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10 Bizarre Erotic Novel Niches

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The sky rocketing sale of erotic books in the market today and in various online shops is not surprising anymore. The popularity of this genre of literature will never decline. This genre has survived the test of time because so many people love reading erotic books.

If you are looking for ways to renew the spark in your relationship just like when you first met, you only need to flip through the pages of a popular erotic book to get going.

renew the spark in your relationshipA good erotic book can make you feel sexually inclined as they make you aware of new things about sex.

You need to give yourself some time to spend with the book and dedicate your full attention to it, in order to fully understand what it is all about.

This way, when you engage in any sexual activity, you’ll know what you are supposed to do.

However, reading certain erotic books, particularly bizarre or weird novel niches, may not provide you with the same satisfactory feeling.

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You cannot always apply the romance along with the eroticism that you learn from reading such weird erotic fiction.

Some kinds of erotic literature are purely fictional material. They are products of creative imaginations, and not all of such eerie imagination can be materialized and used in your actual sex life.

pure nonsenseAlthough some of the texts out there are pure nonsense, there are some guys who are completely hooked to these sorts of books.

Well, be warned, as getting addicted to this type of book can put you in big trouble in real life.

They can even hamper your everyday activity. If you keep on thinking about the events and sequences you’ve read about in such bizarre books, you will not be able to take your mind off sex. And that could be destructive to your life later on.

While disparaging in the long run, it is harmless to spend an hour or so reading if you are on vacation. You don’t actually need to delve deep to be able to understand the books. Just read them and then forget them. Sex experts and psychologists advise that as long as your sexual fantasy is confined to your head and isn’t causing any damage, than anything goes.

Read on as we explore ten of the most bizarre erotic novels available these days.

1. Cum for Big Foot: A Supernatural Erotic Romance

female readers
Photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simões / CC BY

Cum for Big Foot is an erotic series of books that feature women who are frantic for that Bigfoot D.

The author of the series, Virginia Wade, started writing this unique series of books after getting peeved with boring erotic literature.

She found that even the best-selling erotic stories are what she terms, “daddy stories.”

One fine day, a rebellious and crazy idea crossed her mind and she decided to write about Bigfoot. The series is all about three 18-year old women who are kidnapped by the horny Sasquatch and taken into the forest.

Even though there’s thrill, adventure and eroticism in this novel, nobody would want to experience such things in real life. However, the taboo nature of the topic, the dark quality of the text, and the risks associated with it, all made it a popular and appealing series among female readers.

2. Mounted and Bred by the Mermen: Eerie Eroticism

erotic bookThe novel, Mounted and Bred by the Mermen, written by Clea Kinderton is yet another fictional and bizarre erotic book.

The novel is full of erotic fantasy adventure with graphic and clear description of sexual intercourse between a sensual young adventurer and a group of mermen.

The book is about the Daros Island that was rumored to be cursed. Nerida, a tomb raider, wants to save her city from Styphon’s invading army and to make bookoo dollars.

Thus, she sets out to find the fabled conch of Asabanal. The conch was known to turn the tides of waves and save the city. However, it was located in the merfolk temple.

After a series of mishaps, Nerida finds herself trapped in a merman’s net. When Nerida’s plan goes wrong, she quickly discovers the solution. The penalty for vandalizing the temple is death, nevertheless there is still a way for her to escape: the guardians won’t kill a woman with a merman’s baby in her belly. And so, the only way for Nerida to get out from there alive is to become pregnant by a merman.

3. Stolen by the Cyclops: Rough Sex With A Beast

teenStolen by the Cyclops is about rough, unenthusiastic sex with a fictional monster. It comprises oral sex, vaginal sex, domination, anal playing and strangely sexy horny mythical beings that have not had sex for a really long time.

The story revolves about Claire, who is a pretty 19 year old teen. She is having her vacation in Cyprus with her boyfriend, Beth. Even though she’s with the right guy, she was not enjoying her time with him.

Her boyfriend, Beth, is too busy tanning by the bay and partying all night. He wants Claire to be by his side. Claire is reluctant to join him, but feels very much forced to come along. However, she would really prefer to visit some of the historical spots and learn more about the culture of the country.

Luckily, a few nights before they leave the place, Beth agrees to go to some of the ancient ruins to please his girlfriend. However, it turns out that the ruins are more than just an abandoned historical site. And quickly Beth gets bored and leaves to hang out with two beauties.

Claire finally has the chance to get up close and personal with history. But, to her misery, a one-eyed monster’s one-eyed monster roughs her up instead.

4. The Horny Werewolf: Date With the Monster

need to readMeant for mature readers, the novel, The Horny Werewolf, is all about a breeding barn where women are captured. Now, it’s up to the women whether they enjoys their abduction or not.

Corrine has been kidnapped and brought to the breeding barn where she is expected to breed with some peculiar beings. She is taken to a cage with a minotaur who declines to play the breeder’s game.

Corrine’s one and only friend is also a breeder whose name is Dean. He’s being blackmailed by the man who runs the show. The breeders in charge decide to switch Corrine’s mate. Will Dean arrive in time for him to stop the horny werewolf? You need to read this erotic fiction to know the answer.

