your area down there in its best and healthiest shape. Here are some simple but effective tips to keep your vagina healthy and happy at the same time.

  • Cotton UnderwearGo For Cotton Underwear. Unless the situation calls for something different, go for cotton underwear at all times. It allows the area to breathe, while the cotton material absorbs the moisture. This could offer extra layer of protection, too.
  • Make Kegels A Habit. If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, then doing Kegel exercise is your best option. They tone and strengthen your vaginal muscles andhelp you with bladder control; however, the biggest benefit you could get from doing your Kegels regularly is it helps you produce more mind-blowing orgasms.
  • YogurtEat More Greek Yogurt. You don’t need V-steam to save you against annoying problems down south. Snacking on Greek yogurt helps boost good bacteria in that area and prevent issues like yeast infections.
  • Water And Mild Soap Will Do. Douching, steam and intra-vaginal hygiene products are a big no-no when it comes to your nether region. There is also a higher risk of infections and pelvic inflammatory disease if you insist on using them. If you want to clean the area, water and mild soap that is gentle on your skin are enough. Just make sure you don’t use anything scented or too harsh on your skin and clean the area between the labial folds.
  • Schedule That Annual CheckupSchedule That Annual Checkup. A visit to a doctor is not only important during pregnancy or when you feel something wrong is going on inside your body.
    A yearly checkup keeps your health in check and addresses any medical concerns, if any, at the onset. This is also the perfect time to refresh your memory on sexual health education.
  • Allow Your Vagina To Clean Itself. Did you know that your vagina cleans itself? In fact, it comes in the form of various discharges. Hence, there is no need to go through expensive treatments just to ensure you are clean down there.

Above all, make sure to consult your doctor whenever you feel something is out of the ordinary. Your doctor will help you address the issue correctly and provide you with the right medications and possible treatments. Don’t put matters in your own hands when it comes to your precious health.