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9 Ways Women Can Get Crazy Good Climaxes

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There are some women who find it relatively easy to achieve an orgasm. Thus, they can have orgasms during intercourse without exerting too much effort, even in certain positions where the clitoris is hard to reach.

good climaxesWe must stress that these women are just the lucky ones. It is essential to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse and there are lots of positions that cannot make this possible.

In this article, you will learn how to get good climaxes, along with the different types of orgasms and how to achieve them as well.

1. Clitoral Orgasm Brings Waves of Pleasure

This is a very common type of orgasm and is a result of clitoral stimulation, which begins within the clitoris. The intense waves that are produced in the clitoris are then transferred throughout the body.

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The clitoris is a very sensitive part of the female body. It is rich in nerves. However, its sensitivity varies from woman to woman. Some women prefer getting it touched lightly, while others want it to be touched in a firmer manner to experience the ultimate stimulation.

After an orgasm, the clitoris becomes sensitive to the point that it is painful. Thus, it is important that men know the right time to give women a break. A break of even a few minutes is enough to make her experience a pleasurable orgasm without feeling the pain.

Photo by LearnAnatomy / CC BY

Oral sex is one of the best ways to give women a good clitoral orgasm. You can do this by going down on her in a 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position. At this position, you can lick her and stimulate her clitoris.

For effective stimulation, you should be sure to lick the clitoris forcefully.  According to some research, there are 50 percent of women who have faster and more intense orgasms from this position.

Fingering, where the fingers are stimulating clitoris, is also one way to achieve a good clitoral orgasm. You should put some lubricant on your fingers before you start and slide them into her.

The pretzel caramel ride also helps to achieve clitoral orgasm. This is done by kneeling and straddling the left leg of a woman while she is lying on her left side. This position is an upgrade over the standard missionary as it ensures better and deeper penetration.

A clitoral orgasm may be very intense, but there are a few women who usually describe it as less enjoyable than other types of orgasm. If the clitoral orgasm does not satisfy you, let’s read on about vaginal orgasm.

2. Vaginal Orgasm Adds Spice To Boring Nights

As the name indicates, the vaginal orgasm starts in the vagina, and focuses around the pelvic area and the lower stomach area. The contractions caused during this orgasm is usually transferred through the uterus, to the pelvic muscles and even to the anus. This happens because of the strong contractions that push out anything stimulating the vagina.

Vaginal Orgasm
Photo by Felipe Spina / CC BY

Even though it can be quite intense, this type of orgasm takes a very long time to achieve. In fact, women usually achieve such kind of orgasm after around 20 to 25 minutes of activity.

Rhythmic thrusting is one way to get there, but it takes a good lover to do that, as well as the best sex position to reach it, too.

The downward dog position is one of the best sex positions to achieve vaginal orgasm. However, the result obtained varies from woman to woman. For those who don’t know, this is the amazing variation of classic doggy style. In this posture, the woman lies with her face down on the bed, her knees bent and hips raised.

Women can prefer placing a pillow under her lower abs for better comfort and to also boost the angle of her hips. Now, once everything is set, the guy enters her from behind while keeping his weight off of her by upholding his arms.

In this sexual posture, both parties will end up snugly fitting together, which will further intensify the pleasure. The key to lasting longer in this position is to have shallow thrusts and deeper breaths, as well.

3. Start a Stimulating Night With G-Spot Orgasm

Photo by Tsaitgaist / CC BY-SA

G-Spot orgasms start at the G-spot, which is around three inches inside the vagina.

Women experience G-spot sensations when the tissue around the urethra becomes puffy with blood and the paraurethral glands produce and fill with prostatic fluid.

This process is very close to male arousal and it results in erection of the urethral sponge. There are various ways to stimulate the G-spot, and one is achieved by creating friction movements.

Rear entry is one of the best positions for stimulating the G-spot during intercourse. You can do it the doggy way or in a spooning sexual posture, depending on your preference. Just make sure that the penis rubs against the front wall of the vagina.

In order to enjoy even deeper penetration, a guy can lift his partner and thrust in a downward motion to make things hotter and more intense. A woman on top posture is yet another sensuous way to achieve G-spot orgasm.

4. Nipple Orgasm: Breasts Are The Best

Women’s boobs are the second most erogenous part of the body after the vagina. Caressing the boobs and sucking the nipples helps to release oxytocin, which is a chemical that makes women feel that they are in love.

Nipple OrgasmThe nipples are composed of several nerve endings. When you touch them in a sensuous manner, the woman becomes easily aroused.