5. The Ape Men Cumeth: Mating With Apes

Ape MenThis book is about a pair of research students named Cara and Missy. They have just been given the chance to study the breeding habits of rare Adebowale primates.

While researching this community, the two stumble upon another group of creepy animals deep within the wilderness. The strange thing about these creatures is that they have some special mating ideas of their own.

Within the darkest reaches of the Ntombi bush prowls an undiscovered group of ape-like primitives looking for nubile human broodmares. The young ladies are abducted by the beasts and taken to their village. Upon reaching the village, they soon learn that the beings must use their bodies to multiply their group or face certain extinction.

6. Mounted and Bred by the Centaurs: Forced To Mate

CentaursMounted and Bred by the Centaurs is a strange sex story. The novel talks about the erotic fantasy adventure with explicit descriptions of sexual activities between a nifty superwoman and a group of practical centaur warriors.

In fact, there is very little story involved, just lots of sexual activity.

The story starts when Eslyn and Arlo discover that they are caught amidst a brutal war between people and centaurs. In order to be safe, they decide to offer their services to their abductors and become useful to them.

Arlo decides to show the centaurs the best place to lay an ambush for the king. But, what can simple girl Eslyn do? She has nothing to offer but her fertile and seductive body. She quickly becomes an expert in horse dick, and shows off how much stamina she really has.

7. Frankenstein’s Bitch: An Erogenous Monster Tale

the Castle Frankenstein
Photo by Pascal Rehfeldt / CC BY-SA

This story starts when Emily agrees to come along with her friends Jim and Sally for a holiday in Europe. Emily had just undergone a traumatic divorce, and she wants to take this vacation as a stress buster.

When traveling to Germany, Jim decides to visit the new tourist spot, the Castle Frankenstein.

However, Emily is dead tired because of traveling. Thus, she decides to travel back to the hotel, leaving Jim and Sally to explore the ruins. While heading back, she falls and discovers a hidden chamber that is the home to the creature named Frankenstein.

Fascinated by this strange creature, Emily inspects his lifeless corpse. She was startled to see his giant dick. Will she give in to her curiosity and touch the penis? Will she awaken the sleeping being? Or she will decide to leave?

Are you curious to learn the answers? Go ahead and read this weird erotic material to find out.

8. The Horny Leprechaun: The Horny and Sensual Tale

rainbowThis book is about a lady named Karen and her adventure. She has finally taken her dream trip to Ireland and is looking forward to exploring nature.

While her other friends are busy shopping, Karen decides to breathe in some fresh air. She is out walking alone in the woods until she ends up following a rainbow. Karen finds a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Unluckily, she runs into an annoyed leprechaun who thinks she wants his gold. Gals, please let this be a warning. It can be risky and erotic to walk alone in the woods. You never know what you may stumble upon. Or what other creatures may find you.

Now, in order to punish her for her trespassing, the leprechaun demands sex from Karen. Some may call it immoral, while others may call it mystically scrumptious. Karen finds herself with an aggressive man who takes what he wants. And amazingly, Karen finds herself liking it.

This story is interesting because it’s very entertaining and exciting. But then it also gets dark and suspicious. So, if you are ready to be amused, you may have to digest this disturbing content. This is one wicked and naughty leprechaun. He has a filthy mouth and did not request approval from his mate before bringing her to multiple big orgasms.

We would recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys enforced seduction fantasies and monster sex.

9. Mating with the Jungle Tentacle Plant: Alien Monster Erotica

Photo by ben britten / CC BY

The story revolves around Dr. Elizabeth Morrel. She is exploring the rainforest to find out the rare ontalya plant in the hopes of discovering a cure for cancer. Finally, she finds the plant after months of searching.

However, she is aghast and overtaken by a bewildering sense of horniness. She realizes that the ontalya plant is more than just a plant. In fact, it is an alien that wants to mate with her.

Will she give in and entangle with this alien? Or will she escape and abandon her research? You can only find out by reading the book.

Who knew that plants could be so awfully stimulating? Tentacle erotica shocks. It’s a blazing hot story for those who enjoy paranormal erotic novels.

10. Yielding to The Giant Slug: Reluctant Monster Erotica

This book is about a young and seductive girl and a fervent monster hunter. The young girl discovers a giant slug. Getting involved with a slug seems easy, but things quickly get out of control due to the slimy tentacles.

seductive girlThose tentacles then furiously begin digging into places where they do not belong. This is a story about fantasy adventure and a pure dose of monster tentacle sex.

In spite of the fact that monster porn novels are truly bizarre, the sheer amount of them on the Internet and the incredible range of their content indicates there are numerous readers.

Most people love reading such weird monster erotica to explore the weirdest sexual pairings imaginable. These fictions are also enjoyable, since such stories can never exist in real life.

Regardless, monster porn can also get you hot and ready for sex with your partner. However, if you think you are unable to perform well in bed, you may consider trying natural remedies. Natural supplements such as those from www.Provestra.com are effective enough to enhance your sexual stamina and make you ready to experience the Big O.