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Just for Women: 10 Common Sex Injuries and How to Avoid Them

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Sex can sometimes be so great, that you get carried away with all the pleasure and sensation. You start to scratch, bite, kick and hurt your partner physically to express how good you feel. It can also be the other way around. Most people simply can’t help it – sex is sometimes just like that. What’s more, you may like it, too.

Well, you like it when it’s happening. But when all the hype and all the glory of sex and orgasm is said and done, you are left with the bruises, scars and pain that will leave you asking “What in the world was I thinking?” On the other hand, there are those people who like it. It’s called BDSM and they inflict pain on purpose because it gives them pleasure.

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Whether it is intentional or not, injuries during and after sex are sometimes unavoidable. Although giving or receiving pain from your partner is easily forgivable, especially if it is sex-inflicted, the pain from the injury is a different story. This is why it is best to avoid actions that can cause injuries, or at least minimize them. Here are 10 of the most common sex injuries and what you can do to prevent them.

1. Urinary Tract Infections

burning sensation when peeingUrinary tract infections (UTI) are commonly caused by sexual partners who give less priority to their hygiene.

Yes, that means if you and your partner don’t clean up before and after sex, chances are you might contract an infection.

Symptoms include a burning sensation when peeing and the urge to pee all of the time.

A urinary tract infection is curable by water therapy; however, the more severe cases will need antibiotic treatment. Although it is a curable ailment, it is best if you could avoid it in the first place. Contracting a UTI every once in a while can cause reproductive health problems. So, if you like dirty sex, just make sure that you clean up before and after to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

2. Back Injuries

Back InjuriesBack injuries are common for those who want to have rough sex.

The level of roughness may vary, but most of the time, it is the position for it to cause injury.

Sex positions that do not consider other parts of the body – like if you back is comfortable, for instance – can lead to injuries.

Avoiding this scenario is easy. When choosing a sex position, consider the comfort of other parts of your body, as well. Make sure that your back is positioned in a comfortable way, so that no matter how rough the banging is, your position remains sturdy and away from injuries.

3. Broken Bones

BonesThis may sound like a little too much, but it’s true. What on earth could you have done to go as far as having broken bones? One can only tell. There really are cases where the broken bones are sex-inflicted.

It’s quite ridiculous if you think about it. But if you are the adventurous kind and do these intense sex escapades and positions, you may not be far from breaking your bones.

How can you avoid them? This may not come as a surprise, but you will have to go slow and easy. You may be a big fan of rough sex but don’t go as far as risking your life. Rough sex can be fun as long as it’s pleasurable.

If you’re doing a sex position that can be a little risky, you may want to cut back and go slowly. And watch out for falling off the bed in the heat of the moment, because this is the most common cause of breaks and fractures.

4. Carpet Burns

CarpetSex on the bed may be classic, but if you’re the adventurous type, you may have also wanted to try out other venues at home or anywhere else.

That includes the bathroom, the couch, the kitchen or on the floor. The only unfavorable factor about doing it other than on the bed is when you kneel, and where your knee lies on.

An awkward positioning of the knee, plus the friction can lead to burns. This is common, especially if you have sex on the carpet. The carpet material and the friction can lead to wounds and burns, which can be painful.

houseThe best thing you can do, if you really want to do it everywhere around the house, is to alternate between kneeling, sitting and standing positions. This way, your knees don’t get overly exposed to friction.

5. Skin Tearing

Skin tearing is common and can be seen on the back or arms of your partner,
because if the sex was too intense, you just need to scrape your nails on his skin.

Skin tearing may also happen on your vaginal walls, especially if the sex is rough or you are not yet used to the size of your partner’s tool.

painWhile the nail scraping or the rough sex may be appealing, the torn skin afterwards will be a source of pain and discomfort that may last longer if you continue with the sex – which of course you will, since it’s sex. Why on earth would you stop?

So to avoid tearing the skin, it’s pretty simple. Lie low on the nail scraping. Go slow with the sex. Always think that no matter how pleasurable it may be to add a little physical pain during sex, the lasting pain you or your partner will feel because of the torn skin will be uncomfortable and not good. Take it slow, use a lube and if you experience pain afterwards, take a break until it heals.

6. Pulled Muscles

Pulled MusclesSometimes, you like to be daring and whip up new sex positions that are a novelty to your sexual escapades.

The new and unfamiliar positions and the angle of your body can build up muscle tensions which can end up with pulled muscles. This will be a source of discomfort, and sometimes even pain.

You can easily treat those pulled muscles by therapy and massage, but the procedure can be painful. It can also be cured by resting and relaxing your muscles. To avoid pulled muscles altogether during sex, choose sex positions that will not pull your muscles too much. You might also want to stretch – like an athlete – before getting it on. Again, take it slow and easy.

7. Bites

teethBites. You know exactly how it happens. The sex is too good, and just like nail scraping,
you or your partner might feel the need to sink your teeth into something to prevent yourself from screaming too loud.

That may mean biting any part of his body that you can reach. While the intention is to express the sensation you are feeling, the result will more than likely lead to injury.

Biting can be good, and it can add to the pleasure, if you don’t do it too hard. If you can’t help it, bite a pillow or the sheets to avoid injury.

8. Sex Toys Go Missing

Sex Toys
Photo by VilHaMer / CC BY-SA

Props are not uncommon in couples who like to do a lot of foreplay. Sex toys like dildos, genital clamps and vaginal balls can add to the pleasure when fooling around.

But there’s also the risk of getting it stuck up in there. In some cases, it can easily be removed. There are cases where it gets totally stuck and you will need to get emergency medical assistance to get the toys out.

If you like to use toys during sex, by all means do so. But to avoid injuries or getting the toys stuck somewhere you don’t want them stuck, make sure you use the toys the right way. Follow the instructions and only use them in the areas where they are intended to go. .

9. Headaches

HeadachesAll the hair pulling or head banging can make you disoriented and give you headaches.

The headache may not be a direct result of the sex and the joining of your two organs, but it’s still pain and it started because of the sex.

Although having a headache is something that you have little control over, you can ask your partner to lie low on the hair pulling and head banging to avoid it. Headaches can be a real bummer to have after a pleasurable sexy time.

10. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

You can contract sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) through unprotected sex.

Not all may be painful, but you can be sure that all of them have negative effects on your body that will eventually show. There are conditions where you will feel pain, itching and burning, as well.

practice safe sexBasically, to avoid having sexually transmitted diseases, you need to make sure that you practice safe sex and use protection all the time. No exceptions to the rule.

Getting carried away during sex is unavoidable. Of course, how can you control yourself when every cell in your body is screaming for sensation and release? It comes to a point where you forget how to control your nerves and the nerves develop a mind of their own, moving and thrashing any way they like.

With all this in mind, don’t forget the main objective of sex: that is to give and take pleasure. So, unless you’re the BDSM type, pain is not really necessary. Go slow and take your sweet sexy time in making love. Bring yourself and your partner to the brink without causing any injuries or casualties.