Men love stimulating their partner’s boobs during foreplay. However, only a few women have ever had a nipple orgasm from breast stimulation alone.

Well, it’s not a difficult technique, and can be mastered easily. It just requires men to connect to the right nerve impulses with the right movements.

So how do you make your woman experience breast stimulation? Start with a deep kiss, tease her ears and neck, and then kiss other parts of her body while massaging the boobs. Now, gently raise her teats with your finger and play with them for a while. With the tip of your tongue, lick both boobs alternately.

After a few minutes of licking, use your tongue to move her boobs around, and suck on them gently. That’s it. You may then further intensify this foreplay with more rapid and passionate movements. If your woman is in the right mood, she will experience wave like feelings. Her boobs will also become swollen and tender.

5. Spice Up Your Sexual Intercourse With Deep Spot Orgasm

woman lies down on her stomach
Photo by Richard foster / CC BY-SA

Deep spot orgasm, also known as the A-spot orgasm, is usually achieved by stimulating the very deep part situated at the back of her vaginal wall, before the cervix.

Touching it directly can make women achieve a very intense orgasm.

Women feel like they are having anal sex as soon as this deep spot is stimulated.  However, it is important that the woman does the right moves in order to achieve deep spot orgasm.

The key to achieve deep spot orgasm is to have a powerful sex position.

You can start with the jockey position, which is best for deep penetrative sex. Here, the woman lies down on her stomach with her legs straight together.  Her partner’s legs are on the outside. This posture positions the penis at an angle for better stimulation of the deep spot.

The woman’s buttocks are pushed up in the air, like a small hump for easy entry. However, if entry is difficult, the woman may try placing a pillow under her pelvis. The turtle position and anvil sex position are also best for achieving deep spot orgasm.

6. Mind Blowing Anal Orgasm

anusFor women, the anus is a special erogenous zone that provides a deep feeling of sexual pleasure. Even men also enjoy the fullness of the anal orgasm.

Men can further intensify the experience of an anal orgasm by stimulating the clitoris with his hands.

The modified missionary position, girl on top, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, and the spoon style are all well-suited for anal sex. These vigorous postures can help you achieve anal orgasms that will leave you feeling satisfied after intercourse.

7. Squirting Orgasm: Let The Juices Flow

This type of female orgasm is so popular that it must have its own book. It is quite mysterious, since there is still a large number of women who haven’t achieved this type of orgasm in their whole lifetime.

Manipulating the G-spot is the key to have a squirting orgasm and the CAT position is one of the best ways to achieve it.

The CAT position is better known as the Coital Alignment Technique. It involves different sexual movements that boost the clitoral orgasm to make the girl squirt as well. The CAT position is just the improved version of the missionary position, wherein the man is on top of the woman. It’s just that there is a specific angle that must be achieved to be able to reach the ideal pelvic thrust for the woman.

8. Express Your Horny Side With Multiple Orgasms

woman’s bodyA woman’s body is crafted to have more than one feel-good explosion. Yes, we are talking about multiple orgasms.

Multiple orgasms can be achieved when you hit the same spot over and over again. Every orgasm will last for a few seconds, and each one will occur a few minutes between one another.

There are several sexual positions meant for this type of orgasm. Some of the positions you can try to be able to achieve multiple orgasms are jelly fish, the reverse cowgirl or saddle position, the vixen position, the skewered hurdler, front row seat, push me and pull me, and the skier position.

9. Go Nuts With The Continuous Orgasm

Yes, we saved the best for last. The continuous orgasm is quite exciting, yet exhausting, too. Guys, if you make your woman experience continuous orgasms, you do need to finally stop her at some point. Every orgasm carries a certain level of sexual excitement. Moreover, you just need to pump away, harder and faster for as long as you can, in order to achieve ultimate climax.

supplementsThe continuous orgasm just carries on. It is important to note that about 90 percent of women cannot do this. So, they should be informed that it can actually happen even during foreplay. If guys can pull this off, there’s no doubt that the woman may become very passionate about you and come back for more.

There are several sex positions you can try to achieve continuous orgasm, which include over the edge, side ride, missionary twist, doggy style, back to back, ride with joy and flexisex.

A lot of women may tell you that an orgasm is quite impossible to achieve. In most cases, they are simply not in the right mood for it.

Well, no matter how distracted a woman is, giving her a pleasurable night will make her relax and enjoy the ultimate orgasm she has never experienced before in her life.

If you think your sexual stamina is not adequate to experience intense orgasms, there are various other effective options. If alternatives, such as taking vitamins and changing your diet don’t work, then certain natural supplements that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of women are available, as well.

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