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8 Effective Ways to Resuscitate Your Sexless Marriage

Avatar photo 10 years ago 7 minute read

Being married for many years, having beautiful children together, and not having any serious issues is definitely a marriage to be proud of. Although the love is still there, the only thing that is really missing are the sparks that you and your husband felt back in the good old days. As the months of having no sex turn into years, you start to realize that your sexless marriage is not healthy anymore.

loveOf course, we all know that love is one of the most important aspects of a successful and happy marriage.

However, you do have to admit that sex is also necessary to express to one another the love felt for each other through physical intimacy.

You also have to admit that it could be frustrating for a married couple to realize that their sex life has vanished from the face of the planet. No one can point fingers, since you two are both so busy with work and your children.

flameAfter you have realized that the sexual fire has dimmed throughout the years, it is about time to find ways you and your hubby can rekindle that flame, so that you two could start making that good sweet loving once again. Learn about these eight effective ways to resuscitate your sexless marriage, so that you and your love could feel young and sexy, just like your newlywed days.

1 Talk About Anything Else Besides Problems.

One of the reasons why many married couples lose the spark or physical connection in their marriage is because they spend all day at work, worry about problem after problem, and stress out.

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The first person that you have in mind to spill all your troubles on is your spouse.

Although it is healthy to communicate with one another, since it is the two of you against the world, you should still find some time to talk about anything else besides the negatives in life.

Once you get home from a hectic day at work, try to forget about work issues and try to talk about positive topics at the dinner table with your kids or when you two are lying in bed.

You will realize that talking about positive aspects in life and counting your blessings could spark up some very positive emotions, which could in turn lead to happy feelings towards one another. Now, instead of ending both your nights with thoughts about your worries and problems, you two could possibly end the night with a bang.

2 Introduce Some Romantic Sexy Talk.

Romantic Sexy TalkJust because you two have been married for many years, it doesn’t mean that some dirty sexy talk is out of line. Of course, even married couples could have some young naughty time just like in the golden days.

Just like amazing ventures, having super wonderful sex starts with a conversation.

From the very start of the day, try teasing him with naughty words letting your husband or wife know that even in the early morning that he or she are still hot. Throughout the day, you two could also exchange desires and crazy sexual fantasies. If you two have never tried this out, this is a great way to jump start a healthy and romantic sexual adventure.

3 Figure Out How Sex Got Pushed Out Of Your Priority List.

This tip is very important and is essential in finding out why sex just disappeared from your marriage.

Before trying to find a solution, you and your spouse should first try to discover the reasons why the fire burned out.

parents to beautiful childrenOne of the biggest and most common mistakes of married couples is when they have kids, they start forgetting how their own love story started and why they fell in love and what turns one another on.

Remember, just because you two are already parents to beautiful children, or you have busy careers, you two are still very much capable of putting aside some sexy time. Neglecting each other as lovers is a huge mistake and could really harm your relationship. Think about why sex got moved down the priority list and try to come up with helpful and healthy solutions to pushing it back up.

4 Get Yourself Back On The Sex Bandwagon.

making loveIn the beginning of the marriage, you and your hubby probably spent time making love, just like horny little rabbits.

It seemed like no matter what time it was in the day or how tired you two were, sex would still find its way in your lives.

Also, you two tried new things, like the most pleasurable sex positions, which made love making incredible.

However after many years, it seemed like the both of you are too out of date to turn one another on. That is the reason you should educate yourself about what’s new with sex. There are numerous books that could help you fizzle up your lovemaking.

learn some new tips and tricksYou could also make use of the interest and search up phrases such as, “What are the hottest sex positions today?” or “How can I make sex so much better?” It would be better if you and your spouse could read together, so that you could both learn some new tips and tricks to pleasure each other.

You could even try to research about women’s sexual enhancement techniques, such as pills to help you boost up your sexual drive. Provestra could help you, as a woman, to want sex more because of its all-natural components. Don’t be afraid to try out new products and learn new things.

5 Ask Each Other Questions.

Ask Each Other QuestionsIf you think that you two already know one another all too well, you might be wrong. Yes, you might know one another when it comes to what your favorite foods are, or what your body language means; however, ask each other questions about sex. It could actually be fun for the both of you to learn new things about what your partner likes during sex or what turns them on.

Feel free to voice out what you want, so that your lover knows how to please you again. Over the years, your sexual fantasies and urges might have changed, and that is the reason why the two of you should play around with fantasies and discover each other’s sexual preferences once again. It could be more fun than you could ever imagine.

6 Get Creative With Your Sex Life.

same old routineHas sex always been the same old routine? You know, kiss for five minutes, take off each other’s clothes, penetrate, and then sleep?

There are many married couples that get bored of their sex lives, because it is such a routine.

If you and your spouse really want to rekindle that fire between you two, try to find creative ways on how you could boost up your sexual drive.

Put some fun, excitement and energy into your relationship, especially behind closed doors. Try having sex in different rooms when your children aren’t home. Try out different and adventurous positions that are new for the both of you. You could even try out to act out sexual fantasies by dressing up. Sex toys, blind folds and handcuffs could also help out big time. Try checking out a sex shop for some new ideas.

7 Go On A Second Honeymoon.

HoneymoonDo you remember your honeymoon more a few years ago? Wasn’t the sex just out of this world?

You have to admit, your honeymoon weekend was probably one of the sexiest and most unforgettable sexual experiences in your marriage.

For that reason, you two should plan for a second honeymoon. Try to get your parents to take care of your children for a whole weekend.

Let all your family, friends and workmates know that you and your spouse will be in a “Do Not Bother” zone. That means, no phone calls, no text messages and no emails. This vacation is just about the two of you so that you could enjoy, let loose and have all the mindless sex you want. Go to a location where you both always wanted to go and somewhere where you two could relax and focus on one another.

8 Be Patient.

expect to changeDuring this entire process, you can’t expect to change your sexless marriage overnight. It will take patience and commitment.

Since you and your spouse now have a family, it will be much more difficult to figure out how to start up a connection once again.

However, if you two love each other unconditionally, you two will always find a way around all the obstacles.

Just focus on making one another happy. If the both of you are dedicated in finding that sexual connection once again, then it will happen sooner than you both expected. You may even be surprised at how much fun you have and how much happier you are during this process.

Get your sexy time back with your husband with these eight simple yet effective tips. Now that you have a better idea on how you and your partner could rekindle those old flames, sex could be amazing again. Just make sure to focus on what you need to do. Continue to communicate everything that you can with one another.