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Pedal Problems: 11 Ways for Women to Make Friends with Bicycle Seats

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Biking has always been a good form of exercise for the human body. It develops your leg muscles, making them sturdier and shapely, too. It allows you to sweat and burn all the calories and fats that you eat. It brings you to new places and you get to see new things. Yes, biking is a good exercise overall.

bikingBut biking can’t be all that good, or at least not all good if it gives you some problems, especially the physical kind. Not all women are motivated by the idea of biking as an exercise because of the potential problems that it may give to your thigh skin area and your reproductive organs. Yes, biking can have negative effects if you don’t do it properly, and especially with the right equipment.

It all begins with the correct bicycle for your size and build. This article will teach you the right things to do for you to avoid the negative effects and leave only the good side of biking. Here are 11 ways for you to make friends with your bicycle and make biking your favorite exercise.

1. Use The Right Bicycle Seat That Fits Your Build

Some women assume that as long as you know how to ride a bike, any type of bicycle will do. This is where the problem starts.

If you want to prevent the negative side effects of biking, the first thing that you should do is to make sure that you are using the correct bike. How do you do all of that?

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It’s simple, really. There are many bike experts around your area, or even on the internet. The first and most important part of biking is that you use a bicycle that is made for your size and build. There are many types of bicycles.

They vary based on the owner’s height, weight and physical strength. If you use a bicycle that is not compatible with you and any of those three, you can be sure that there will be a bad side to your biking exercise.

2. Make Sure You Are Sitting With The Correct Position

Sitting With The Correct PositionDifferent types of bicycles means different postures and positions to follow. Once again, you will need to determine the type of bike that you have.

Will you use it for exercise or for biking leisure around your neighborhood? The thing is that different types of bikes have specific postures that you need to follow.

If you are using a mountain bike, the best posture is to crouch down. If you have a leisure bike, you can sit in more of an upright position.

This is not really hard to determine. You will just have to follow the bike set up to know what position you are to use. But you need to take note that in whatever position, your thighs have enough space between them to avoid too much friction, which can cause darkening of the thighs and in rare cases, vaginal pains.

3. The Bike Should Be A Good Fit For Your Body Size And Weight

Bike Should Be A Good Fit For Your Body SizeWhen you use a bike, you will notice that your weight is mostly on your butt because you are in a sitting position.

That means you need to have a comfortable sitting pad to prevent butt and vaginal pain.

If you are on the heavy side, you should opt for a wider pad, so that you can position and support your butt, and your body, comfortably.

If you have the wrong size of pad on your bike, you could put too much pressure on your thighs, butt and vaginal areas. This will cause pain and burning because of the friction and the pressing down of your weight on the small pad.

4. Use The Appropriate Biking Gears

Appropriate Biking GearsWhen you are absolutely sure that your bike is all set up and ready to hold your size and weight,
the next thing to do is to consider your clothing, protection and gears.

To protect your thighs and vaginal areas, the best uniform are cycling shorts. You see, there is a reason why it’s called a cycling short. It is best made to withstand the friction between your legs during cycling.

The cycling short is also flexible and can stretch with your movements. The fabric used is soft and even with the pressure and the friction, it is made to move with you, which can prevent blisters, skin burns due to friction with clothing, and other problems that may arise from wearing the wrong gear.

5. Take Your Strength From Your Core

Take Your Strength From Your CoreWhen biking, some women make the wrong move of taking their strength from their groins, thighs and leg areas.

While this can take you far and develop your leg muscles more, it can have negative side effects to your reproductive organs. The contractions of the muscles, plus the friction can cause pain in a short time.

When you take the strength from your core, you exert muscle strength from the core, thus decreasing the contractions of the muscles in the vaginal and groin area. This will lessen vaginal pains and future problems in that area.

6. Use A Steady Pace When Biking

Use A Steady Pace When BikingYou know how during an exercise, there’s a warm up, the main exercise and then you cool down? It’s the same thing for biking. When you start pedalling, do not go from zero to 60 right away. You should gradually increase the speed to make sure that your muscles and legs adjust to the movements. A sudden change in the speed can cause some muscle strain and pain.

Use a steady pace. That means do not move from a slow speed to a fast speed immediately. Gradually change the speed up and up, until you get to the pace that you want.

7. Stand Up Every Few Minutes

Stand Up Every Few MinutesUnless you’re a professional cyclist who goes for days without resting, it is strongly advisable that you take a rest every once in a while when biking. Take a pause from biking, go down from your bike and stand up straight to stretch. This will prevent muscle sores and will take the pressure off your groin area, especially if you’ve been biking for a long time.

8. Apply Lubricant To The Thighs And Groin Area To Reduce Friction

Apply LubricantAlthough cycling shorts are worn to protect your thigh and groin areas from sores, a safer approach is to apply lubricant on those areas, as well.

The idea is you can never be too safe. You know, if your concern is making your thigh and vagina still flawless.

Lubricants can be a great help during biking. It prevents friction between your thighs and between the fabric of your clothes and your skin. Lubricant also helps in cooling down that area to prevent burns and itching. You can find them made especially for bikers and athletes in most sporting goods stores, as well as online.

9. Keep Your Bicycle Clean

Keep Your Bicycle CleanOf course, you should not dismiss the idea of bacteria and germs riding on your bike with you.

Remember, you are sweating and the dampness can attract germs and bacteria, which can stay on the bike and attack you if they are given the chance.

So, keep your bicycle clean. Make sure you pay extra attention to the pad since that is where you are sitting. After biking, wipe out the sweat or any form of dirt from your bike seat to prevent bacteria from breeding there.

10. Take Off Your Wet Clothes Right After Your Biking Exercise

Biking ExerciseWet clothes from sweat should be taken off immediately once you get home. Some people make the mistake of leaving them on until they are dry.

Sweat is a breeding place for bacteria that can cause illnesses and diseases, especially in your groin area.

After biking, if you don’t want to shower right away, put on some clean clothes first before doing anything else. This is to prevent the bacteria from sticking to your skin, therefore preventing any health problems, too.

11. Keep Riding

Keep RidingThe most enjoyable part of biking is the biking. So why stop yourself? As long as you are wearing the right gear and you are using the right bike, you should be good to go. In time, your body will be tuned in to your bicycle. You will be able to go longer without having to feel any pain or soreness, and you won’t have to worry about injuring your vagina, either.

If your main purpose is to stay healthy, then you should keep riding and keep burning those extra calories.You exercise so that you can be healthy inside and outside.

Exercise should not be such a hard thing to do. When you exercise, there should be no other focus other than the fact that you are on your way to fitness and hotness.

That’s why before you start your exercise, you need to make sure that there are no possibility of adverse effects. As for biking, you only need to get the right bicycle, so you can put your whole focus on staying fit and enjoying the ride.